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Publication numberUS2393286 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 22, 1946
Filing dateJan 27, 1945
Priority dateJan 27, 1945
Publication numberUS 2393286 A, US 2393286A, US-A-2393286, US2393286 A, US2393286A
InventorsBrunner Sam W
Original AssigneeBrunner Sam W
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Fisherman's hat
US 2393286 A
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Jan. 22, 1946. 's w, RUNNER I 2,393,286

FISHERMAN S HAT Filed-Jan. 2'7, 1945 v 2 4 INVENTOR 1 BY g ATTORNEY Patented Jan. 22, 1946 'FISHERMANS Sain W; Brunner, New York, N. Y.

ApplicationJanuary 27, 19 45, SeriaINo'. 574,885 r Y 9 claimsinvention relates to an improvement in hats, particularly hats for fishermen, and comprises an improved device which may constitute aniintegral part of a hat or merelyan'attach n'ient" adapted to be applied to" the hat at will.

More specifically my inventionisdirected to a' device of the character indicated, to be used by fishermen, for carrying leadersandartificial flies, the invention having for one of its objects to provide a device for these purposes which, as noted above, may constitute an integral part of the hat or be employed merely as an attachment.

A further objectof the invention. is to provide.

a device of the class indicated whereby not only may fly, hooks be temporarily secured thereto very quickly and readily removed, butthejuser has the assurance that the hook will not become dislodged accidently. r i

A still further object of my invention is to provide a device of the character indicated which is adapted for the reception and temporary storage of leaders, thereby eliminating the necessity for the conventional leader box my construction beingsuch that the leaders are kept, moist and hence ready for immediate use. i

Y .Qther objects will appear hereinafter. In the accompanying drawing: g v I F 1 is a perspective View showing an em-, bodiment of my invention U 1 H 7 Fig. 2 is a section taken on the line 1-2 of Fig. 1;.and; 1

.Eig. 3 is a view similarto Fig. 2 of another embodiment of the invention.

Referring to the drawing in detail, and first of all to. Figs. 1 and 2: In this embodiment my inventionhas been incorporated into a hat so as to constitute an integral part of the same.

zdesignatesthe brim and 4 the crown of a hat to which my invention is applied. The brim 2 of my-improved hat is composed of a plurality of outer flexible plies 6 and 8 and intermediate plies I Ill and I2.

The outer-faces of upper and lower plies 6 and 8 are either treated as by coating or. impregnatiing to render the same moisture and water resistant,;as indicated at M and I6, or'I may employ a layer of waterproof material for this purpose, just as desired. V 1

Thematerial .of the plies 6 and 8 is preferably water absorbent, although other flexible mate-- rial may be employed if desired. The intermediate layers l0 and [2 are of felt or some other highly water absorbent material, and one or both of these layers or-plies preferably is remov- 4 drawing-ply H) has been shown fixed'lin position while I2 is removable.

The purposeofthe construction so far; de-- scribed is'to provide for the temporary storage of leaders in the hat brim; It is quite obvious:

that in use it is merely necessary to spread the plies of the brim and coilthe leaders about'the crown 4. I have shown leaders in this position It will be appreciated that it is a simple matter to remove the ply I2 whichis in the form of an an'nulus wet the same and then replace it'in position.

\ The leaders are not-only kept in amoistened condition, but are protected against the sun, so that they are ready for use at all times. The

necessity of the conventional leader box is eliminated, and because my device provides' for laying the leaders up in a large coil as compared with the relatively narrow coil which is necessary when storing in aleader box, the leaders are in much better condition than when the leade I box is-used. I r

I ready for immediate use.

It will'be appreciated also that when changing casts, it becomes unnecessary to removethe fly from the leader. It is much simpler-merely to detach the leader of one cast from the line and store the leader and fly in the hat brim and attach-another leader and fly to the line. Then if'it becomes desirable to use the old cast it is In addition to the foregoing I provide the hat crown 4 with a construction for the temporary attachment of artificial flies 20.

f' This'constructionembodies a continuous strip' 22 of material such as felt, for "example, extending about the hat crown 4'. This strip is provided with a central longitudinal groove 24 through which the felt is stitched to the crown, as shown at26. By stitching at thegroove 24 the flies 20. can behooked into the felt without catching the hook in the stitches 26, which is of advan-. tage in that-it not only facilitates attachment of a ,fly to this strip but eliminates loosening or breaking of the stitches 26, thereby to prolong the useful life of the hat as a whole.

If desired the brim of the hat may be provided adjacent its periphery with snap fasteners 28 It will be'seen from all of the foregoing' that in the embodiment of my invention so far de- Referring to the construction illustrated in Fig. 3: A hat brim has been shown at 2 and a hat crown at 4.

My attachment which is simply slipped over the hat crown 4 into superimposed position relative to brim 2 comprises a band member 28 adapted to encircle the crown 4 and brim plies 30 and 32 overlying the hat brim 2. The outer surfaces of these plies are shown, covered ,witna sheet, 3! oil Waterproof frnatrial f number; of which; are availabl."' A' rubberized fabric is one example. On the other hand, it is within the purview of my, invention merely to impregnate these surfaces of the plies 30 and 32 with a waterproofing material.,. The material 34 when used is stitched to theband. member 28 as shown at 36.

