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Publication numberUS241123 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1881
Publication numberUS 241123 A, US 241123A, US-A-241123, US241123 A, US241123A
InventorsJo He Daise-b
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Revolving book
US 241123 A
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(No Mode'lJ,

' J. BANNER. l

Revolving Book Case No.v 241,|23. Paened Maw E@ 138m..

Whg/mm y ton, in the county of Stark and haveinvented certain new and useful improve- 25 two lesser parte hinged Matteo JHN BANNER? UF CUANTN., Gil-llt).

SPECIFICATION forming part of lilietters .Tfatent No. 5341.123, dated May 10,1831.l Applieaiion led Demmin-r1, 1980. (No model.)

To all whom tima/ 1,1 ooaoera: u e it known that l., JOHN BANNER, of Uitn- State oi' @lilo7 ments in Revelvine,` Book# laees. oi" wiiieh the 'iollowinfr is specification,

e My invention 'relatos to improvementa in qnadrangnlar revolving book-eases; and the objects oimyimprovement-are l'o provide means ioby which the contente oi' such eases can be iuclosed within the frame and looked7 outol` read y access to persons ,haringr no right to them'1 and out oi' the dost often `stirred in oiiiee rooms, without the'nse of ordinary doors, and while all f5 the advantages ot an ordinary auadrangular revolving` book-ease are retained the area oi' shelvingand its Strength and simplicity oi' eonstruetion are largely inereased.

lleretoiore stationary secretaries and ebowcentral or back part oi' any desired size and two front partei-which are, together, equal in width to the other, each part being provided with compartments or pigeon-holes, and the to the greater part to serve as doors` i'or said article of fornitore. Other cases have been made ol' two parallel sections united by the iop and `eottoni pieces, and slidingl ISections; placed between them to 3o giveaocess to unysoetion separately; but these cases, being stationary, have a irin and broad foundation to rest upon, and com parativel y little diilieulty is experienced in their construetion, while inyrevolving bookcase, havingonly 35 a single point on the top olvl a spindley ai; a rest,

und the whole weight being suspended there i'roni, requires a peculiar consti-notion to unite the top with the bottoni, and alsothe interino diale fslielvee, and give the requisite strength 4o to the structure and keep its equilibrium. ,l

a ttain these objects in the book-ease illustrated nrthe accompanying drawinlfgis;7 in which-u liigure lreprosents, in perspeoti ve, the book oase with one ol.' its hi nged seotions turned ont 45 wardly, showing' one-half of its interior. Fig. v lrepresents a vertical section of the same, with its parte ni a position eorresponding with Fig.

vi, the open compartment being shown in elevat1on. Fig. 3 is a horizontalseetioe of the same,

5o with its hinged Sections nearly closed; Fig'. e,

'hoolveaae modified hv loeatin fr the hin fre ot' the v in B movable lmoli-reeeiring` part nearer the central poet-than in the previous heures.

.ln the drawingga A represents a eentral hollow poot or traine, uniting;r together the quadrang'oiar top B and bottoni i) oi the book-ease. To this poel; are also seeuredthevertical divis4 ion'hoards Il), and to the ends oi the latter the top l and bottoni i are naileti. '.ihe sides E and F of the easing; are also Secured to the top B and bottoni (l, thus producinga gory strong' l'ranie `well braced at its diagonal corners, and capable oi' Supporting without being strained the weight ol a large number oi' booke. 1,

To one end oi" eaeh o ithe sides il is hinge; a section, G, made also to receive books. This et/ion G: is made with vertical Sideeg g', a bael, qa bottonnyiand, preferably, also a topi, g4, lorining a reetangularframe elooed all around, except on one oi" ite veriieal sides, and this open eide is turned toward the interior oi the hooleease when it is closed.

A boolcease theo constructed. has six eempartniente, arranged in pairs, each pair Suitable for booke of diiierentsixes from the others. rLihey are provided with adjustable shelves h, entering grooves fz in theirsides, and the whole ease, except i te central hollow post, A, can be filled with books and looked. At any desired height within said post is. secured thereto a block, )'11, having a pendent eonieal spindle. k', 'to enter'ainl rest upon a hollow conical bear ing secured in the endet' the tubular Spindle i, the latter being; retained vertically upoli the trame L, forming its base, `by the metal brace if, through which it passes, as well as by the jani-nut Z screwed on its extremity. Theiralne L is made of two crossqiieces, a little longer than usual., to give stability to theease when open, and is provided with casters.

To relieve the hinges m of the weightof the hinged Sections G and their contents, l generally provide the lower end oi' said sections with 95 a spindle7 n, secured to the under Side, and a eonieal eup7 y, is secured to the bottom G'of the book-oase. preferably with a Stra.p,p', forming a pivothiuge of great durability.

The book-ease shown ih `igs.1,2,3 has eom- 'we pertinents capable of holding books of various sizes, the one between D and E, (marked M,) being of great depth, can receive large folios; but if such a size should not be desired two rows of books could be placed upon each shelf'. As shown in the drawings, the entrance to said compartment is from the interior of thebookcase. The section G is of the ordinary depth for such vsize books as encyclopdias, and the small compartments N adjoining the centralv post are for smaller volumes; but the relative proportions may easily be varied by making' the division-line q to one side or the other of the center. In either position the hinged section Gr can be locked against the adjoining section M. l

To obviate having' the hinged com partmeuts G- project far beyond the sides ofthe book-case, when open, the small compartments N adjoining the central post can be made smaller, (or the side F can bc made in steps,) as shown in Fig'. 5, and said 'ctnnpartments G will hardly project any when open. They will not project at all it' hinged to the corners ot' the hollow post or frame A, as shown in Fig'. 6; but in these cases there will be some loss oi' shell'- room, and l prefer thc construction shown in Figs. l., L, 3.

rlhe top B ot" the case can be ol' wood, marble, or other substance, and the sides can be embellished with panels; pig'tmn-holes can bc made in thc interior, or tho shelves can be removed and the whole or a portion ol' it used as a wardrobe.

Having now l'ully described my invention, l claiml. A quadrangular revolvingbook-case con- BBKMLEQS structed with two compartments, secured on a diagonal line to the top and bottom thereof, and two hinged compartments located on a, di agonal line at a right angle to the tirst, substantially as and for the purpose described.

2. The combination ot' a spindle held vertically upon its support, the hollow post Aot' a l)ool ;ease, and its quadrangular top and bottom",9 with two hinged compartments having their open side facing toward the interior when closed, and two compartments secured to said top and bottom on a diagonal line, substantially as and for the purpose described.

3. The combination of a spindle held vertically upon its support, the hollow post'A of a book-case, top B, and bottom U, with two hinged compartments having their open side facing toward the interior when closed, two compartments secured to said top and bottom on adiagoual line to thc iirst, and two compartments, N7 also secured to the top and bottom between them, substantially as and for the purpose described.

4. The combination ot' a spindle held vertically upon its support, the hollow post A ot' a book-ease, vertical division-boards D, secured at one side to diagonal corners ot said post, and extcndintr to the casingl, with the quadrangular top l and bottom t), substantially as and for the purpose set l'orth.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own l have hereunto allixed my signature in the presence oi' two witnesses. 4



Guo. W. Rari, 1t. L. BLACK.

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