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Publication numberUS2414333 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 14, 1947
Filing dateJan 17, 1944
Priority dateJan 17, 1944
Publication numberUS 2414333 A, US 2414333A, US-A-2414333, US2414333 A, US2414333A
InventorsGustave Schieman
Original AssigneeInternat Plastic Corp
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Combined container and dispenser for tape
US 2414333 A
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Jan. 14, 1947. s. s cmEMAN 2,414,333


J4 INVEN H-141- 6245 Patented Jan. 14, 1947 COMBINED CONTAINER AND DISPENSER FOR TAPE Gustave Schieman, Bronx, N. Y., assignor to International Plastic Corporation, Morris'town, N. J a corporation of Illinois Application January 17, 1944, Serial No. 518,520

1 Claim.

My invention relates to a device for packaging and dispensing a roll of tape or the like.

It is an object of my invention to provide a device of this class which affords a knock-down carton for initially packaging a roll of tape or the like, and, at the same time, provides a dispenser for the roll.

It is a further object to provide a combined packing carton and dispenser for a roll of tape or the like.

It is a further object to provide such a combined packaging carton and dispenser adapted to be manufactured entirely from cellulosic material.

It is atfurther object to provide an article of manufacture comprising a roll of tape initially packaged at the factory in a carton ready for dispensing by the ultimate user.

It is a further object of my invention to provide a package of tape initially at the factory which eliminates the necessity of the ultimate user applying or using a separate dispenser.

Tape, such as adhesive tape, particularly pressure-sensitive tape, is manufactured and sold quite extensively in roll form, and reaches the ultimate user in that form. Extensive users of such tape, which generally has a pressure-sensitive coating on one side and a repellent coating on the other, find it necessary to provide themselves with a separate dispensing device or machine in which there]! is mounted by the ultimate user. Many examples of these machines are wellknown and in use.

My invention eliminates entirely the need of.

such device or machine, for I provide a package of such pressure-sensitive tape in roll form, initially packaged at the factory, ready for use in its original package which provides the tape dispenser.

The above and other objects, advantages and capabilities of my invention will become apparent from a detailed description of the accompanying drawing in which I have illustrated one form of my invention, but the construction there shown is to be understood as illustrative only and not as defining the limits of my invention.

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a combined car- 2 and the outer box or casing being shown in the lower view.

Fig. 3 isa sectional view taken on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1. 5 Fig. 4 is a sectional view taken on the line 4-4 'of Fig. 1.

of a paper box, hereinafter referred to as the tape dispenser, within a paper box hereinafter referred to as the casing. The tape dispenser, in closed, folded form, is referred to as a whole by the reference character Ill, and the outer box or casing in the completed folded form is referred to by the reference character ll. Both are in practice constructed entirely of cellulosic sheets.

The dispenser member is fabricated from a spe-' cial kraft fibresheet coated with aspecial type of varnish, preferably one coat on the inside and two on the outside surface. Preferably the sheet is so coated in sheet form before being die-cut. This sheet from which the dispenser member is constructed is die-cut in the shape shown in Fig. 5, and scored at the points indicated by dotted lines, with a central oblong-like cut-out openin 12. In each of the rectangular main sections l3 and ll of this sheet which ultimately form the sides of the dispenser member, there are cut-out tongues which, when the sheet is folded, extend toward each other in overlapping relation for supporting a roll of tape or the like in a rotatable position between the side sections of the dispensing member. The blank shown in Fig. 5 is also cut, with scored sections l 5 which ultimately form the front and rear end sections of the dispenser when folded into final position, and is also scored to provide the top section l8 of the dispenser member when folded into final position. The forward end of the top section extends slightly beyond the edge of the side sections, and its transverse edge is serrated, as shown at H, to provide a cutting member for cutting the tape when desired during the dispensing operation. The rearward end of the top section also extends slightly beyond the edge of the side sections.

After the, sheet forming the dispenser member has been die-cut and scored as thus described packaging the tape.

amaess and as illustrated in Fig. 5, the side sections are folded toward one another on the scored lines,

\ .as shown in Fig. 6, with a roll of tape provided with a hollow core positioned between the two,

and, as the sections are brought together, the

tongues pass into the hollow core in overlapping relation, and then the end members are folded on their respective scored lines, the front end section being swung under the serrated cutting edge, and the rear end section under the extension I8 on the rear end of the top section, thus forming a dispensing member with a roll of tape in position, as illustrated in the top view of Fig. 2. All of this is done at the factory when initially The packaging is completed by positioning or telescoping the dispenser member with its roll of tape therein into the outside box or casing shown in the lower view of Fig. 2. This outside box or casing is constructed from ordinary white patent coated news or other type of paper stock. In practice, this casing is produced by die-cutting, scoring, folding and gluing a blank in a continuous operation with suitable automatic machinery known in the art. The sheet or blank,

of course, if desired, and in practice, is printed before folding.

The casing as illustrated is tightly telescoped over the dispenser member until the upper edges of the front and rear end sections engage and com" to rest against the underside of the serrated tape cutter on the front of thedispensing member and the rearwardly extending ledge l8 at the rear of the top section of the dispensing member. The sides of the casing have cut-out portions which, when the casing blank is brought into final folded position, correspond with the pensing member to display a portion of the roll of tape, and to facilitate its unwinding. The tape is unwound or dispensed by drawing with one hand the free end of the tape forward over the forward portion of the top section of the dispenser, while holding the package between the thumb and finger with the other hand. When the desired amount of tape has been unwound,

it is severed from the roll by a slight pull at an angle downwardly across the serrated edge on the top section of the dispenser member. The dispenser member and outer casing are so cut-out portions of the side sections of the disconstructed as to possess considerable spring action; that is, the side sections can be moved toward each other and toward the roll by a slight pressure of the thumb and finger, and, when the pressure is released, will spring back into normal position. This permits the sidesections to be readily moved inwardly against the vertical edges of the roll mounted therebetween to afford a braking action on the roll when desired during the dispensing operation, and particularly when severing a desired section of the tape'from the roll.

For the purpose of dispensing pressure-sensitive tape and to prevent such tape from adhering to the upper face of the forward portion of the cellulosic top section and the serrated cutting edge, such portions are provided with a suitable coating which is repellent to the .adhesive on the tape.

While the cost of my combined carton and dispenser is relatively nil over ordinary box packag- A combined carton and dispenser for housing and dispensing pressure-sensitiveadhesive tape comprising, a single sheet of paper material so cut and folded as to provide side walls and end members with integral tongues extending inwardly towards each other from the side members for rotatably mounting a roll of pressuresensitive adhesive tape between the side members, and an integral flat paper top section having a tape dispensing opening, intermediate its ends, and an integral cutting edge at the forward 'edge of the top section and including on the upper exposedsurface of said top section extending from the cutting edge to the dispensing opening a repellent to the adhesive of the tape being dispensed, so as to permit the adhesiveto slide on said top section and pass out without adhering to said top section. V


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