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Publication numberUS2403324 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 2, 1946
Filing dateApr 19, 1945
Priority dateApr 19, 1945
Publication numberUS 2403324 A, US 2403324A, US-A-2403324, US2403324 A, US2403324A
InventorsAnderson George C
Original AssigneeAnderson George C
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Adjustable saddle cleaning horse
US 2403324 A
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July 2, 1946. G. Q-A-N'DERSON 2,403,324

ADJUSTABLE SADDLE CLEANING HORSE Filed April 19, 1945 3 Sheets-Sheet. l

INVENTOR 660%? C'Andersan Y j ATTORNEY July 2,1946. AN ERSON 2,403,324

ADJUSTABLE S ADDLE CLEANING HORSE Filed April 19, 1945 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR Geo/ye C Anderson ATTORNEY Ju1 2,194s.- Q NDER ON 2,403,324

ADJUSTABLE SADDLE CLEAN ING HORSE Filed April 19, 1945 s SheetS-Sheet 3 INVENTOR 7 1 8 Gauge C Ana grson ATTORNEY Patented July 2, 1 946 ouse v George C. Anderson, Great Neck, N. Y.

, Application April 19, 1945, Serial No. 589,141

I 1 This invention relates to an improved horse or work stand for cleaning riding saddles-and one of its objects is to provide a horse or work stand with a saddle supporting device, which 18 constructed with one side to engage the inner side of the saddle, so that the upper side of the saddle will be exposed and may be properly cleaned, and which is constructed with another side, wh ch forms a trough-like support for the upper side of the saddle, when the saddle is inverted on the device, whereby the underside of the saddle w1ll be exposed above the device, for thorough cleanand complete inspection. Another object of the a work stand or horse with a top work support, which is constructed to permit a saddle to be positioned thereon in straddling relation thereto, and whichimay be reversed, so that the upper side'of the saddle may be nested on the work support,'and'willin each position provide a rigid mount for the saddle, so that both sides of the saddle may be quickly and thoroughly cleaned.

With the above and other objects 1n view, the

invention relates to certain new and usefu1 com- 1 binations, constructions and arrangements of parts, clearly described in the following spec fication, and fully illustrated in the accompanying s, inwhich:

12 is a perspective view, showing the work support arranged to support a saddle with the outer side of the saddle uppermost.

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary perspective view, showt o receive the upper side of the saddle, whereby the underside of the saddle will be exposed above rt. i g f fis side elevation of the work support or head of the work stand or horse.

Fig. 4 is a top plan view thereof.

Fig. 5 is an end elevation of the work support or head of the horse or work stand, showing one end thereof.

invention is to provide I the work support inverted, to provide a nest 6 Claims. (01. 69-49) h 2 and the end cross bars l0 and I I, at eachend thereof. r

The upper ends of the V-shaped end frame 6 and 1 receive the work head or supporting device l2. This Work head or supporting device includes the end members l3 and I4, and the parallel connecting bar l5. The end member I3 is of ap I proximately triangular shape, and the end mem- Fig. 6 is a view in elevation of the opposite end 7 of the work support.

Fig. '7 is a transverse sectional view, taken on line 1-,-'I of Fig. 3, looking in the direction of the arrows.

Fig. 8 is a bottom plan view of the Work support.

her {4 is constructed like a wide V form, thereby providing diverging arms Iaand I 4?), which are covered or faced with leather or other cushioning material i4.

Between the end members l3 and I4 an intermediate member I6 is arranged, which slides back or forward so as to fit any size saddle and which is of general triangular shape, but provided with a relatively shallow groove I! on one side thereof. The groove I! and the gap l8 between the diverging arms Ma and Mb provide a nest for receiving the upper side of the saddle, when the 10Tk2 head is disposed in the position shownir: g.

The upper side of the head 12, is composed of the longitudinal connecting bars 15, and the oppositely inclined upper edges of the end members I3 and. I4 and the intermediate member 16. Upon this frame workthesaddle may be mounted, in straddling relation to the head [2, with the upper face of the saddle supported above the head.

The work head I2 is supported between the upper ends of the end frames 6 and 1, by means of the rod or shaft [9, the outer ends of which extend through the end walls or members l3 and I4 and through the upper ends of the end frames 6 and 1, thereby providing a pivotal bearing for the work headl2 upon the stationary end frames 6 and 1. Each end of the rod or shaft I9 is equipped with washers 20; to engage opposite sides of each end frame engaged, and on the outer ends of the rod or shaft wing nuts 2| are threaded, so as to clamp the upper ends of the end frames 6 and 1 against the end walls or. members l3 and I4.

