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Publication numberUS2394640 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 12, 1946
Filing dateJul 7, 1943
Priority dateJul 7, 1943
Publication numberUS 2394640 A, US 2394640A, US-A-2394640, US2394640 A, US2394640A
InventorsSinger Henry
Original AssigneeSinger Henry
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Attachment for toothbrushes
US 2394640 A
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Feb. 1,2, 1946.l


. 3mm@ Aye-2727? /Sz'nyefv Patented Feb. 12, 1946 LSTA-res 'PATENT .ofFFicE-g asaaefiq Y p ATTACHMENT FoR. 'rooTHBRUsHEs Ienry *Sfinger-,onolulm Vrerritory of VHawaii Aiiucaiwn-ilyv, 1943, 'seria1'No.4`si3;7t4

1 Claim.

This invention relates to an attachment for a tooth brush, and it is primarily an object of the invention to provide an attachment of this kind which serves both as a shield and a drip cup in order to provide means to protect the user against the annoyance of having the hand and also the clothing moistened by saliva and/or the cleaning mixture which, during a cleansing operation, has a tendency to followl or travel along the handle of the brush.

It is also an object of the invention to provide an attachment of this kind which can -be readily and effectively applied to the handle portion of any general type of tooth brush and wherein the attachment includes a collecting element having associated therewith means for preventing collapsing thereof which is particularly desirable during a cleansing operation.

The invention consists in the details of construction and in the combination and arrangement of the several parts of my improved attachment for a tooth brush whereby certain important advantages are attained, as will be hereinafter more fully set forth.

In order that my invention may be better understood, I will now proceed to describe the same with reference to the accompanying drawing, wherein:

Figure 1 is an elevational view illustrating an attachment constructed in accordance with an embodiment of my invention and in applied position, certain of the parts being indicated by broken lines.

Figure 2 is a sectional view taken substantially on the line 2-2 of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a view, partly in velevation and partly in section, illustrating the device as herein embodied, with a protecting envelope applied, and

Figure 4 is a sectional view taken substantially on the line 4 4 of Figure 1.

As disclosed in the accompanying drawing, 'B denotes a tooth brush of a conventional type and which includes the handle I and upon which handle I the improved attachment A is mounted.

In the pre-sent embodiment of the invention, the attachment A comprises an elongated barrel A2 of suitable material and which has one end 3 closed while the opposite end is open, with said opposite open end portion outwardly flared or bell-like, as at 4. The closed end 3 of the barrel 2 in its central portion is provided with an opening 5 through which the outer portion of the handle I passes and said opening 5 is defined by an outstanding tubular member 6 of elastic or other yielding material through which the handle I also passes.

The inherent character of the tubular member 6 is to contract whereby is assured a tight contact or gripping of the member 6 upon the handle I therein and in a manner which assures a leakproof joint, so that the moisture, such as saliva or cleaning uid, or suds as it may be called, is received or collected within the barrel 2 and the same will not pass out through the member 6, whereby the user is eifectively protected against such moisture.

At desired points therealong and at points therearo-und, the barrel 2 is provided with the inwardly directed lugs I which have close contact with the handle I when the attachment A is applied, whereby the attachment A is effectively maintained in set position upon the handle and is also electively held against collapse as a result of the pressure imposed upon the applied barrel by the grip thereon of the hand of the user.

As is clearly illustrated in the accompanying drawings, the barrel 2 is of such a length as, when applied, to have its open end inwardly disposed and in relatively close proximity to the bristles 8 of the brush so that during a cleansing operation, the cleaning mixture and saliva or suds, as emitted from the mouth, will be collected within the barrel 2 and thereby eliminate the annoyance of having the hand of the user wetted as well as the elimination of the wetting of the clothing of the user.

It is also to be pointed out that the attachment is particularly advantageous for use when the side teeth are being brushed as during such operation the handle I is always downwardly disposed.

After the completion of the cleansing operation, the moisture collected within the barrel I will readily drain out therefrom when the brush is suspended, as is a general custom, or, of course, by hold the brush with the applied attachment with the bristles orhead 8 downwardly.

It is also pointed out that the lugs 'I are so staggered as to eliminate any undue hindrance or obstruction being olered by such lugs to the flow of the moisture into the barrel 2.

In this connection, it is also to be noted that the outermost lugs I are spaced a material distance inwardly of the open end of the barrel 2 .so as not to interfere with the free entry of the cleaning mixture or the like into the barrel.

The entrance of the moisture into the barrel 2 is facilitated by having the open end portion thereof outwardly flared or bell-shapedand this 2 no o v 1 particular formation of the open end portion of i the barrel 2 also facilitates the use of the sanitary envelope E of desired material which, when applied, has its open end portion engaging within the open end portion 4 of the vbarrel 2. This envelope E, when applied, entirely houses the bristles or head 8 and the outer closed end 9 of 1 the envelope E is provided Ywith the Ventilating openings I0.

In View of the foregoing, itis believed yto be Y readily apparent that the attachment A is particularly useful when cleansing the' teeth when the user is dressed as the applied attachment serves as effective protection to the shirt and Vcoat l sleeves.

It is also believed to be apparent that the attachment can be readily applied or removed so From the foregoingrdescription it is thought to be obvious that an attachment for a tooth brush constructed in accordance with my invention is particularly well adapted Afor use by reason of the convenience and facility with which it may be assembled and operated.

What is claimed is:

As a new article of manufacture, a drip cup to be applied upon the handle of a tooth brush, comprising an elongated barrel open at one end and constricted to a small opening at its opposite end, through which the Ahandle for the brush is insertable, a resilient gripping means secured to the said opposite end of the barrel for gripping the handle of the brush to hold the barrel in position upon the handle, and inwardly disposed lugs K carried upon the inner wall of the barrel for conthat its use can be had with anew brush when desired. Y

tudinally and circumferentially of the barrel. Y


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