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Publication numberUS2400790 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 21, 1946
Filing dateNov 16, 1944
Priority dateNov 16, 1944
Publication numberUS 2400790 A, US 2400790A, US-A-2400790, US2400790 A, US2400790A
InventorsWillard R Tolen
Original AssigneeWillard R Tolen
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Baby comfort cab
US 2400790 A
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2 Sheets-Sheet l w. R. TOLEN BABY COMFORT CAB Filed Nov. 16, 1944 May 21, 1946.

MHHHHH PH IHH l lr l wn lfl I N VEN TOR. Willard ff. 70 Z65 mwva May 21, 1946. w. R. TOLEN BABY COMFORT CAB Filed Nov. 16, 1944 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Mid 42rd 701677 m wayzw a Patented May 21, me


Application November 16, 1944, Serial No. 563,726 Claims. (01. 5 2s4) My present invention, in its broad aspect, has to do with improvements in air-cooling and conditioning means, and heating means for infants cabs, cribs and mattresses. Itis common knowledge that overheating of a baby is the occasion for much discomfort and illness, especially since a very young child spends so much of the time in a cab, crib or bed, or upon a mattress. An uncomfortable and overheated baby is not only an annoyance to the mother, but the occasion of endless labor. The same may be said of a .baby who is not Warm enough. My present invention is designed to provide an air-cooling and conditioning means, which may be regulated and adjusted, and which will not induce drafts, and

' which may be turned on and off at will. I also provide means for heating the mattress to prevent the baby from becoming chilled or cold in cold weather. While my device is especially designed for a cab, it may be used with a crib, bed or the like.

Other and equally important objects and advantages of my invention are(1) to provide a device which may be easily regulated and adjusted; (2) to provide means for properly distributing the cooling effect without drafts; (3) to provide a novel, useful and practical mattress construction; and (4) to provide a useful and practical heating device. i

Still further objects and advantages will be apparent from the following description and drawings, but it is to be understood that changes in form, material, size, shape, construction and arrangement of parts may be made without departingfrom my broad inventive concept or the scope of the appended claims.

In the drawings wherein I have illustrated a preferred form of my invention- Figure 1 is a top plan view partly broken away toshow interior parts;

Figure 2 is 'a sectional side elevation through the cab, partly broken away;

Figure 3 is a transverse section on the line 3-3 of Figure 1;

Figure 4 is a transverse section on the line 4-4 of Figure 1, and

Figure 5 is a plan view of the bottom supporting frame.

In the drawings wherein like characters of reference are used to designate like or similar parts throughout the several views- The numeral I designates a part of a baby cab of suitable construction and which has sides 2, a front 3, a back 4 and a bottom 5' which is inclined downwardly from the sides and front and back toward the center where the same has a circular flanged opening 6 covered with wire screening 1. Mounted in the opening between the flanged part 6 is a motor 8. The motor support is designated 9 and a battery [0 is mounted on the floor in the circuit H with the motor and a push button switch I2 at the back-of the cab. The motor drives a fan [3.

A mattress l4 having a bottom l5, ends l6, sides [1, and a top I8 is supported in the cab, and has at its bottom a strong wire frame l9 and longitudinal supporting members 20 and trans verse supporting members 2|. The transverse supporting members are in spaced pairs on which are seated telescoping hollow tubes 22 which are oval in cross-section and which extend upwardly to the top of the mattress and have flanges 23 and 24 and their upper and lower edges respectively. About each tube is a spring 25 which presses against the flanges. The tubes are arranged in spaced pairs adjacent the sides and ends, thus providing a part of the mattress medially and longitudinally and medially and transversely in which is a hollow rubber tubing member 26 in the nature of a cross with side legs 21 and longitudinal legs 28the center being over the fan l3 as shown in Figure 1. The tubing member is designed to be filled with hot water or warm water through a capped filler mouth 29. A suitable filler of cotton or the like 30 extends about the tubes 22 and rubber tubing member 26 and beneath the supporting members 20 and 2|. The edges of the mattress are rolled over and outwardly to form extensions as at 3I-see Figures 3 and 4-to,prevent rising drafts about the edges of the mattress, and beneath these extensions are openings covered by superposed vented plates 32 to regulate passage of air through and in the mattress, since by sliding the outer plate 33 with reference to the inner plate 34 the size of the openings 35 may be regulated. The

cold, or warm or hot water, and the baby is at all outer plate is slidably held in a flanged frame 36 and has handles 31, A screen 38 is provided back of the plates as shown in Figure 3. By "these means, air is forced upwardly through and into the mattressby turning on the fan l3, or the mattress is warmed by filling the member 26 with the cab has a downwardly inclined bottom with the fan located at the lowermost point, means for cutting the fan on and ofi, and the fan located below the mattress.

3. The invention as defined in claim 1, wherein there are multiple tubular members arranged in pairs, and wherein the fluid containing member is in the form, 0! a cross with the spaced pairs arranged between the arms thereof.

4. The invention as defined in claim 1 wherein the fluid containing member isoval in cross section and formed substantially like a cross with lateral and longitudinal arms, and has a capped filler opening.

5. An air conditioning and cooling and heatin device for babies comprising a. mattress having a supporting frame carrying inner springs, tubular members formed with telescoping sections within the springs and forming channels for air circulation, a tubular member between said sectional tubular channels to receive hot or cold fluid, an air circulating means, the mattress having overhanging lateral edges, and adjustable valve means below the edges to control ventilation within the mattress.


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