The work head is locked in place on the end frames 6 and 1 by means of the bolt 22, which slides through the end frame 1 and engages either one of two openings or holes 23 formed in the end member or wall M. The work head is reinforced by parallel metal rods 24 which extend through the intermediate member l6 and into the end members l3 and M.

In the position shown in Fig. 1, the pin or bolt 22 will engage the opening or hole 23 nearest the gap l8, thereby locking the work head so that the saddle may be placed on the work head, with.

- a nest to receive the upper side of the saddle, so

that the underside of the saddle will be exposed for inspection and cleaning above the work head.

The grooved side :of the intermediate member I6 is provided withsarleatheror cushion facing I6, to protect the finished surface of' the upper side of the saddle against injury.

With my improved work horse or stand a complete job of cleaning both-sides of a 'ridm'g saddle may be accomplished a; short time. When the saddle is mounted on the work head, with the. upper side of the -saddle-exposed for inspection and cleaning, a rigid support ispro- Vided for the saddle, and all necessarybrushing and cleaning operations may be 7 quickly performed.

When the underside of the saddle is 't'o "be cleaned, the work head may'be-quickly mverted, and -a nest'is providedffor the upper side of the saddle, which will preventthe saddle from sliding'from'the work stand. In this 'way the accu- 'mulation of sweatand dirt on the-bottom face of the saddle may be entirelyand quickly removed. M v. I 'It is understood that the parts of the improved work stand may be constructed of any available 'materials, and that various changes may' be'ma'de in the details of construction, their arrangement and combination, within the scope'of the invention, as defined bythe claims hereof. I

, Having described my inventionj claim as new:

1. A work stand for cleaning riding saddles,

comprising a base,.and a saddle supporting head pivotally'm'ounted on the base and provided with an upper side I having downwardlyand oppo'sjitly inclined sides on which the saddle maybe placed astride the head and provided with a nest on the opposite side to receive the upper of the saddle when the head isrevers'ed on the base.

, 2. A work stand for-Ycleaningriding saddles,

comprising a base provided with end frames, a

saddle supporting head positioned between the end frames and provided with alongitudinarsald- 4 dle receiving nest on one side and downwardly inclined, sides on the opposite side, and means .for pivotally supporting the head on the end frames so that either side of the head may be disposed upwardly of the end frames. 7

3. A work stand for cleaning hiding saddles,

' comprising a base having end frames, a rod head and an oppositeside, having lamest extending through the end frames, a head having members forming a saddle nest'onone side v tthereof pivotallymounted on the rod,=-and means forT'lockingthe head on' the end frames so that the nest may be positioned upwardly or the g other side of the head may be positioned up- Wardly.

4. =li'wor k' stand for cleaning riding saddles, consisting of a pair of V-shaped end frames connected rigidly tov each other, a rod extending through "the end frames, a. head having end members and connecting parallel side bars pivotally supported by saidend members on the rod, means for clamping the ends of the rod against "the end. ira-mes, said head having .one side 'on Which "a saddle may be mounted astrideiithe to receive the upper sidecof the -saddle. I

'5. -A work stand for cleaninglriding lsaddles,

consisting of a reversible worklhead having fend members, *arodextending through; the.end;-:mem

"bers, a stand pivotally supporting :the {ends -,of

the rod, -reinforcing rods extendingzinto the end members, parallelside ba'rs .connecting the-end "members to each other, "and means :;for locking the head against pivotal movement omthestand. 6; A work stand for cleaning ridingssaddles, comprising a basehaving end framesrigidly connected *to -each-other, work supportmghead having oppositely-- inclined sides disposed between the" end frames, a'rod extendin'g. through the :end

frames and l through the work head, means for clamp-ing the endsofcthe'. rod on the end frames,

the work supporting head: having-.-/a nest-yon; one sidetoreeeive -the upper side .ofthe. riding; sadd1-e,-and-a locking p'in1sliding.zlthro=ugh ,one 0f ,the end frames toen-gage one ;of :several openings; in

itheihafior locking th head in' differenhpflsi-r .tiol'ls cagainstnlpivotal movement g 26nd frames- V g v e oaeec auscesoug

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International ClassificationB68C1/00
Cooperative ClassificationB68C1/002
European ClassificationB68C1/00B