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Publication numberUS2393217 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 15, 1946
Filing dateAug 6, 1943
Priority dateAug 6, 1943
Publication numberUS 2393217 A, US 2393217A, US-A-2393217, US2393217 A, US2393217A
InventorsLee Brewton Robert
Original AssigneeInland Steel Container Company
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Grease container
US 2393217 A
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Jan. l5, 1946. R. L. BREwioN GREASE CONTAINER Filed Aug. 6, 1945 W my@ F fw ad 5 y y a 2 2 5 2 17. wf A 7., 5 .Q z@

Patented Jan. 15,1946


Robert Lee Brewton,

land Steel Container C corporation of Illinois Application August 6, 1943, Serial No. 497,635 y 'z claims.

i This invention relates ,to grease containers or pails particularly intended for filling grease guns.

The objects of this invention are to provide a container lwith simple and efficient means for forcing the grease from the container into the barrel of a grease gun; to provide a container having a follower disc or diaphragm adapted to -rest', on the grease and having a nozzleior receiving the end of a grease gun, may be used to force the follower down and to cause the grease to be discharged from the `nozzle into the gun; to provide a grease pail having means for filling a grease gun, or the like, and having means for protecting the contents when the pail is not being used for filling purposes; to provide a pail having a full openng'head or cover; and to provide a pail having such other advantages and improvements as will appear more fully from the following description.

In the accompanying drawing invention,

Fig. 1 is a side View of the container with parts broken away or shown in section for convenience in illustration; y

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view showing the pail iilled with grease or the like preparatory for filling the gun; and l Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view showing the grease gun in position and partly lled.

The can or container 6 is preferably made of sheet steel, and is provided with a removable top or cover 'I which may be secured in any well known manner, but preferably by means of lugs 8 which coact with the bead 9 in the usual manner. Such pails are in common 4use and are provided with full detachable tops of various kinds. The cover 1 has a central depression IIl in whichis located a nozzle I I, which also serves in the nature of a bearing for the grease gun. This nozzle may be secured to the cover as by double seam I2. The nozzle is provided with a cap or closure I3 preferably of the U- Press-It or spring type which may be protected by any well known form of seal, not shown, if desired.

`A slidable disc or diaphragm Iii is mounted in the pail and is stiiened and guided by means of a peripheral flange I5 which fits closely within the inner walls of the pail. This diaphragm has a central nozzle or socket I6 which may be secured thereto in any convenient manner as by means of the seam I1, and which is provided at its upper end with a bead I8. The nozzle is of suitable length so that when the follower diaphragm I4 is in its uppermost position, it will extend up into 'illustrating this whereby the gun in` any well known way Chicago, lill., assignor to linompany, Chicago, lill., a

and the cover with the connected follower then placed in position and fastened.

the end and the ledge so When a grease gun as shown at 20 is to be filled, the cap or nozzle is removed from its discharge end, and the barrel2l is inserted through the nozzle I I into the nozzle I6 with its lower end resting on an annular ledge or abutment 22 formed by the seam I1. When the gun is thus inserted for` filling, it will be seen that the upwardly projecting neck or nozzle II serves as a guide or bearing for directing the open end into the socket I6 and will tend to hold the gun normal to the disc. This will prevent the inadvertent tipping of the gun and will insure a sumciently tight closure between that all of the grease will pass into the gun. inasmuch as there'are no threaded parts, the lling operation may be done rapidly, and it is not necessary to have a close fit, thus permitting considerable variation in the sizes of the barrels which may be filled vfrom a single socket. The piston 23 of the gun is preferably moved down to its lowermost position when the barrel is inserted in lling position. The operator then pushes down on the gun which causes the diaphragm It to press against the grease as shown at 2t, and thereupon the grease will be forced out through the nozzle ItA into the grease gun as clearly shown in Fig. 3.

`During this operation, the piston 23 may be drawn upwardly by means of the handle 25 which will tend to create a vacuum in the gun and thus assist in drawing the grease into the same. After the gun has been lled, it is merely drawn out of the can and used in the regular manner. cap I3 may then be replaced which will keep the contents of the can clean and free from dust, or the like. Ordinarily, all the grease may be withdrawn in this manner, but if any remains, or if the pail is to be used for other purposes, the cover 'I is readily removed by releasing the lugs, and the pail then provides a full open top container adapted for various uses.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is:

1. A grease container peripheral groove I9 p The having a cover with a cylindrical bearing therein provided with an inner peripheral groove, a follower slidably mounted in the container, o nozzle extending upwardly from the follower in axial alignment with the bearing and having a, peripheral bead at they upper end 5 thereof which engages with said groove when the nozzle is in engagement with the bearing, thus providing a. frictional connection between the cover and the follower.

2. A container for grease, or the like, having a. 10

cover, a nozzle Projecting upwardly from the cover, a cap for said nozzle, a. follower slidably ROBERT LEE BREWTON.

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European ClassificationF16N37/02