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Publication numberUS2418887 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 15, 1947
Filing dateFeb 9, 1944
Priority dateFeb 9, 1944
Publication numberUS 2418887 A, US 2418887A, US-A-2418887, US2418887 A, US2418887A
InventorsWanna Jones
Original AssigneeWanna Jones
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Convertible glove
US 2418887 A
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April 15, 1947. I w JONES 2,418,887

CONVERTIBLE GLOVE Filed Feb. 9, 1944 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Mxmh ATTOF/Vfy April 15, 1947. w, JONES 2,418,887

CONVERTIBLE GLOVE Filed Feb. 9, 1944 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR. fl/wva Ja /ve's Patenteci Apr. 15, 1947 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE CONVERTIBLE GLOVE Wanna Jones, Montvale, N. 3. Application February 9, 1944, Serial No. 521,721

1 Claim. 1

The invention herein disclosed relates to gloves and particularly to what have here been termed changeable or convertible gloves.

Objects of the invention are to provide a practical and desirable form of glove, which will be capable of being readily converted from one type or style to another, such as from a simple hand glove, to one of bracelet length, or elbow length or to formal full arm length and which by reason of such conversion possibilities, will have wide usefulness, as for wear with diiferent costumes or for use at different times of day or on different occasions.

Other objects of the invention will appear in the course of the following specification.

The drawings accompanying and forming part of the specification illustrate certain practical embodiments of the invention, but it will be appreciated that many modifications and changes are possible, all within the true intent and broad scope of the invention, as hereinafter defined and claimed.

Fig. 1 is a view of the glove as in use for formal wear.

Fig. 2 is an illustration showing the wrist section of the glove omitted, as for display of a bracelet, wrist watch or the like.

Fig. 3 is a view in elevation converted to elbow length.

Fig. 4 is an elevation illustrating a modification in the way of matching the different glove sections.

Fig. 5 is a broken sectional detail illustrating one method of detachably connecting the different glove sections.

Fig. 6 is a cross sectional detail on substantially the plane of line 6-6 of Fig. 3.

As will be clear from the several views, the invention comprises a hand covering 1, and a, series of attachable sleeve additions such as 8, 9, Ill.

The sleeve sections may be all alike in size and mechanical structure and therefore interchangeable one for the other.

As shown, they are of tapered cuff-like form, adapted the smaller end of one to fit into the larger end of another. 'They may be releasably connected in this relation by any usual or special fastening means, such as buttons, cords, ribbons, straps or the snap fasteners, such as shown at l l.

The hand covering 1, may be a complete glove or a mitten, mitt, or the like, but in any instance, it is preferably made with a cuff such as shown showing the glove at l2, for attachment of the first, bracelet or wrist section or covering 8.

The three additional glove sections, such as the bracelet or wrist covering 8, the elbow covering 9, and the upper arm covering it! of Fig. 1, may all be of the same color and texture, that is, of axactly the same material, so as to match perfectly and present a desirable formal appearance.

One or more sections, such as the lower wrist covering section 8, may be omitted, as for display of a bracelet, wristwatch or the like, as illustrated in Fig. 2. In order to hold the upper section or sections more readily in place on the arm under such circumstances, the upper section or sections, or if they are all completely interchangeable, all the sections may be equipped with an arm encircling strap and buckle, or with fold closing strap fasteners, such as illustrated at l3.

Fig. 3 shows the glove modified to elbow length by omission of the upper arm covering section 10, and it will be clear that further modification is possible by omission of either or both the elbow section 9, and/or the Wrist section 8.

The several arm covering sections may be of different materials and colors and may be combined in different ways to produce different artistic and more or less striking effects, for example, to match or to contrast with different costumes and to accord with different occasions or to express different moods.

The conversion from one style of glove, such as from business or street wear to formal or semi-formal use can be quickly effected. The additional or different sections may be easily carried in the pocketbook and be slipped in place or be removed, as desired. Some or all or any part of any may be of transparent or semi-transparent material or be of lacy or gossamer-like character, as for example, to contrast with heavier, less or non-transparent sections,

The several sections, including the cufi portion of the hand covering, may be decorated, as by surface decorations, configurations or the like, to more or less match or constitute decorative extensions, one of the other. Thus as shown in Fig. 4, the cuff portion l2, of the hand covering may i be notched in the edge as at It, and added sections, such as 8 and 9, may be similarly notched as at i5, and have decorated designs It, applied in line with or as prolongations of such notches, to produce a decorative whole when combined in the intended relation.

While snap fasteners are convenient and practical for detachably connecting the various glove sections or for gathering or contracting the sections on the arm, it is contemplated that various other fastenings or securing means may be em ployed and particularly those of an ornamental character, in the nature of and links, studs, straps, loops, fancy buttons or the like. The various sections may be of light or heavy materials, depending on the use. Thus some or all the sections may be? fireproof, acid-proof, waterproof or of other special materials, and they may be reinforced for special uses. Plastic and elastic materials also may be used. The ready interchangeability of the several sections enables a wide variety of changes to be made from a compara tively small number of the glove sections. The sections may vary in length and number, a for childrens Wear and they may vary in shape, for instance, be more nearly cylindrical than the fully tapered shapes illustrated. Instead of fitting:more,or less loosely, they may be made to fit closely or snugly and instead, ofbeing smooth orrplain, they maybe gathered, crushed or. ruffied. The snap: fastenings or other: devices em.- ployed forv connecting the sections together may be located at the sides of the arm, that is, where side seams inthe sections would ordinarily be-placed.

What is claimed is:

The. herein, disclosed. convertible glove com-,-

Wardly tapering elbow covering section having its smaller end entered in the larger end of the wrist covering section and a downwardly taper- REFERENCES CITED The'following references are of record in the file of this patent:


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