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Publication numberUS2394292 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 5, 1946
Filing dateApr 13, 1942
Priority dateApr 13, 1942
Publication numberUS 2394292 A, US 2394292A, US-A-2394292, US2394292 A, US2394292A
InventorsJohn Cubete Joseph
Original AssigneeJohn Cubete Joseph
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Vending machine for newspapers and the like
US 2394292 A
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Feb. 5, 1946. 1 L CUBE- rE 2,394,292

VENDING MACHINE FOR NEWSPAPERS AND THE LIKE Filed Apri 13, 1942 ssheets-sheet 1 @56m Jmeef wmxw Feb- 5 1946- J. J. CUBE-rE VENDING MACHINE FOR EWSPAPERS AND THE LIKE 5 sheets-sheet 2 `F'I'Lled April 13, 1942 r3 SheetseShee'fI 3 J. J. CUBETE Fiied April 13,. 1942 YEDING MACHINE FOR NEWSPAPERS AND THE LIKE Feb. 5, 1946.

Patented Feb. 5, 1946 VENDING MACHINE FOR NEWSPAPERS AND THE LIKE Joseph John cubete, Charleston, s. o.

Application April 13, 1942, serial No. 438,830

(C1. iai- 75) l Claim.

This invention relates to vending machines and more particularly to machines for vending newspapers and magazines and it consists in the constructions, arrangements and combinations herein described and claimed.

It is a particular object of the invention to provide a machine in which a plurality of superposed Avide a novel construction of coin holder adapted to accommodate coins of different denominations and including means whereby the coins may be returned to the depositor in the event that the coins are inadvertently deposited.

It is also an object of the invention to provide a changeable coin selector permitting adjustment thereof to accommodate coins of different denominations.

Additional objects, advantages and features of invention will be apparent from the following de- 3 scription considered in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, wherein,

Figure 1 is a top plan View of a machine constructed in accordance with my invention,

Figure 2 is a side elevation thereof at the delivery side,

Figure 3 is a side elevation at right angles to Figure 2,

Figure 4 is an enlarged vertical section through the machine,

Figure 5 is a horizontal section on the line 5-5 of Figure 4,

Figure 6 is a fragmentary vertical section illustrating the arrangement of the coin chutes,

Figure 7 is a horizontal section on the line 1-1 of Figure 2,

Figure 8 is an enlarged fragmentary portion of one of the drums illustrating coin holders as embodied thereon,

Figure 9 is a front elevation thereof,

Figurev 10 illustrates a construction of coin chute employed,

Figure 11 is a fragmentary top plan view illustrating one of ythe coin selectors,

Figure 12 is a perspective view of one of the coin selector plates,

Figure 13 is a sectional view through one of the n coin holders, illustrating the coin return mechanism,

Figures 14 to 16 are sectional views through coin holders employed in the device,

Figure 17 is a cross section on the line I1-I1 of Figure 13.

Figure 18 is an enlarged sectional detail of one of the operating levers. l

In carrying out the invention I provide a housing I0 of any suitable size and shape, this depending upon the articles to be dispensed. The housing includes in the present instance, ve transverse partition walls II, I2, I3, I4 and I5, the walls being suitably connected with the side walls of the housing, as indicated at Ili. The lowermost wall I5 has mounted thereon an upright spindle I1, having spaced graduated diameters for support of drums I8 presently to be described.

Each of the walls II to I4 is provided with an oiset horizontal extension I9 apertured as at 20 and having a vertical wall 2 I, curved outwardly slightly, for guidance 0f coins as will be understood. The walls 2I are formed with an opening 22 normally closed by means of a releasable door 23, which in its open position will discharge coins by way of the apertures 20 into a return chute 24 0 when manually released, which is necessary to return coins in the event that the depositar should inadvertently deposit money in the chutes.

In the present instance, the door 23 may be actuated by a plunger 25 extended through a wall of the housing I0, and as shown, the plunger is threadedly engaged with a boss formed on the door 23. A helical spring 26 is positioned on the plunger interposed between a pin 21 and the wall of the housing and urging the door into closed position. It will be apparent that outward pull on the plunger will draw the door from the opening 22 s0 that the coins may drop into the chute 24. Upon release of the plunger, the spring 26 will return the door to its operative position. In order that the plunger may be suitably supported and guided, a sleeve 28 is provided, longitudinally slotted to permit entrance of the pin 21.

