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Publication numberUS2399898 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 7, 1946
Filing dateJan 18, 1943
Priority dateJan 18, 1943
Publication numberUS 2399898 A, US 2399898A, US-A-2399898, US2399898 A, US2399898A
InventorsBernard Stember
Original AssigneeBernard Stember
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US 2399898 A
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May 7, 1946.

I3. STEMBER HANDBAG 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Jan. 18, 1943 INVENTOR. UER/ww srenag B. STEMBER '2,399,898

HANDBAG Filed Jan. 18, 1943 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 lay 7, 1946.

Afro/ENE Y Patented May 7, 1946 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 1 Claim.

This invention relates to handbags, has partic- I ular reference to secret pockets therefor and constitutes improvements over Patent No.` 2,270,775, dated January 20, 1942.

An object of the present invention residesn the provision of a ladys handbag having improved means affording a secret pocket, whereby the latter is more eifectively concealed within the bag body than heretofore and is nevertheless readily accessible for use.

Another object of the present invention resides in the provision of a handbag having a secret pocket constructed in an improved means so as to be much more accessible than heretofore.

Still another object of the present invention is to furnish a handbag having a secret pocket means which is movable in part to aposition for easier inspection of the contents thereof.

A further object of the present invention is to furnish a handbag having a secret pocket which forms a two-walled` partition for another pocket to provide with other substantially parallel members two adjacent lateral pockets, said walls having extensions foldable selectively within either of said lateral pockets to conceal the mouth of the secret pocket.

Another object of the present invention resides in providing extensions of the walls forming a secret pocket in a handbag, the extensions being joined together at their ends providing an extension of the secret pocket and the extensions being tapered at their said ends or made slightly narrower to permit their easy insertion within and withdrawal from either of said lateral pockets.

Still another object of this invention is to form a folding edge at the lower extremity of at least one of said extensions by a line or lines of stitching whereby the said extensions may be easily folded within an adjacent pocket and whereby a finished edge is brought to view when the extensions are folded so that a person other than the carrier of the handbag would not be aware of the existence of the secret pocket.

These and other objects of the invention and the means for their attainment will be more apparent from the following detailed description, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, illustrating certain vembodiments of which the invention may be realized, and in which:

Fig. 1 is a view in elevation of part of a handbag embodying the invention,`with the secret pocket unfolded for access thereto;

Fig. 2 is a sectional view taken along line 2 2 of Fig. l;

Fig. 3 is a view in elevation of part of the handbag of Fig. l, with the secret pocket in folded position;

Fig. 4 is a sectional view of Fig. 3;

Fig. 5 is a view in elevation of part of a handbag embodying the invention in a modified form, with the secret pocket unfolded for access thereto;

Fig. 6 isa sectional view taken along line 6-6 of Fig. 5;

Fig. 7 is a view in elevation of part ofthe handbag of Fig. 5, with the secret pocket in folded position; and

Figl 8 is a sectional S-8 of Fig. 7.

Figs. 9 and 10 are views illustrating the invention in a further modiiied form.

The advantages of the invention as here outlined are best realized when all of its features and instrumentalities are combined in one and the same structure, but, useful devices may be produced embodying less than the whole.

It will be obvious to those skilled in the art to which Vthe invention appertains, that the same may be incorporated in several different constructions. The accompanying drawings, therefore, are submitted merely as showing the preferred exemplification of the invention.

Referring, now more in detail to the drawings, the numeral I Il denotes a handbag embodying the invention. The same may comprise a bag body II having side between a suitable compartment or compartments including a main pocket I4 having a top opening or mouth I5 closed by any suitable means not shown. The main pocket III has a lining 'I6 forming a side wall.

Within the bag body or the main pocket I4 thereof is a pocket means I'I affording a secret pocket 25. The pocket means II may be formed of opposed sidewalls I 8, I9, which are disposed between lining I6 and side wall 2U, so that wall I9 together with lining I6 provides a pocket 2I and Wall I8 together with wall 20 provides another pocket 22.

Wall 20 and Wall I8 may be made of a single piece of material folded at 23; or walls I8 and I9 may be made of a single piece of material; or wallsA I9 and 20 may be made of a single piece of material withl Wall I8 interposed therebetween` In any event walls I9, I8 and 2U are secured togetherat their bottom edges to wall or lining I6 by the stitching 24, this constituting the cuter auxiliary pockets 2|, -22, and the secret pocket 25 defined bythe Walls |8- and I9 and their respective extensions 26 and 21.

The extensions 26 and 21 of the respective walls I8 and I9 are sewn at their ends by lines of stitchingZB andwhich are preferably tapered as indicated at 29 to facilitate their receptionin either of the pockets 2|, 22. These extensions 26, 21, constitute a movable arm or section 30 (Fig, 4) which when folded into either adjacent view taken through line walls I2, I3 aifording there-` auxiliary pocket 2| or 22, converts the secret pocket into a U-shaped pocket means.

Section or arm 30 is shorter than that part of the secret pocket means which is flush with the project beyond the frames 3| of: the handbag when the secret pocket means Il is unfolded as indicated in Figs. l and 5. This secret pocket is.

of hand depth and is preferably above the bot.

tom 32 of the main pocket |4.

