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Publication numberUS2417402 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 11, 1947
Filing dateSep 29, 1944
Priority dateSep 29, 1944
Publication numberUS 2417402 A, US 2417402A, US-A-2417402, US2417402 A, US2417402A
InventorsWilliam Storrie
Original AssigneeApco Mossberg Company
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Ratchet torque screw driver
US 2417402 A
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March l1, 1947. w. STORRIE.

RATCHET TORQUE SCREW DRIVER Filed Sept. 29, 1944 .c or sanno x.



INVENTOR @50W/13@ 'Patented Var. 11, 1947 RATCHET TORQUE SCREW DRIVER William Storrie, Rumford, R. I., assigner to Apco Mossberg Company, a corporation of Massachusetts Application September 29, 1944, Serial No. 556,425

Claims. 1

This invention relates to a hand tool, more particularly to a tool which is twisted about its longitudinal axis for doing work at one end thereof such as a screw driver.

in mitico-pending application Ser. No. 529,905, iiled April 7,. 1944, I have illustrated a torque screw driver which illustrates generally the subject matter of this invention. l lind, however, that ywhen an instrument of this character is utilized where a considerable amount of torque is to be applied it is frequently desirable to shift the handen thev handle, which is not a simple matter to accomplish in a tool of the character illustrated in the above said application.

One of the objects of this invention is tc provide an arrangement so that torque may be applied by an oscillating motion oif the hand or a twisting back and forth of the. handle of the screw driver. y Y.

Another object of this invention is to provide an arrangement so that after a certain predetermined amount ci' torque is applied to the work this will be held in this position while the handle is rotated to get a new .grip on the work. Another object of this invention 'is to provide a ratchet motion between the handle and the work driving blade of the tool.

With these and other objects in view, the invention consists of certain novel features of construction, as will be more fully described and particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

in the accompanying drawings:

Fig. 1 is an elevation of my tool;

Fig. 2 is a sectional view taken longitudinally through the tool;

Fig. 3 is a section on substantially line 3-3 of Fig. 2;

Fig. 4 is an end view on substantially line --d of Fig. l;

Fig. 5 is a fragmental view partly in section showing on a larger yscale the ratchet mechanism of the device.

In proceeding with this invention I provide a work engaging member from which there extends two or more ribbons of spring steel stock through which a twisting torque may be applied to the work. A handle is provided which is rotatably mounted with reference to the spring steel members and which is connected to them through a ratchet mechanism. A tubular body is utilized as a convenient means for housing o-r protecting the ribbon steel members and also as a mounting for one part of my ratchet whereby the torque which has been applied to the members 2 will be held while the handle is reversely` rotated for a new grip.

With reference to the drawings lll designates the work engaging member whichv in this case is the blade of a screw driver. A pair of Vresilient steel ribbons H are riveted at one of their ends as at l2 to the upper end of the work engaging member i3 and they are secured to a ro-A tating member l5 lby a rivet I3. The member l5 isr formed of two parts comprising a reduced squared portion lil for connectionv with the larger portion l5 for the transmission of turning moment. A tubular housing i6 is fixed to the member i0 by a rivet il and encloses the ribbon steel members Il and also provides a mounting i8 for-the shaft I4 by reason of the ball bearing le ywhich is mounted in the enlarged portion i3 of this body housing. This housing or body carries an indicating plate 23 which is iiXed with refer` ence thereto. A handle 2l is provided with a bushing'22 which is freely rotatable upon the shaft l5 and rotatably held in position by a bolt Z3 having head 24 and washer 25, the same be-` ing threaded as at 23 into the shaft i5 againsta shoulder 2l which is formed on the bolt 23.

The shaft I3 is provided with asquared portion V2l upon which a pointer 28 is lixedly mounted so as to extend out and sweep over the indicating plate 2B. Upon this squared portion 2l of this shaft i5 there are mounted two ratchet plates 3i) and 3i each having teeth 32 and l33 on the distant side thereof and facing in the same rotative direction. A'pawl 3i slides in a recess 35 and is pressed by spring 36, also housing in recess 35 of the handle so as to cause this pawl to engage the teeth 32, while a pawl 31 guided in a recess 38 is pressed by spring 33 into engagement with the teeth 33. This recess 38is formed in a plug l0 which threadingly engages the housing I8 and is fixed in relation thereto, while this plug provides a free passage for the shaft I5 to freely rotate therein.

As the handle is rotated clockwise when viewed toward its handle end, the pawl 34 will enga-ge the teeth 32 and turn the shaft I5 and throughthe ribbon members Il will turn the blade l0, unless the resistance is too great in which case twistl ing these ribbon members will take place. At the same time the ratchet 3l will be rotated so that its pawl will snap by the teeth 33 successively and will be held against a returning motion which the setting up of the members Il tends t'o produce. Thus, with the tension held by the pawl 33 the handle 2| may be rotated reversely or backwardly so as to get a new grip and again apply tension the lever is moved about the'pivot 43 in a clock;

wise direction.

I claim: Y 1. In a tool, a body, a work engaging member fixed to one end thereof, resilient ribbon strips fixed at one end to said memberA and extending' longituidnally of the body and flexible whenjtorsion stresses are applied thereto, ashaft fixed to the other end of said strips and extending longitudinally of thebody, a handle rotatably mounted with reference to said shaft, and paWl and ratchet means connecting said handle to said shaft for applying a torsion force thereto,'and means operatively connected to said strips and said shaft for indicating the amount of twisting of said strips.

2. In a tool, a body, a work engaging member fixed to one end thereof, resilient ribbon strips xed at one end to said member and extending longitudinally of the body and flexible when. torsion stresses are applied thereto, a shaft fixed to the other end of said strips and extending longitudinally of the body, a handle rotatably mounted with reference to said shaft, and pawl and ratchet means connecting said handle to said shaft and a second oppositely acting paw] and ratchetY means for connecting said shaft to said body for fixed toone Vend thereof, resilient ribbon strips xed at oneeend to said member and extending longitudinally of the body, a shaft fixed to the other end of said strips and extending longitudinally of the body, a handle rotatably mountedwith reference to said shaft, paWl andV ratchet means connecting"'said handle to said `shaft,"a second oppositely acting pawl and ratchet means for connecting said shaft to said body, a pointer 50 carried by said shaft and a scale on said body over which said pointer operates. l

1i. In a tool, a body, a` Work engaging member. Y

fixed to one end thereof, resilient ribbon strips fixed at one end to said member and extending longitudinally of the body, a shaft fixedV to the other end of said vstrips and extending longitudinally of the body having an out of round portion thereof, a pointer on said out of'round portion, ratchets on said portion on either side of Y said pointer, a handle rotatably mounted with reference to said shaft, a paWl carried by,` said handle to lock with one ratchet upon movementV Vin one direction slipping by said ratchet in the other direction, and a pawl carried by said bodyV to engage the other said ratchet and hold said shaft while the handle is reversely rotated for a new grip, and a scale carried'by the body Vover which the pointer moves. Y

5. In a tool, a body, a work engagingfmember at one end of the body and a handle member at the other end of the body, means to connect said members vcomprising resilient ribbon'strips within said body fixed at one end to one member to rotate therewith, an element connected toand extending from said strips at the other end of said strips and double pawl and ratchet means connecting said element to the other member and WILLIAM STORRIE. REFERENCES CITED The following references are of record in the le of this patent:

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