The drums I8 are of identical construction, with exception of the hub portions 28 and these differ only in the diameter of the hub portions which are complemental to respective diameters of the spindle I1.

One of the plates II-I4, as the case may be, is positioned beneath each drum I8, each-plate having an opening 29 (see Figures and '1) of of its contents.`

As clearly shown in Figures 4 and 5, the drums are divided by partitions 3| radiating outwardly from respective hub portions .28, thusformingll compartments 28 and at the extremity of -each partition there is secured a coin. receptacle .32,l now to be described, attention being invited, particularly to Figures 5, 8, 9, 14 and `15.

The receptacles 32 are identical in construe.- tion, and a description of one will suiice for a clear understanding of. the .construction .and-,operation. As shown, the receptacle comprisesa body..havingfo.ur .verticalY slots-. 33,; 34,.. 35 -and 36 opening. .through the, upper. .end of .the body, they slots 33, 34 and 35 opening through the bottomoi the body, .while the. slot36. is slightly lessthan one-third the length.. of. the `irstnamedslots. Ech. 'of the., slots.. 33 toss.. is.provided with an abutment 31 positioned at different heigl'it.withinA respective slots, this being determined bythe denomination cf coins to be accommodated. withinthe slots Forin'stance, we willassume that lslot Siiwillfaccommodate three cents, inlsuperpos'ed edgewise. relation, which obviously 'wi11place' the abutmentadjacent the 4lowerend offthe slot. Thlsldt 34 willaccommodate three-.Difkels (see1 Figure I3) `which will-requirethgtthe abutment Sb'e'placed still nearer thellower end of,` the slot. The s101535l lisintended for a single "nichel and th`e"abutmen't 31 is consequently positioned at a substantially higher point "of the slot, and this is l'tu Of' 11164510@ 35. .Weighr will. aetgmgwdate ali'ihel '11i additi01ithgabutg-gt are verii 1r Sadshat. a. .com will. ,be ret 1.'. Sa' llo intersect a' #renverse Slot. 'Stimme tkf Ytia1f .We1 112fl-. The. Siete 33. .1.19.35 thgllterwall or the hodaasmay seeniar'iee urfS, at the left ef. theleuraand' @alweeratliv. .for reteeti911-f-fhe. coirgirhenzthadem Oligdlim'harel been rgtatedlte brneitharecee: tables 'int registry withr the ,w a:1l 2l.

F0111@ :chiites Salbei.. aad .42.. .e1-remanded, opegeapfathe g-of the housing.- w Seg rig-f ureszl 3,.4,and v6l,- and .leading to. acormnoii positiorirertialfy Qffthahousinasg asf Ladis.: Charge @indicia wie. @Gammes-.32.. @t resgective dans'. 18.1.

It may fbenecessary at, -tiiziegto vary .thegcleat n oiniirationy of .coins depositedand in .order to c; emiafdatetheralzying .sizes-0f. @ma .I provide a selector, ,43,.shown iriFigures.. 10,.,11,ar1 1d.` l2,...A A: selector Lisgmployed.irrconjunctiontfwitli ,each @einnehmen@esigente pretendaat; .the meer; grid ith-gebetet immediately beneath @the toa Wa11.0f..-He1wuiga asshewc in Figure 10ft. Trier See'for. @este .Of spaced para 44. .Slideblasum portingssletrplatee! medewer-llanos `@im slated@ 9f.-d1erins.1egths rrarisedinr g.. Site'paralld.. staggered;relationale@ the len. Ofih- Dli. The: Ssftfle :.eWQZlgll@ @55154; and the top wall of the housing is suchgasto, fritinallnyet slide-bly hold the.. plates 14.5 .an adjusted` position. The coinf slots-arersoarranged that- Gwynne. slotgwill; clear.: the support. bars@ 44;

when the plate is adjusted longitudinally with respect to the coin chute.

