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Publication numberUS2419330 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 22, 1947
Filing dateMay 13, 1943
Priority dateMay 13, 1943
Publication numberUS 2419330 A, US 2419330A, US-A-2419330, US2419330 A, US2419330A
InventorsHelmer Anderson
Original AssigneeGen Mills Inc
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Compacting flour in bags
US 2419330 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

April 22, 1947. y H. ANDERSON 2,419,330

COMPACTING. FLOUR IN BAGS Filed May 13, 1943 19 Sheets-Sheet 1 sTA.A `sms sTA.o sTA.D #1@,3 sTA.E STA.F 1*,1 85+ 6+ 1 |82 l' 45 l l |82 |80 I l 50|! ,57 |80 52 243 If 5o N--Ul IN VE N TOR.'-

HELMER ANDERSON BY 4 yry April'22, 1947. lH. ANDERSON =couPAcTniG FnoUR IN BAGS 19 Sheets-Sheet 2 lFiled mayI 1s 194:5

5 m 5 o5 o .Sw 0.5m mim vmvslvrofa= HELMER ANDERSON TTY.

Ap'ril 22, 1947.- H. ANDERSON l 2,419,330

coMPAcTme FLoUR In BAGS Filed lay 13. 1943 19 Sheets--Sl'xeet` 3 FIGA l N VEN TOR."-

ST^-^ HELMER ANDERsoN April 22, 1947'.

I H. ANDERsoN colPAcTING FLouR In BA'Gs Filed may 1:5, 194:5 19 sheets-sneet 4 FIG@ 1 IZAI y 300 lOl f HELMR yANDERSON K April 22, 1947.

H. ANDERSON COMPACTING FLOUR IN BAGS Filed May 13, 1943 19 Sheets-Sheet 5 v4" so /NvENra/ex- HELMER ANDERSON April 22, 1947. y HQANDERSON 2,419,330

COMPACTING FLOUR IN BAGS Filed Mayl, 1943 19 Sheets-Sheet 6 FIGA@ s( /NvEwToRff f Hl-:LMERv ANDERSON I un.

April 22, 1947. H. Armar-SONy 2,419,330

coMPAcTING FLouR 1N mms l "Filed May 13, 194:5 19 sheets-sheet 7 Flan IN VEN TOR.'-

ATT!! April 22,1947- H. ANDERSON 2,419,330

. cMPAcTING FLoUR IN BAGS Filed May 13, 1943 19 Sheets-Sheet 8 FIG. l2

STA. c


HELMER ANDERS-ON By A April 22 1947- H. ANDERSON COMPACTING FLOUR IN BAGS Filed May 13 1943 19 Sheets-Sheet 9 /N VEA/TOR."


370 ELMER ANDERSON April 22, 1947. H. ANDERSON 2,419,339

' COMPACTING moua IN-BAGs v Filed May 13, 1943 19 Sheets-Sheet l0 J 30| u I 30| 3,4" STA.4 E

April 22, 1947. H. ANDERSON 2,419,330

COMPACTING FLOUR IN BAGS Filed May 13, 1943 19 Sheets-Sheet l1 nvvE/v Ton:-

HELMER ANDERSON April 22, 1947. H. ANDERsoN COMPACTING FLOUR IN BAGS f Filed May 1s,l 194s 19 Sheets-Sheet l2 /NvE/vrof?. Y HELMl-:n ANDERSON April 22,1947-I HANDESQN 2,419,330

CQMPACTING FLOUR IN BAGS Filed May 13, 1943 19 Sheets-Sheet 14 )Ns/Enron.'- HELMER ANDERSN April 22, 1947.

` H. ANDERSON coumcme nous 1N BAGS 19 Sheets-Sheet l5 Filed May 13, 1945 Nnv mm.


nudi .v6-m 2.- m wzOOJ Y 23.... 5....... 92.1.5 ..333 .5.254. .3 2.23.. u: 232. :n.u



AP 22 l947 H. ANDERSON COMPCTING FLOUR IN BAGS Filed May 15, 1943 19 Sheets-Sheet 16 iwf/vrom'- ELMER ANDERSON APlil 22 1947- H. ANDERsoN COMPCTING' FLOUR IN BAGS Filed4 May 13, 1943 19 Sheets-Sheet 17 VVE/WUR.'- HeLm-:R Anosnson mfg@ April 22, 1947, H. ANDERSON COMPACTING FLOUR IN BAGS Filed May 13, 1943 19 Sheets-Sheet 18 v NVENTOR." HELMER ANDERSON Y m flwf ATTY.

