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Publication numberUS2403778 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1946
Filing dateFeb 14, 1945
Priority dateFeb 14, 1945
Publication numberUS 2403778 A, US 2403778A, US-A-2403778, US2403778 A, US2403778A
InventorsVit Zdanaitis
Original AssigneeReynolds Metals Co
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Cover sealing means for pressure cookers
US 2403778 A
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July 9, 1946.

v. ZDANAITIS COVER SEALING MEANS FOR PRESSURE COOKERS Fiied Feb. 14, 1945. 2 Sheets-rSheet -1 MW 4 9 W BY dwi 14.

jua 9, 19% v v. ZDANAI'T'IS" 2,403,778


EITORMX Patented July 9, 1946' fl '1 GOVEBJ'SEALINGMEAN S FOR PRESSURE COOKERS'Q My Vit Zdanaitis,,Louisville, Kn, assignor to Reyn;

. olds Metals Company, Richmond, Va., :1. corpo- .ration of Delaware u a Application February 14, 1945, :Serial No. 577,837

' 3 Claims. (01. 22o- '4 0 ;-,I he,present invention" relates to a household Although the lower edge ofthe tongue may con type of pressure cookers, and it has for its object tact with the metal at the base of thechannel, I the, provision of, simple construction with secure have shown it spaced therefrom in order that the sealing between the cover and the Vessel proper entire periphery of the cover may have a yield by face to face metal contact without the necesfactor for better sealing contact with the upper sity of gasket means, the. contacting surfaces sealing seat I. l

preferably having .a yield or elastic factor, the Secured to the top of the cover somewhat near structure further being characterized by wedge the margin thereof is a block ll formed with an lock n means for the cover of a type permitting aperture to receive a handle [2, the latter prefflrm sealing of the cover to the vessel by a short erably being of low-heat conductivity, as for exrotational movement of the cover given by means ample, fibre, The cover also may carry a presof a handle device which also forms an element sure-gage l9, and a safety blow-off valve 20, both of a pressure release device. of usual construction, these element forming no Further object of the invention will be set forth part of the present invention. in this specification, with reference to the accomis The periphery of the cover 2| is formed with panying drawings, in which; a horizontal flange 22 which merges into'a short Fig. 1 is a perspective View of a pressure cooker vertical flange 23, these flanges forming the embodying the invention. cover channel-way which receives the tongues 2 i a arged fragmentary vertical secl0 of the cover hangers 9 which carry the locktion, on the line 2-2 Fig. 1. me lugs 8.

Fig. 3 is afrag e ta y Vertical Section through In the operation of the device, the cover is the cover and the upper p t f the Vessel. applied with the hangers and locking lugs at 4 is a top plan view of the vessel, with. one side of the blocks 3 so that a clock-wise the cover removed. movement of the cover by means of handle I 2 Fi 5 is a fragmentary Sectional V taken will carry the locking lugs under the horizontal,

on the line 5-5 Fig. but tapered, wedge arms 6. In this action the Referring to the drawings it Will be seen that wedge pressure of said arm upon the lugs '8 the pressure cooker consists of a body member will force the annular horizontal face of the Which y be of any c nfi ur t n, pr r cover firmly down in sealing action with respect UNITED S ATES PATENT;"OFFICE;

a u a which may be p ed at s sides 30 to the annular horizontal seat of the body mem- With handles such as the handle indicated at 2. ber I without the necessity for a, sealing ring e P of the body member is ed inwardly surrounding flange I and lying upon horizontal to p ov de a Substantially horizontal a flange I although a compressible sealing ring which merges into a vertically extending flange may b employed if d law. In Fig. 2, and also in Fig. 5, certain elements O its upp o r' the y member I which normally contact have been shown rel-- carries a plurality of lug-receiving members for atively spaced, as for example, the spacing b the reception of lugs carried by the cover memtween lug a, at 1 a d a 6 i Fig, 2, This ber. In the-present embodiment three lu is but for clarity of illustration. Also, in Fig. ceiv g members a e e pl ch use 40 2 I have shown lip in spaced from the bottom ing m mb h a'b10Ck-1ike y 3 Which is of the peripheral channel of the cover, and a Welded or otherwise secured in position, rivets 4 Space above v ti u fla 23. Whi1 thi i be Shown, and at i Side an integral flange 5 desirable to provide yield of the cover periphery carries a horizontally extending arm 6, t e lo at the lug hanger areas, the arrangement is face of the latter b in p e y tapered for not essential, and it will be understood that wedging action. At the top of t e b ck 3 is a various modifications inform and arrangement seat or rest 1 forit appropriate locking- 1 of of the elements constituting the embodiment iithe cover 2!. lustrated in the drawings may be made without The cover carries three lockin -l s 8 in h departing from the spirit of the invention.

present embodiment. Each lug B-is integrally 60 Having described my invention, what I claim formed with a lug-hanger 9 which preferably i and desire to secure by Letters Patent is as a forging which conforms to the rounded face of r n the cover, which embraces the lower flanged area 1. A pressure cooker comprising a body memof the cover, and which may have a tongue ber formed with a peripheral seat internally lying within the peripheral channel of the cover. bounded by an upwardly extending flange, a

cover member having a yielding periphery formed by a substantially horizontal flange merging into a vertical flange, a plurality of hangers carried by the cover member and embracing its peripheral flanged area, a plurality of blocks carried by the body member and adapted for registration with said hangers, and co-acting lug and lugengaging members carried by the hanger and blocks, a handle being carried by the cover for rotation thereof.

2. A pressure cooker constructed in accordance with claim 1, in which each hanger is provided with a tongue projecting Within a channel-way formed at the peripheral area of the cover by its flanges, the horizontal fiange thereof extending outwardly and the vertical flange rising therefrom, the cover also being so proportioned that its inner peripheral face lies closely adjacent the upwardly extending flange of the body member, each hanger carrying an outwardly projected locking lug, the blocks carried by the body member each being formed with an arm overhanging the top of the block and spaced therefrom and adapted to engage one of said locking lugs.

3. A pressure cooker comprising a body member formed at its top with an inwardly directed flange merging into an upwardly directed flange, a plurality of blocks carried by the body member below its top, each block carrying an arm overhanging a substantially horiontal seat at the top of the block, a cover member having a substantially horizontal outwardly-directed peripheral flange merging into a vertical flange, forming a channel-Way at the periphery of the cover member, a plurality of hangers carried by the cover member and embracing its peripheral flanges, each hanger having a tongue extending downwardly into the cover channel-way, and each hanger having. a locking lug adapted to be moved, when the cover is rotated, below and in contact with one of said arms, the arms and locking lugs being relatively tapered for wedging action, and a handle carried by the cover for rotation thereof.


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