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Publication numberUS2395054 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 19, 1946
Filing dateOct 29, 1942
Priority dateOct 29, 1942
Publication numberUS 2395054 A, US 2395054A, US-A-2395054, US2395054 A, US2395054A
InventorsMaurice Levine
Original AssigneeJames H Rhodes & Company
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Scouring and cleansing device
US 2395054 A
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Feb. '19, 1946. M EV|NE 2,395,054,

sCoURING AND cLEANsINGgDEvIoE Filed 00T.. 29, 1942 IN VEN TOR. /Wm//ff f1/wf infested.Fd,.-is, I j 'l UNITED sTAfi-'Es PATENT oi-'iics i I y scoUniNGANznIisaNsnuGn-Evlcn i -llmiiliciition oeieber ze, i942, saisi Nei avec q yculmina.' (cui-lim' f 'This inventionv relates to cleansing devices.l eillcient cleansing purposes I prefer toimpremats More 'particularly my invention'relates to a novel the pad with a mixture oisoap suitable to the and improved scouring and cleaningdevice of the purposes intended and a resinous material to lend v typeused for cleansing kitchen utensils and simia decree of hardness and solidity to the pad. I

iai-articles. have found that the proportion ot nve pounds of Cleansing 'devices for kitchen utensils and simi- 5 soap to one pound of resin tives a www lar articlesras heretofore manufactured, had cer result, tain inherent disadvantages which often discour- If desired, and to rendei 'the `clcvicemol'e em. aged their use .by housewives and others. One cient, I add tothe mixture of soap'and resin. a such disadvantage was due to the vfact that these quantity of any suitable standard type of scourdevices were made of metallic materials on the naio mg powder, the. quantity of scouring powder be' ture et steel wool, and when used with water they ing considerably less than the .amount o! Mintended to rust. It was therefore often necessary j other'sumc-wmen 1 have found to proto throw the entire device or padaway after only du satisfemry results when added to the mixa ingle use- Amma 119W disadvnge was ture of soap'and resin are. bentonite and/or puni-l that the usciinvariably found splinters of steel els ice stone, each in relatively small quantities. yThe -had entered his or her nngers and hands after use. benmmt md/- 'puml sume may be employed This further diswured the f uch devices in addition to the scouring powder. or the! mi! be by hmwiv It W *18 mma *het the P110* substituted fer thefssid scouring powder. devices oi metallic materials retained odors whichA 1f desired a quantity or vegetable glkedjul mm #h2-m11 which W bei 2 coloring maiter may be added to the have dec `l It is therefore one of the principal objects-of han ce les l my menti@ www@ *n imvwved Mumien f 'ro nxe the werden durable and to insure cleansing device which shall be so constructed and um maven nd mum of the ed por. arranged that the above mentioneddisadvantases gs um I pmvme ,um 'n looped over un ushall be overcome, and, which shall also possess riphmofmpd u AWBNhbIeWMM., certain additional advantages which will `become in be employ-d. auch s for' empl, m

^ apparent from the description to follow. ovgrmmtmhuwn ,dan thread:

. -Another object of m'y invention is to PlOvide a- 30 In m with the dans of scouring and cleansing device ofthe class dem m i statutes. I have herein described the principle and scribed which shallbe characterized by the sim. D of my invention; meth with the com accompanying drawing.

plicity of its design and of its manufacture so that t represent a generali improvement in y structionwhich Inow consider torepresentthe best embodiment thereof, butI desire to have it understood thattheapparatus shownisonlyillt( .'1 is s y trativeandthatthe-inventioncan-becarriedo f' devie'fme'efi :rimmed-mm2? by other uw.' www dem to w cordaiice witnmy i nvenum;m thevariousfeaturesandeleinentslnthe'combina', ris, .2 is s' view. teken subien- 46 tion and reisden deseriiied.v some of these maybe tia'llyonthe'lineI-Iofngil. f alteredandothers-omitted without interfering scribed mixtures, to color the pad. to thereby ene 'Referring now in detailtthe drawing Ihave' f with the results outlined'und theA shownascouringandcleansing'devicein'thsircrnij \inven'tion extendstosuch'use. aeircularpad Il. 'Itisunderstcod,`ofcourse, Havins invention. what I claim of thatthepadmaybemade-ofanyother desired 45 and'desiretosecurebyIettersPatentis: sha' The said-pad-Il ccmprlsesapluralityof 1. Aiiiiniu'ticleofmitinifactuife,ascouringandv ,convolutew or matted-nnn-i'netallic strands orr lmlmf t"11slslrdescribed compliiha fibres "which are of such naturethat they will islaam-lint: gait. -beiiexlbleand7etrelativelyhim .and whichat padbeins loana amixt sametimcwillnotbreakorsnlinteromasoc- 50 lllmel'lll. b sutonite and witnmetaiiicnbr-rhaveioundtmtsood oolorlusmstter.

when-Iemplnisissi, hemp l 2.A s`anarticiecfmanufaeture.ascouringand clea'nsingdeviceoftbeclassdescribed-comprisins Il of the non-metallicmattedilbresfcrmedintoapaddike pad-lihgesha'pe and toradditional 55 unitesaidpadbeing impreanated with/a mixturecontaining soap. a resinous material and bentonite. v v l 3. As an article of manufacture, a scouring and cleansing device of the class described comprising non-metallicmatted libres formed into a pad-like unit, said pad being impregnated-with a mixture containing. soap, a resinous material and scouring. powder, the peripheral edge of said pad being reinforced to prevent raveling and spreading of said fibres.

4. An article of manufacture` according to claim 3 in which the means employed for preventing raveling and spreading 'of the fibres comprises stitching.

5. As an article cleansing device o! the class described comprising matted sisal fibres said pad being impregnated with a mixture con- `rionfnietailic matted formed into a pad-like unit,

taining soap, a resinous material and bentonite.

6.1As an article of manufacture. ascouringand cleansing device of the class described comprising fibres of the nature of sisal lformed' into a pad-like unit, said pad being imof manufacture, a scouring and .u

pregnated with a mixture containing soap, resin, scouring powder and vegetable coloring matter, the peripheral edge portions of said pad being reinforced with overcast stitches of 'thread to prevent raveling and spreading of the bres.


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