APIil 22 1947.- H. ANDERSON COMPACTING FLOUR IN BAGS Fled'May 15, 1943 19 Sheets-Sheet 19 NVENTR NHEIJwR ANDERSON A fr.'

- UNITED STATE P'ArizNr orFicE COMPACTING FLOUR IN BAGS "I I Helmer Anderson, Minneapolis, Minn., assignorto General Mills, Inc., a corporation of Delaware Application May 13,1943, serial No. 4a6,91s

- ,y 17 Claims.

1 I'his invention relates to shaping of filled bags and at the same time toyr compacting or settling flour or other powdered or granular material in bags, particularly paper bags.

Heretoi'ore, the common way of doing this has been to run the lledbags over a jogging table y having a conveyor means for feeding thebags forward while. they are shaken up and down. Due to the pounding from beneath, the bag often buckles and develops wrinkles in its'sides which i is sloppy in appearance and deiicient .in .the'display value it should have.

The bags used may |be of any well knowntype such as Satchel bottom or. automatic which are so constructed that they have a rectangular bottom which assumes a naturally rectangular.

form when filled and shaped. The bags are iirst iilled in a well known manner from a filling tube so that the greater part of the bag above the bottom is nearly round las shown in dotted lines at the left oi Figs. 2 and 31.y The bags, however, are fed to the machine in such a way as to insure the sides of the rectangular bottom running par-y allel to the line of travel through the machine.

The bag can ,then be shaped to a nearly rectangular form in which the sides are ilat and parallel to the sides oi the rectangularibottom. y An object of' this invention is to-provide a process of and means for shaping of `iilled bags and at the same time compacting our and like material in bags which will insure elimination, to a 1 large extent, of some or all of thefoijegLoing'.


To accomplish this, I suspend the bag by the top and apply a vibrating pressure to the sides to squeeze out the air and compact the ilour.

The apparatus for doing this settling is fully described in the following specication and is shown in the accompanying drawings in which -plates closed;

v(Cl. 259-112) z Fig. 6 is apartial vertical section of the machine on the broken line 6--6 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 7 is a vertical section on the broken line 1-1 of Fig.- 1 showing the elevator in lowered and raised positions; Y n

Fig. 8 is a partial enlarged section on the line 8f4 of Fig.'1; :A Fig. 9 is a sectioncn the line` 9--9 of Fig. 8;

Fig. 10 is a developed view ofthe cams of Fig. 9;

10 Y Fig. 11 is a vertical section on the line ii-Ii of Fig, 1 showing the vibrator arms in open position; m Fig. 12 is a similar View showing the arms in' closed or operative position: l

Fig. 13 is an enlarged perspective on the line I3--I3 of Fig. 1 showing a one-.revolution cam and' its operative parts operable by an incoming bag of flour; i i

Fig. 14 is an enlarged vertical section on the line i4-I4 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 15 is a vertical section on the line |5|5 of Fig. .1 showing the vibrator arms of station 5 of the machine. the same being shown in open position; A

Fig. 16 Iis an enlarged vertical sectionon the line' lB--IG .of F18. 1; p

Fig. 17 is an enlarged vertical section on the line I'l-I1 of Fig. 1: l I q Fig. 181s an enlarged partial vertical elevation on the line Isf-I8 o1' Fig. 1 (and is a. fragment of Fig. 21) showing the gears for driving the gripper conveyor; (f Fig. 19 is a reduced section on the line I9-I9 of Fig. 18; 35 Fig. 20 is a section on the line 2li oi' Fig. 18;

. Fim-21 is a slightly enlarged end elevation of the delivery end of the machine:

Fig. 23 is a particule# pariiym- 'secii'on'snowing the cam/-iaft and its associatedpartstakei* on the -ime urpmi;

Fig. 24k isn timingjdiagrain showing .thereintive posltlnnsv of various .paris associated with .the cam shaft;. l rj Fig. 25 is an enlarged partial horizontalsecticn on the line 25-25 of Fig. 1 showing the gripper conveyor carriage;

Fig. 26 is a partial section on the line 26 of Fig. 25; I, A r

Fig. 27 is a partial side elevation,partly in section onthe broken line 21-21 of Fig. 25;

Fig. 28 is a partial vertical elevation of the bag grippers showing thev gripper plates in process of gripping a Abag but not locked;

22 is ain-enlarged horizontal section on the

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