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Publication numberUS2399065 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 23, 1946
Filing dateMar 24, 1941
Priority dateMar 24, 1941
Publication numberUS 2399065 A, US 2399065A, US-A-2399065, US2399065 A, US2399065A
InventorsSchleicher Harold E
Original AssigneeArrow Hart & Hegeman Electric
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Electromagnetic switch coil mounting
US 2399065 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

API'il 23, .1946- H. E. scHLl-:ICHER 2,399,065

ELECTROMAGNETIC SWITCH COIL MOUNTING Filed March 2`4, 1941 l l L Patented Apr. 23, 1946 ELEc'rRoMAGNE'rxc svvrrcn con.

MOUNTING Harold E. Schleicher, West Hartford, Conngas signor to The Arrow-Hart & Hageman Electric Company, Connecticut Hartford, Conn., a corporation of Application March 24,1941, serial Nn'. 385,024

1 claim. (ci. 175-341) This invention relates to electric switch devices operable by an electromagnet. More particularly, the invention relates to a nove1 construction of certain parts of an electromagnetic switch, with particular reference to the means for mounting the electromagnet coil. y

It is an object of the invention to provide a simple and inexpensive mounting means for the electromagnet coi1,whereby the coil may be quickly placed and firmly held in position when the device is assembled, and may be readily removed for repairs or replacement, as occasion arises.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent as it is described in connection with the accompanying drawing.

In the drawing- Fig. 1 is an end elevation view, partly broken away, of a device embodying the invention.

Fig. 2 is a plan View of the electromagnet assembly, partly broken away.

Fig. 3 is a detail View showing in perspective one section of the core of the electromagnet, with the coil mounting means attached thereto, but with the coil removed.

Referring to the drawing, the operating parts are mounted upon a stamped sheet metal back or base plate I0, which is substantially rectangular in form. Bridging contact members may be carried in insulated relation by a movable insulating block 24 mounted upon a sheet metal frame in convenient fashion. One satisfactory manner of mounting is illustrated in the co-pending application of Magnus G. Dahl, Serial No. 200,997, led April 8, 1938, issued as Patent No. 2,283,795 on May 19, 1942. The frame for carrying the movable contact block 24 may comprise a Pair of flat parallel side bars 26a and 2Gb. These side bars are joined on one end by a transverse bar on which the movable contact-carrying insulating block is mounted.

For the purpose of supporting the side bars 26a and 26h and the stationary core or ld piece of the electromagnet, there are provided a pair of complementary stamped sheet metal supporting members, designated generally by the numerals 32 and 34. Th'ese members have at flange portions or feet 32a and 34a, resting upon and secured, preferably by welding, to the back plate I adjacent its side edges and at the opposite end from the stationary contact block I2. Bent up perpendicularly from the feet of the members 32 and 34 are side plate portions 32h and 34h. The upper portions 32e and 34e of said side plate portions are offset outwardly at one end to provide room for the movement of the side bars 26a and 2Gb. To guide the movement of the outer ends of the side bars ZBa'and 26bslots 36 running parallel to back plate Ill are provided in the offset portions 32e and 34e running parallel to the back plate, and the slots receive pins-'38 that lextend laterally from the endr portions of the bars 26a and 26h. Alternatively, instead of pins, ribs maybe pressed out "laterally and parallelly from the end portions vof the bars to slide inthe slots 3B. The opposite ends of the'bars 26a` and 2Gb are pivotally supportedby *the parallel `armsA Zilla and 30h of a U-shaped or yoke member 30. This member is pivotally mounted on an axle rod 3| passing through side plates 32h and 34h and through the arms 30a and 30h adjacent and parallel to the transverse portion of the member 3D.

In order to support the E-shaped laminated stationary field piece 44 of the electromagnet, lugs 32d and 34d are bent inwardly from the side plates 32h and 34h parallel to the back plate l0 near the inner end (the upper end in Fig. 2). The field piece 44 is secured to the lugs 32d and 34d by bolts 46 which may also serve to secure the sheet metal stamping or support 9U for other devices which may be used in connection with the invention.

For the purpose of supporting and carrying the armature 40 of the electromagnet, there are provided ears 26e which are bent inwardly from the lower edge of the outer (lower) ends of the side bars 26a and 2Gb (see Fig. 2). The armature 40 may be of E-shape, and may be secured to the ears 26C by a. pair of bolts 42.

For quick and accurate positioning of the armature and field piece, bosses, such as 26g and 32g, may be provided around the holes into which the bolts 42 and 46 thread. These may be formed by pressing up the edges of the holes as the holes are punched. The bosses will be received in enlargements at the ends of the passages in the armature and field pieces through which the bolts 42 and 46 pass.

The electromagnet coil 5U is manufactured as a unit, which may be assembled upon and removed from the central arm of the field piece or core 44 of the electromagnet. For supporting this coil, there are provided a pair of channelshaped guides 52 facing each other and secured to the top and bottom of the central arm of the field piece 44. These channel-shaped guides are preferably made of non-magnetic material and have cut into their free ends a pair of longitudinal slots 52a forming a central resilient finger 52h whose end is bent perpendicularly thereto, toward the coil. In order that the coil may be readily mounted upon the guides 52 with the guides extending through the coil aperture and held in position when mounted thereon, and may be readily removable therefrom, the guides are preferably made of material which is thin enough and resilient enough to permit exing inwardly of the resilient fingers 52h to permit passage of the coil over the outwardly-bent ends 52e. It may readily be observed from the foregoing description that when the coil is put in place,the resilient :fingers will snap in position so thattheir outwardly-bent ends 52e will engage the edge of the coil to hold it in assembled position. Conversely, the fingers 52h may be pressed toward each other to permit thev coil to be removed.

It may now be observed that in order to repair or replace the coil 50, it is only necessary to remove the movable armature 40 of the electromagnet core by unscrewing the two bolts 42 and then pressing together the resilient lingers 5211 of the guides suiiiciently to permit the coil to be pulled off the guides. It is not, however, necessary to remove the operating assembly in order to get at and remove the coil of the magnet, since the coil can be removed as soon as the movable core has been detached from its mounting. The coil can be moved axially underneath the stamping 90 which customarily supports other parts (not shown) of the electromagnetic switch, without moving that stamping.

This stamping may be of channel-shape, with wing portions a and l90b bent outwardly from the sides in position to lie upon the top surface of the stationary eld piece 44. Apertures are provided in the wing portions to register with similar apertures in the stationary core 44 and to receive the bolts 46 so that the stamping and all parts carried thereby may be held upon the field piece by the two bolts 46.

Many modications Within the scope of the invention will occur to those skilled in the art. Therefore, I do not limit the invention to the exact details of the embodiments as illustrated and desccribed.

I claim:

In an electromagnetic switch, a laminated eld piece, an armature, armature guide means mounted on said field piece, a coil axially mountable on said field piece, said guide means comprising a non-magnetic member having portions at least partly embracing and guiding said armature and having slots forming a resilient finger with means on the end thereof to hold said coil against removal axially from said guide means, said finger being resiliently flexible to permit disengagement and removal of said coil from said guide means.


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