The lining IB of the main pocket |4`which-is are stitchedto the lining |6 of the mainpocketA |4bythe'line of' stitching 43; Walls 4|, 42 may be made from a single piece of' material folded adjacent stitching 43, or may comprise separate pieces seamed together at theirbottoms by the line of stitching`43.

Walls 4 l; 42 haveextensions 44; 45', respectively, which when the secret pocket 49' position projects' abovethe' frame members 3| (Figs. and 8), and when inf'olded position project withinv auxiliaryy pocket 46 formed by the lining ||`and1wall45lof thesecret pocket means (Figs. 7 and'S).

Inl order to facilitate the pocket meansv 40' within auxiliary pocket 46 and-for another purpose made-evident later on, the material forming wall 4l| and* its extension 44 is gathered, pinched or folded' upon itself, that is, a fold is madeprojecting within theV main pocket |4- as indicated at 41g and: this fold' is maintained by'v parallel lines of stitchingl 481. Thus, this fold linemarks the separationy of' extension* 44 from the wall proper 4|, and facilitates folding and retentionI of' section 41 auxiliary pocket 46; Furthermore; thisfold meanswith its lines of stitching 481 give a iinished appearance-at the-foldline'- and is deceptive to a stranger when thehandbag' is open; giving the impression-'that' it is-the edge of only pocket 46 and` not the foldi line of a secret pocket'.

The opening to the secret pocket 49 may be releasably closed by4 a' marginal closure orYV slide'- fastener 50.

The lines of stitching 5|' (.Flgs; 1 and 3)' andA 52 (Figs.- 5 and 7), respectively, comprise meansinterconnecting the opposed side walls I8', I9; 4|, 42', withy the side wall I6 of the mainpocket i4`vv so that the secret po'cketmeans forms apartition providing an auxiliary pocket 46 inv the form shown inlFigs. 5'-8`; andl auxiliary` pockets 2|, 22 in the form shownin Figs; 1 4, the partition lying wholly onthe same sideofthe main pocket |4- asfthe auxiliary pocket or pockets the saidinterconnecting meansterminati'ng substany tially below: the top opening of` the secret. pocket to constitute' the upper portion ofi thesecret pocket means a sectiony folda'fbl'ef about a linel adj acent. ther upper: end. off the interconnecting means;

InV Figs:l 9A and; 10i is f show-n1 a'. modification 60 wherelthepocket means. 65|- isusetsomewhat lower is' in unfoldr-:dv

folding of section 4l of A within' in the bag body 62, the movable arm or section 63 of the U-shaped form being received in the adjacent auxiliary pocket 64 which may be like the pocket 2| or 46. The movable section may be projected'v beyond the closure' 3|-, 3|av when the pocket means 6| is unfldedf as indicated at 6| in Fig. 9. The secret pocket is of hand depth and is above the bottom of the main pocket 65. Section 63 may form a rather short aplike portion so that it may be detachably secured to anadjacent part of the device 6|, but, in general, the pocket 64 will serve to hold it down snugly, especially at the opposite ends of the pocket 64. In addition the device 6|] includes a lining 66 for the pocket 61 in the bag body 62. Thepocket means 6| is formed of opposed walls IU and a lining H therebetween folded to form thevsecretpocket |58A and arranged' to afford an end opening which may bereleasably closed by a marginal closure or slidev fastener' 69. 'I'he walls l'may be' secured tothe lining or wall 12 in any'suitablemanner asl by the Seam or stitching 13;

It will be' notedthat the structures afforded' by this invention is superior to those-heretofore provided`E in respect,V to accessibility' of the secret pocket and' its concealment. Heretofore, the means assuring secrecy formed obstructions and encumbrances againstr access, which are wholly eliminated herein.

Having thus described my invention, what is claimed as new and desired to be secured by Letters Patenti, is:

A handbag including a bag body having side wallsidening therebetween a main pocket open at the top ofthe bag body; and aY secret pocket means within the main pocket, the secret pocket means having opposed side walls interconnected ati-the side and bottom edges thereof and having a topA opening, means interconnecting said opposed side walls with one side wall ofi the main pocket so that the7 secret pocket meansforms apartitionin the mainpocket providing an auxiliary'pocket. with the saldi side wall of the. mainv pocket,.a longitudinal: fold' line being formedl in said.' partition, the` said'. interconnecting means terminating substantially. below the said top opening to`r provide anv upper secret pocket portion'` foldable: about said longitudinal' fold line to constitute with said fold line the upper por tion of: the secret pocket' means' a sectionA foldable about said fold line substantially at the upperr end of said.' interconnecting means, said upperportion being` substantially shorter than the portionof the secret pocket below said. fold line, saidvupper portion being downwardly folded upon saidlineintothe auxiliary-pocket with the latter retaining and conning the saidolded portion and concealing the openingthereosaid fold line in said upper. portion ofthe secret pocket means forming. substantially the top. edge of said partition andserying to prevent articles in the lower. part of the secretpocket means from slipping into the said upper folded portion thereofin the folded' position of the latten, and at least one line of stitching running through said fold' line and maintaining said fold. line, said stitching constituting a trimming'giving'the appearance of a finished; edge' to said fold line when said' section is folded withink said'v auxiliary pocket.


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