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Publication numberUS2402310 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 18, 1946
Filing dateMar 24, 1942
Priority dateMar 24, 1942
Publication numberUS 2402310 A, US 2402310A, US-A-2402310, US2402310 A, US2402310A
InventorsBeaumier Austin H
Original AssigneeBeaumier Austin H
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Means for dispensing latex and the like
US 2402310 A
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3m 1%, mm.


Patented June 18, 1946 MEANS FOR DISPENSING LATEX AND THE LIKE Austin H. Beaumier, North Hollywood, Calif.

Application March 24, 1942, Serial No. 435,957

4 Claims. 1

This invention relates to dispensers and more especially to a dispenser for latex and similar materials.

An object of the invention is to provide a simple, practical and inexpensive article of the character described.

Another object of the invention is to provide a an improved and more efficient means of dispensing latex and similar viscous materials having fast drying properties.

An additional object is to provide a guide attachment for a dispenser adapted for efilcient application of cementitious material to the edge portions of fabric such as carpeting.

Other objects and advantages will appear and be brought out more fully in the following specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, wherein:

Fig. 1 is a sectional view of a dispenser and guide attachment embodying my invention.

Fig. 2 is a similar view showing the dispenser in operative position.

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary view partly in section showing the dispensing nozzle and a modified form of guide attachment, and

Fig. 4 is a view of the same as seen from the line 44 of Fig. 3.

Referring more particularly to the drawing I show a dispenser l having a generally cylindrical portion l l and a threaded neck l2 or connection to the neck of a container l3 or other reservoir of liquid or viscous latex or similar oementitious material. Cylindrical portion H has an annular end portion I4 recessed to receive and hold a tapered nozzle member l5 having a tapered nozzle I6 provided with a dispensing aperture ll adapted to receive the end portion 18 of a rotatable valve stem or plunger IS.

A rubber or other resilient valve sleeve 20 is positioned on stem I9 and held by a shoulder 21 Cylindrical portion II is provided with a conical bleeder valve aperture 22 to receive a conical valve portion 23 of stem l9, and a resilient valve collar 24 is retained against valve portion 23 by a lifting collar 25 secured on stem l9 as by retaining collar 26. An angular cam member 21 extends from cylindrical portion H and is provided with an inclined cam recess 28 adapted to receive the end portion 30 of a valve actuating member 3|. Member 3| has an angularly extending yoke 32 which engages a groove 29 in lifting collar 25 and a spring 32 is secured between cylindrical portion l I and member 3!.

By this construction it will be apparent that when member 3! is actuated from the position 2 of Fig. 1 to that of Fig. 2 by squeezing when held in the hand, the valve stem l9 will be raised because of the inclination of cam recess 28, and the dispensed material such as latex will be permitted to flow through dispensing aperture l1. Also, valve portion 23 will be raised from bleeder valve 22 and permit entrance of air into cylinder H to facilitate the flow of the dispensed I material.

In Figs. 1 and 2 I show a guide tube attachment 35 comprising a. U-shaped strap member 36 having a conical dispensing aperture 36a adapted to register with taper l6 and a plurality of spring clips 31 having retaining bent end portions 38 which have a snap-on engagement with an annular shoulder 34 on nozzle member I5. As shown in Figs. 1 and 2 guide attachment 35 provides guide means for dispensing latex or the like to the edge Portions 39 of fabric or similar articles such as carpeting.

In Figs. 3 and 4 I show a modified form of guide attachment 40 comprising a plate member 4| having a conical dispensing aperture 42 and a groove 43, and an angularly disposed end portion 44. A retractable guide piece 45 is rotatably secured to end portion 44 by a bolt 46 and has a shouldered end portion 41 adapted to extend over the edge portion 48 of a flat material to guide the dispenser when applying the dispensed material along the surface portion thereof adjacent the edge. A spring 49 is provided with a slot 50 by which it is secured between the head of bolt 46 and guide piece 45 so as to resiliently hold piece 45 against end portion 44. It will thus be apparent that the guide attachment 40 permits dispensed material to be guided over a fiat sur face or along an edge portion thereof by using a guide piece 45 as shown, or guide piece 45 can be rotated so that end portion 4'! is above the lower edge of plate member 4|.

It should be clear from the foregoing description that the dispenser shown and described is adapted to a wide variety of uses for applying latex or similar material to fabrics or other arti cles, and may have an important military value such as in the fabrication of such articles as parachutes and the like.

Having described my invention What I claim is:

l. A dispenser as described comprising a tubular body having a dispensing aperture at one end and a bleeder aperture at the other end, a valve'plunger for said apertures, and manually operable actuating means for said plunger, said means including a bar disposed along a portion of said body in spaced relation thereto, and having a cam engagement therewith, and a spring to retain said bar in engagement with said body and plunger.

2. A dispenser as described comprising a tubular body having a dispensing aperture at one end and a bleeder aperture at the other end, a retatable valve plunger for said apertures, and manually operable actuating means for said plunger, said means includinga bar having a cam engagement with said body and a yoke engagement with said plunger, said body having an angularly disposed cam extension.

3. An applicator guide attachment for a dis-

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