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Publication numberUS2404456 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 23, 1946
Filing dateJun 30, 1944
Priority dateJun 30, 1944
Publication numberUS 2404456 A, US 2404456A, US-A-2404456, US2404456 A, US2404456A
InventorsWayne M Pierce
Original AssigneeUnited Aircraft Corp
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Alignment tool
US 2404456 A
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y 194$ w. M. PIERCE 2,404,45fi I ALIGNMENT TOOL Filed June 30, 1944 I INVENTOR Wayne M. Pierce ATTORNEY.

v with the JcorreSPQ ding line Patented July 23, 1946 1 I 7 ALIGNMENT TOOL Pierce, I United Aircraft This invention relates toan improvedrmetli'od and improved means foralignmg amaster layout template in exact registrywith photographic reproductions thereof, and ha's amon'grvits'objects the provision of a simple methodutilizing a novel alignment device which enables even an unskilled person to quickly sun on its photographic reproductions or mark on thereproductions accurately aligned or? mark onrthe "masteri em a x thus-assu s atsan :h d ill through the ,master template willfall in themeel c r ect locat on the. e r d ion ernnpose a master template witheach line Another and morqspecificjobject of the invention tO' provide-:an-alignment tool comprising a member having a working face throughwhich a. drill; bushing extends and having a plurality of.;po inted projections geometrically spaced about the axis of the; bushin iior marking by indentationmetal'sheets-whichare to-be aligneda-- ;A further object-"of-the invention isgenerally to limprove the: method and, means" for aligning master templates and photographic reproduci g fi si g -1 .r'

f. Qther; bjects and'advantages-of; the invention will. be a giparent,; .fr qm themspeciflcation and claims and from the drawing which illustrates tha on i red ba eaim dsm 2 2? 9 hinven i s -t e .d rl nmn t rs rewrite dentical' parts throughout Figi 1 isafb ipmi myiewo th alignment M Fig? .esiqev ewpf. he-to Q s 1, and

Figs. 3 -to 8 illustrate the st eps in using the au m nt. jv qp g qs btei re est re istry, f a m s ers replatew b a Phot g a h c e o ieafihg e l- 1; 1 f; eferring first to Figs --1 and 2, H1 designates e r. 9 v the. ignment tool. wh h. a her iiifa tedl. wme a p ate not gene l t n ul rs s her 5 afletw k ns a e zha d ne di ll fill hl l l. reduc d iame a n 1,6p s-m???.i9i9....e-9 tml p r ure 5 witbi fi S ou de qtmtfl b hetreduced orfi bn abutting ence mote 'frel i, th

v. .th .iandle ith lity of hardened inserts 24 V ,-.r g es thew rk ac whiehha r a poi t 2 5 p udx fi t bfise Poi s l arran 1 "bushi 16; an at the apexes of an equilater'altr v geometriccenter oi which coincides with said axis. In other words, acircle inscribed about the a ds which the same-reference 1t P te wh h i re:

'fth bushi As ilhistrat'ed', havelieen"cho"sen; "Tlie'worki'ng face of the tool is applied atone ol. the locations sufficiently and its reproduction. ;.As

of the bushing would in the surface bit"the latter East Hartford,

s same. 542,906! I A pass through 'would pe equidistantfon the 'periphe'ry of, the I Figsfi and e represent a master layout temmetal 30 having plate M comprisingfa sheet of" theline 32 of a'drayving thereon and a plurality of drilled holes 3'4 representing hole locations in the structural me her represented bythe drawmg'aa;

firepresent a photographic repro- N igs. 5- and duction R of template Min whichfithe lines 32 and the honest-appear asflphjotographic repro Q 7 I E in the use of-theal'ignmnt tool a plurality of key hole locations 'areiselectedflon the master templatewhich are nearer. the lines 32 thereon.

firmly m causelthe'poifits Miin'tl'ie 'sl'i'i'fac .th v

thus. held} a' drill is passed hole" ZBL'in bushing l4 and emplateto "form.-a.key hole. This procedure is epat'e'd until each. of .thekey holes 35, 31, and 3 as been, drilled'in the master template. f s

desired number of photographic reproductions'of th' mas'ter. template are'now made. These may he made, for example, by the contact process which is well known." the lines' fig and the hole lo cations 36 canbe accurately reproduced ion. t: hee'ti ietal' repmduc- form impressions ti'o'ns "toexactly .sfsamsen as the master template. As aresult ofthe use of the'alignment 'mo'ilenitne, masterrenifii tems above described,

the lliey holes 1 36, ica llyi repfro'du '31 amiss wm be pho ogra handyilar while the impressions A91 worse reproduced as pin points I are nxtprick-punched.

lillilf Thefpoir ts dilr operation tend to be averaged out due tothe geometrical arrangement of the points.

