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Publication numberUS2417333 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 11, 1947
Filing dateMay 8, 1944
Priority dateMay 8, 1944
Publication numberUS 2417333 A, US 2417333A, US-A-2417333, US2417333 A, US2417333A
InventorsHarry Waetzman
Original AssigneeHarry Waetzman
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Detachable mattress and spring cover
US 2417333 A
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March 11, 1947 H. wAETzMAN 2,411,333


fiery Waefzman Patented Mar. 11, 1947 OFFICE DETACHABLE MATTRESS AND srnme oovnn Harry Waetzman, Philadelphia, Pa. Application May 8, 1944, Serial No. 534,597

1 Claim. 1

My invention relates to a cover and relates particularly to a cover for a mattress and spring for a bed.

It is customary to have a bed wherein box springs are placed beneath the mattress or other soft covering for the purpose of providing a comfortable rest for the body.

Dust usually collects on the spring and beneath the mattress and the dust is difficult to remove because the places wherein it collects are relatively sharp crevices, narrow places, or curved surfaces, or in places considered inaccessible for ordinary purposes.

Furthermore, it is usually difficult to remove the coverings when they have become soiled because the size or bulk of the spring and mattress is such that it requires considerable strength to change the covering. Furthermore, the coverings which are employed usually cover only either the spring or the mattress alone, and are in the form of a bag or envelope which prevents sterilization for sanitary purposes.

It is, therefore, an object of my invention to provide a casing or covering for a mattress and spring which is readily removed or detached.

Another object of my invention is to provide a dust proof casing that may be adapted for enclosing both a mattress and spring and which may be readily detached for cleaning or washing the covers.

Another object of my invention is to provide a casing which may have only the upper portion removed, after it is soiled, for washing.

Another object of my invention is to provide a single casing to keep the mattress and the spring in perfect alignment.

Another object of my invention is to provide a casing for a mattress and spring which has a continuous bellows in its sides and ends whereby a blanket or top sheet may be tucked snugly and tightly over the mattress.

Other objects of my invention are to provide an improved device of the character described, that is easily and economically produced, which is sturdy in construction and highly efficient in operation.

With the above and related objects in view, my invention consists in the details of construction and combination of parts as will hereinafter be more fully described when the description is read in conjunction with the accompanying drawing in which:

Fig. 1 is an exploded view of a casing for enclosing a mattress and spring of a bed embodying my,


Fig. 2 is an end view of a casing enclosing a mattress and spring wherein the bellows is clearly illustrated.

Referring now in detail to the drawing, I show a single covering or casing for both a bed spring and a bed mattress. The bed, spring, and mattress are not shown as they are of the conventional construction; both the box spring and the mattress being of rectangular shape. The covering shown in Fig. l is divided into three separable partsthe top portion generally designated as A. is made of suitable washable fabric, either knitted or woven, or some such suitable material, and the .top A has a rectangular portion H) with a continuous side flap I2 whether made of one piece or numerous pieces sewed together. At the lower or adjacent the open end of the flap I2 is a continuous series of buttons I l. The top A may readily be removed for washing or cleaning pur poses without the necessity of removing the midportion, generally designated as B, from the spring or mattress.

The mid-portion B, comprises a wall for the mattress and spring, and is made of the same material as the top. The mid-portion B has a vertical continuous wall [6 to surround the mattress and adjacent its upper edge l8 are a series of button-holes 26 complementary to the buttons It on the flap l2.

Suitably joined to the lowermost edge of the wall It is an inwardly-directed V-shaped wall section 22 which is adapted to underlie the mattress whereby blankets or sheets may be tucked or folded therein in order to neatly arrange the bed clothing. The inwardly directed v-shaped wall section 22 has one edge joined to the lowermost edge of the wall i ii and it is cut or fashioned to extend inwardly towards the center of the mattress but only a distance suitable for tucking purposes, that is to say on the conventional bed the inwardly directed V-shaped wall section need extend inwardly about one foot. The outer edge 24 of the lower portion of the inwardly directed V-shaped wall section 22 is sewed or joined to walls 26 similar in size to the walls is; the walls 25 surrounding the vertical sides of the box spring.

A series of buttons 28 are located adjacent the lower portion of the wall 26 for the purpose of complementing a series of button-holes 30 on flap 32 of the bottom portion, generally designated as C, of the casing. The bottom portion C has an elongated fabric portion M, which covers the bottom of the box spring, and the bottom portion 34 is suitably sewed or joined to the vertical flange 32.

In operation, my invention is assembled on a bed-box spring and mattress as follows: The bottom C is slipped under the box spring of the bed so that the portion 34 is under the box spring. The mid-portion B is slipped around the Walls of the box spring and mattress, the buttons 23 portion B whereby the mattress and box spring are enclosed in a dust proof casing.

My invention is adapted to be used on a tress or spring individually, tress and spring, and in the event the casing is used only on a mattress, or a mid-portion B is omitted, hence only the' top'A and bottom C would be used. Where I use the term buttons and buttonholes, other fasteners may be used such as zippers or snap iasteners or hooks and eyes may be used; without changing my invention.

For removing the covering, only the top A need be removed and a new or clean top A substituted.

The height of the'flaps or walls as well as the position of the inwardly directed V-shaped wall section may be varied without departing from the spirit of my invention.

It is to be observed that the single casing for both the mattress and spring keep the mattress and spring in perfect alignment as contrasted to the prior art individual casings for the mattress and spring alone, where the mattress and spring usually become misaligned after the bed is used.

Although my invention has been described in matas well as on a matbox sprin the considerable detail, such description is intended as illustrative rather than limiting, since the invention may be variously embodied, and the'scope of the invention is to be determined as claimed.

I claim as my invention: r A cover for enclosing a mattress and a bed spring, comprising a top cover section with depending peripheral flanges, a side wall covering section including an inwardly directed V-shaped portion adapted to be inserted between the mattress and the bed spring, a bottom cover section having upwardly-extending peripheral flanges, and complementary fastening means locatedon each of the edges of said side wall covering .sec-

tion and on the free edges of the flanges of the top and bottom cover sections to connect the three cover sections together to form a unitary covering for the mattress and the bed spring.


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