In order that the drums I 8 may be rotated manually, exteriorly of the housing, an operating rod 41 is employed for each drum, attention being directed particularly to Figures 4, 5, 8 and 18 for the construction thereof. The rods 41 extend inwardly of the housing, at right angles to theverticalaitis of the spindle l1, positioned outwardly-of the periphery of 1 the. drums I8. Each rod 41'consists of a pair of sections detachably and adjustably connected by a sleeve member 48. One end of the rod is threadedly engaged in the'` s1eeve while the other section of the rod is Eprovided with a plurality of longitudinally spaced, notches 49 for accommodation 0f a set screw 50 *carried by the sleeve 48. By this constructionnthelength of the rod may be readily adjusted, as may be found necessary. The rods 41each include an operating knob 5| exteriorly ofthehousing, and la ,right angularly extended hO-Ols. member 523. ThehQQk member'lis ex.. tendedtowardthe, drums and through arespcc.- tiveslot 33.05 the wall 2 I, and coin. receptacle, so as to project a substantial distance into.. a respec. tivecoinreceptacle. The hooks 5?..willA rest. upon thelowex edgepftheslots .Sato a degree, Abut the,v mein.. Suppgrt .forthe rods. will be.. supplied. by ,a housing. ,fi-f lsecured .to a Waller the maiahousing IQ... ln 'rder that. the rods. 41 will bemaintained in nermal position, .a helcalgspring. 54 .is poste. @iedreen .eadrwdwithin the. musing. 53 haring bearingY engagement between a collar 55 `arid werden .0f the .musing 53.-

Freni. the. description .thusfa1f,eiyer.1.. it .will be. apparentthat-ifwns are, deposited matigen. 00m. Chute 33-1-425.: the.. 00in. .01'. .Coins willi nass.. down and come to rest within the proper slots 33, 34, 35 or 36fof one oi the coindrece'ptacles 32,'fas the case, mayV be, and suchjcoinoronepf,

the coins willi-lie directly'iin the path ofmtheA hook member 52': Now, if; therod is puiledupon, the associated drum willrbe ,caused to-rotate `until one of its compartments, defined by theparti' l tion Walls 3i cornes intol registrywith-the opening-25-,1allowingthe paperV or magazine to drop tothe opening- 3Qk where Vit maybe obtained by; the purchaser.- When the drumsA l8\ are so rotated,I the coin receptacles 32 will have moved a distance so as -to-rclearmthedoors 23, allowingnthe coinor coins-thereintodrop-through--the open side; of the receptacles into a discharge chute -4I-*,'the chute conducting thel coin or coins to a collecf tion receptacle. 42a. y

Obviously, .itis necessary `to havesomgv meansfor-.regulating thedegree-ofrotation of the drums, since it is essential that the coin receptacles-32I comeltorestin-absolute registry with the coin chutes. In the present instance, each ofqthe drums I8 isprovided withv an annular brakeY drumV 56 (see Figure 5) about which therevis a con-f tracti-lebrake Aband 51. TheA brake bands `57 are of the split type, having opposedears-58` provided.. .with .threaded .apertures receiving a A threaded. shaftfr Bvi adjusting the sha-ft-59the degree of braking action `.may bevaried in=a manner to obtain registry between the coin-.receptaclesA and thecoin chutes.

JS/Thil@v I have .shown and `specifically Vdescribed, the invention, this is by Way of illustrationonlyf and I consider asmy. own,` all such modications in: structurev as. fairlyfall Within: the scope oithe appended claim.

I7 claim:

`In a vending machine, a .-housing-,.. a

revolubly mounted within the housing, said drum having a plurality of compartments and an open bottom, a iixed plate beneath the drum having a discharge opening, a discharge opening formed in the housing in communication with the discharge opening of the fixed plate, a coin chute for the drum, said coin chute including a coin registry with the selected slot in the plate of the coin selector means for receiving coin from the latter, said xed plate having an upstanding wall for closing the'open side of the coin receptacles when said coin receptacles vare moved successively into coin receiving position beneath the coin chute, the wall including a manually releasable door, a coin return chute disposed beneath the door, the upstanding Wall of the fixed plate having a slot arranged to intersect the coin slots of the coin receptacles, an operating rod for the drum positioned exteriorly of the housing and having a hook member positioned to traverse the slot of the upstanding wall, whereby to engage a coin deposited in a selected slot of a coin receptacle for rotating the drum.


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