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Publication numberUS2400995 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 28, 1946
Filing dateDec 15, 1941
Priority dateDec 15, 1941
Publication numberUS 2400995 A, US 2400995A, US-A-2400995, US2400995 A, US2400995A
InventorsFerdinand W Humphner
Original AssigneeMid States Gummed Paper Co
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Gummed product
US 2400995 A
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iication of the invention;

Patented May 28, 1946 j Aoir-Fics GUMMED PRoDUoT" Ferdinand W. Humphne signor to Mid-States r, River Forest, Ill., Gummed Paper Co., Chicago, Ill., a corporation of Delaware Application December 15, 1941, Serial No. 423,068

` f 2 claims. (ci. 11b/fiez), n

This invention relates and methods of preparing the same and more particularly to the providing of a gummed paper or the like having a plurality of small spaced perforationstherein. i

to,` a gummed product An object of the invention is to provide a"v Still another object is to provide a gummed product having a` base sheet and a layer of' ad ilexibility in a gummed paper or tape without decreasing the strength of the same.

Other features and advantages will appear from the following specication and drawing, in which Figure l is -a top plan view of a section of gummed tape prepared in accordance with the invention; Fig.` 2 is a sectional view taken along the line 2 2 of Fig, 1; Fig. 3 is a sectional view similar to that of Fig. 2 showing a modified form of the product; Fig. 4 is a sectional View similar to that of Figs. 2 and 3,

i 2|, and the needles `2| verse sectional view of the apparatus as used in forming the product.

In the embodiment of the invention described herein and shown in Figs. 1 and 2, the gummed product includes a backing sheet I0 which may be of paper, cloth, or other suitable material, On one surface of the backing sheet I0 is a layer II of dry remoistening adhesive of any suitable wellknown type used in gummed tape products and the like. `An animal glue, starch, dextrin, or gum arabic adhesive or Well as other conventional and well-known remoistening adhesives, may be used for the layer II.

The paper backing I0 is equipped with avplurality of small spaced perforations or apertures I3 which extend through the paper sheet IIl and the layer of adhesive I I. 'I'he apertures seen particularly in Fig. 2, may be inwardly tapered toward the adhesive coated surface of the paper. The portion of the adhesive immediately adjacent the apertures I3 may be raised above the surface of the adhesive layer, as seen at I4.

mixture of any of these, as

I3, as

As seen in the modified product shown in Fig.

3; the sheet of` paper Is and the adhesiveiayer if desired, be spaced` about lions and the like. I

Anysuitable methodof forming the apertures inthe summed paper or gummecl` tape `may be used. A preferred method of rollers I9 and 20, the roller 20 being equipped with suitable projecting members 2I forpiercing the gummed tape.

-The roller 20 is provided with socket means 22 for receiving the base of the projecting needles are preferably provided with sharp tapered points which are adapted to pass through the gummed tape I 0 to form the apertures therein. The needles 2| may be spaced about the roller 20 in any desired arrangement or pattern.

The roller I9 is preferably equipped with a plurality of layers 23 of felt or other soft resilient material extending about the periphery of the roller. The rollers I9 and 20 are disposed in adjacent relation with the point of each of the `2.3" on the The gummed tape I0 is rollers, preferably with the gummed or adhesive surface in engagement with the roller I9. The rollers may be rotated to move the summed tape .between them or the operation may be carried out in any other suitable manner.

Another method by which the perforations may be produced in the gummed tape consists of depositing small particles 24 of carbon, iron, or a highly ionizable salt, the paper sheet 26, as seen particularly in Fig. 4. Preferably, the particles are incorporated` inthe paper sheet at the time that the sheet is formed The adhesive is then apfiuid form and dried to from the paper pulp. plied to the sheet in form the adhesive layer 25. The particles are of forming the ap-` passed` between the such as sodium chloride, in`

preferably of relatively low electrical resistance so as to produce a lowering .of the electrical resistance of the paper at the portions in which the particles are found.

The perforations may be made in the gummed sheet or tape shown in Fig. 4 by passing a high amperage, low voltage electric current through the sheet. The electric current will pass'through the portions of the sheet which contain the electrically-conducting particles and will produce small holes 21 in the paper sheet and the adhesive layer thereon. The operation may be carried out in any'suitable manner, for example by passing f the paper between two electricallycharged plates.

When the gummed tape containing the small capillary perforations is applied to a surface, the gum or adhesive layer is moistened and secured to the surface to which the tape is to be applied. Air which is trapped beneath the surface of the tape in'the form of air pockets may readily escape through the perforations in the tape and a complete and continuous contact is made between the tape and the surface to which it is applied.

`The improved tape is also advantageous in that the projecting portions ofthe adhesive of the embodiment of the invention, shown in Fig. 2, are brought into engagement with the meisteningimeans and act as a tread to aid the adhesive surface of the tape in. picking up a greater quantity of water from the moistening surface. Similarly, the capillary apertures in the tape receive and retain water by capillary action. The

water which is received within the capillary apertures is gradually absorbed by the adhesive layer. By using a plurality of small perforations spaced over the surface of the tape, it is possible also to increase the exibility of the tape without decreasing the strength of the same.

Although the invention has been described in connection with particular embodiments and certain details of structure and method have been set forth for the purpose of illustration, it will be understood that changes and modifications may readily be made in the structure and method without departing from the Aspirit and scope of the invention. f

I claim:

l. A remoistening gummed paper product comprisinga paper sheet, and a layer of dry remoistening adhesive on said sheet, said sheet and the adhesive thereon being provided with a plurality of capillary apertures extending therethrough, the adhesive adjacent the apertures being slightly raised above the surface of said layer to act as a tread to aid said surface to pick up a greater quantity of moisture .from a .moistening surface. 1

l 2. 4A remoistening gummed paper product comprising a paper sheet, a layer of dry remoistening adhesive on said sheet, said sheet -and the adhesive thereon being provided with a plurality of capillary apertures extending therethrough, each of said apertures in said sheet being outwardly tapered toward the exposed surface of 30 the sheet and a plurality of small projecting portions in the adhesive immediately adjacent said apertures and extending slightly beyond the surface of the layer to act as a tread to aid said surface to pick up a greater quantity of mois- 35 ture from a moistening surface.


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