The plies 30 and 32 are of felt, or.v other: water. absorbent material. provide one or more annuli 38 of felt or-other water absorbent material. This intermediate layer i unattachedto the plies; 30 and32 so asltobe removedrwhenever desired to dampenthe same. The, leaders l8- aresimpl-y stored between 30. and, 38 and between 32 and 38 as shown.

Theband member 28 may carry a-strip suchas the felt 22 of Fig, 2 for retaining fly hooks, on-I, may perforate and slit thesame as shown atMl so that the point of a hook may be slipped be;- tween 28rand thehat crown 4- as-illustrated in the drawing. 7

It will be seen fromall ofthe foregoingthat I have provided a construction which is welladapted for theP lDQSes ,for'which'it has beendfiSig-ned.

It is to be -understood. that the embodiments; illustrated and described are in thematureof-illustrative examples, and. thatlchanges in. cans-truce tion and arrangement of ,partslcan be made Withe out departing from the spirit andrscopeofz my, invention.


1. A leader-storage brim for fishermenEshats, said brim comprising a flat annulus adal li ed tobe slipped. over the hat crown so.-as;.- to lie;il at in superimposed parallel: relationi to, the; hat; brim; said annulus comprising a plurality; f superime posed water and moistureabsorbentg annuli attached to each other along their;inner edges, ,thez material of the annuli bein flexible topermitthex annuli to be spread apart at their peripherie -to: enable leaders to be inserted;therebetween-and wound aboutthe hat crown.

2. A leader-storage brim forfishermens ha ts, said brim comprising a fiat annulus, adapted-to, encircle the hat crown andto-lieflatin-superimposed parallel relation-yto thehat; brim; said: annulus comprising a pluralityv of. superimposed; flexible annular pliesunitedto eachother along their inner edges but. separable throughout.- the. remainder of the brim to provide'fon; the-winding,- or coiling of one or more leaders between theplies" about the area ofunionofthe-pliesto eachiotherr.

3.. A leader-storage brimiorv fishermens hats said brim comprising a; plurality of superimposed flexible annular, plies united-.toeach otherjalongtheir inner edges but. separable througheut.the, remainder ofthe brim, the vouter;surfacessof the brim thusprovided .heing waterzandmoisture, r.epelIant, the inner surfaces being waterandmoisture absorbent.

ll A ,fishermans, hat tcomprising in' combination.

Intermediate these plies I 5. An attachment for fishermens hats for the storage of leaders, said attachment comprising an annulus adapted to encircle the hat crown and liq flatgin' superimposed rum-om to the brim thereoff saidattachment"being con'ipos'edof a plurality of superimposed plies united to each other along the inner periphery of the annulus but seperable-throughout the remainder of the attachment whereby a leader may be coiled between the pliesabout the union of the plies to each other.

attachment, for fishermens hats, said attachment comprising an annulus adapted to encircle a hat crown in superimposed relation to the hat brim, said attachment being composed of a plurality of superimposed water andimoisture absorbent layers or plies, the exterior surfaces ,of

the brim being water and moisture resistant,.the several layers or pliesbeing united toeach other aboutthe inner periphery. of the annulus butsep arable throughout the remainder of'theiannulus, to providefor the reception ofone or more leaders between the water and moisture absorbent poi.- tions of the plies or layers and'coiling of-the same aboutthe area of join. or union of the plies or layers'to each other.

7. An attachment for'fishermenfs'hats, said attachment' comprising a multi-pl'y leader-receiving brim and a hook-retaining-tband'integralwith one of the plies of the brim, thebrim andband being sorelatively disposedas to be slippedover-a hat crown I into position where the'bandiencircl'esthe crown and the multi-ply brim' overlies-the hat to be slipped over a hatorown-into positionwhere the bandencirclesthe crown and the brim overlies the hat brim, the'brim-being-composediof water and moisture retaining material andthe plies thereoi being separablethroughout-except atthe area-of attachnsient-to the band to-permit one or more leaders to be coiled about the crownof 1 the hat and retained between the p'lies of the brim in contact with the water-and moisture retaining-surfaces thereof.

9; An attachment for fishermens hats for thetemporary. storage of leaders; said attachment comprising: an annulusadapted to encircle the hat crown' andito-lie"flat in superimposed' relation to the hat brim, said' attachmentbeing composed ofra plurality of 'superimposeddayers one ofwhicn extends. inwardly: and upwardlytoprovide a crown-encircling hat band, said layers being united to each other adjacent the-innerperiphery ofjtheaannulus', but .separable throu-g hout the remainder: of 113118 attachment wherebya leadenmay be coiled-.tfor. storagebetween the 1 plies -con'stitut'- I ing. said annulus about the union ofithe-plies: to

each other.


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