'lfhe alignmenttool'is now applied to the reprodllCtiOll at each of these-keyhole locations-with itsfpoi'nts Z6 located in, the prick-punched holes m While-the tool; is thus held the drillis passed h e. P dril the eprqdue q W i hnow appears'as shown n Fig.-;

sduolicate, of.

M v late of, Figs-{with eptionthat the-hole locations 341 have not showniin F gs,

-11 1 s s an M is superimposed 'on the reproduction; R and suitable keys accurately,conformingin diameter to t e the corresponding holesin the mastermtemplate herein;v shown, these keys are in the form of bolts that as a-.reslllt -.;o f, the, above. method: of V accuholes 315, 3 1, and- 38 are passed through 2,404,456 PATENT, men

all] oithe point s these points 'By this process 52 It-wilhbe notd' erof sillusti'ated in Fig. 4.

through the drill in which his an exact the master; template ey holes thelines 32 of the rality of pointed projections disposed about said drawing 'on the master template are exactly coin pushing, passing a drill through said-bushing and cident with lines 321' of the photographic reprothrough said master template at each location of duction; While the templateand the reproduc asize accurately fitting the drill passage in said o tion are thus accurately and rigidly held in alignbushing while forcing said tool against said temthe reproduction the holes 34 i th a ter make impressionsrin the surface thereof, phototemplates serving to accurately'locate theldrill graphicallyee'lfiplodllcing Said template on a S e t during this operation, a Y

As a result of this' improved method and the 1 c wns Qfsaid lmpressions, applyin said tool t/1011 5. a e e It will also be evidentlthat the use of the tool f having a diameter accurately fitting the confer r sults in greater accuracy than would be possible spondmg drill holes therein and While they are if the key holes were simply drilled in the'master c r t e forming apertures in the r otemplate Without the use of the tool, the master auction Corresponding to t sei d template were photographed and the phototemplate graphic representations of the key holes on the h a hem h of w y, F9 l reproductions were then d illed, since it is imreproducmg ef e em el r m' 7 possible to accuratelylocate the center of such locating holes therein'whichconsistsvinqlecting gin is fuzzy and frequently out-of-round. The 3 SHCQESSiVflYaFPIYmg na m 'wd at tionandthe use of these impressions in conjunc' v bushing, Passing a drill hrough id bushing a Whfe only reproduction has been ing while pressing said tool against sa1d template tragediitvwm be evldent that a number of repro sufficiently firmly for said pro ectlons to make ductions can be simultaneously drilled from a 3 Empresslons m the surface thereof photograph single master template with great speed and faw ll repmducmg Sald template on a sheet of cility, while the reproductmns are far more accu- 7 pnck'punchmg the photographic repro' rate than those hitherto produced by the pamsductlons of Sam lmpresslons applymg Sam ahgn taklng work of a, sk lled person e ment toolto said reproduced template at each of 1While the invention, has en described w 6 said locations with its projections seated in the without exceeding the. scope 0f the following themaster and reproduced templates together at "claims: e v 7 Wilma-notion of a master layout template in accu; holes therein, and drilling the fastening locatin sheet of metal, prick-punching the photographic i drill passage While forcing Said 17001 a in reproductions of said impressions at each hole 2 template sufficiently fi y for i p o e locattion, applying said t t said reproduction trons to make impressions in the surface thereof,

- seated in thecorrespondingprick-punched holes plate on a pluralityof metal sheets, prickon thereof wh' j onsists 1n, selecting" i :teutemplate and said reproductions together in mentfthe locating holes 34 are drilled through 'Dlate sufiicientlyrfirmly for Said projections to ahphgmgmphed holedue to'the fact that its keyhole locations clear of the lines'on sai'd tmparticular reference to a specific embodiment, it qqnf q m h i c and a ,lgzThe steps poSmonmg'the photographic eter accurately fitting the corresponding drill at each' key hole location with its'projectioris ma ing photographic reproductionsof said teme' keyhole locationsclear of the lines on said tentalignment byi shafts accurately fitting said drill V -plate;fsuccessiyely applying analignfnenttool at ,holes. 7 V a V v I V I WAYNE MpPIERCEQ

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U.S. Classification29/464, 408/72.00R, 33/645, 408/1.00R
International ClassificationB23B47/28
Cooperative ClassificationB23B47/28
European ClassificationB23B47/28