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Publication numberUS2420132 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 6, 1947
Filing dateNov 27, 1945
Priority dateNov 27, 1945
Publication numberUS 2420132 A, US 2420132A, US-A-2420132, US2420132 A, US2420132A
InventorsMichael Gryniuck
Original AssigneeMichael Gryniuck
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Detachable head wrench
US 2420132 A
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y 6, 1947- M. GRYNIUCK 2,420,132


W I x, Afro/ME} creasedscale of the handle ?atented May 6,1947

DETACHABLE HEAD WRENCH Michael Gryniuck, Los Angeles, Calif. Application November 2'1, 1945, Serial No. 631,142

This invention relates to wrenches particularly of the detachable head type.

Some of the important objects of the invention are:

. To provide improved common fastening means for securing detachably a plurality of different sized heads to the handle comprising the body portion of the wrench; to provide improved means for conserving approximately 50% of the material to obtain the same range of wrench sizes; to provide improved means for obtaining a set of different sized wrenches attachable to a common handle which can be made more economically because of the simplicity and low manufacturing costs and thereby sold with profit for less than ordinary wrenches; to provide an improved wrench for use in constricted operating space, owing to the angular range of adjustment afforded the head in relation to the shank of the tool; and to provide a common fastening means for both open and box end heads.

A further object of the invention is to provide a superior locking means for securing the head of the wrench to the handle portion thereof.

Other objects, advantages and features of invention will hereinafter appear.

Referring to the accompanying drawing, which illustrates what at present is deemed to be a preferred embodiment of the invention using alternate heads,

Fig. 1 is a face view in plan of the wrench apart I from the head.

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the device shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary section taken on line 33 ofFig. 1 on an increased scale.

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary view looking in the direction of the arrows 4-4 in Fig. 2 on an increased scale.

Fig. 5 is a plan view of an open ended head adapted to be secured tothe handle of Fig. 1,

"said head being drawn'to a larger scale than the handle.

Fig. 6 is a section taken on line 6-6 of Fig. 5 to show the splines and locking recessin .the head.

Fig. '7 is a fragmentary side elevation showing the head lockingly applied to the handle in one of its various adjusted positions.

Fig.' 8 is a fragmentary plan view on an inapplied to a box head, radially extending lines indicating the several adjustments of the head.

Fig. 9 is a plan view of a box head adapted to be 5 claims. (Cl. 81-58) heads shown in Figs. 5 and 7.

applied to the handle interchangeably withthe Fig. 10 is a section taken on line Ill-I 0 of Fig. 9.

Referringin detail to the drawing,the wrench provided by this invention, in general, comprises a head and a handle which are detachably connected with each other. Said head may consist of an open end head II as shown inFigs. 5, Sand 7, or a box end head l la as shown in Figs. 8, 9

- and 10, either being interchangeably detachable with the handle l2.

The head H is provided with a nut-receiving aperture l3 and the. head Ila is provided with a nut receiving aperture l4. Said headsll and ila being otherwise constructed similarly only the head II will now. be referred to and the letter a will be attachedto the numeral indicating a like part in the alternate head.

In a parallel spaced relation to the nut-receivin aperture I3, the head H is provided with a handle-receiving aperture I5, one end portionof which is provided with a, plurality of shoulders, splines or teeth l6, while the other end portion I1 is unsplined or internally smooth, the internal diameter or greatest. cross-width of said I smooth portion being at least equal to .or greater than the diameter or cross-width between oppo- 7 face 2|; said bottom face site splines or teeth of the splined portion.

The handle l2 may be constructed in a variety of ways but preferably consists of a streamlined metal bar the head end portion 18 of which is slightly offset in relation'to the remaining portion [9 which constitutes the handle portion of the wrench in general. The offset end portion l8 has a bottom offset face 20 and a top offset 20 carrying a circular insert part 22 which is attached in any suitable way (as for example by welding) to said bottom offset face. The circular part 22 is provided with a plurality of circumferentially arranged splines,

1 teeth or shouldered portions 23 (see Fig. 2) which interfit with the splines, teeth or shouldered portions l6 or Ilia when the heads II or Ila are operatively connected to prevent relative turning head in their assembled relavided with a plurality of teeth'25 (see Fig.-'7)

which register with the teeth 23 at the time the part 22 is being inserted within the aperture l5 and which unregisters therewith to overlie the adjacent teeth l6 of the respective head.

The means whereby the rocking of the disk 24 is performed to register and unregister with the teeth as aforesaid consists of a circular shaft 26 which is preferably constructed integral with the disk 24, said shaft extending with a workable fit axially through the part 22 and the oil'- set endv portion l8. The end of the shaft 26 which protiiiidesfbeydnd the onsetehaz portion I8 is piovidedwith a"square'shd1ilder"2| (see Figs. 4 and 8) which is journalled in a like apere ture located in the circular head 28 of the op-' erating lever 29, there being a recess tfl imthe 4t vided with shoulders to register with the shoulders of said projection when the latter is being inserted within the socket of said head, and means carried by said handle and operatively connected to said locking part to rock it to unregister its shoulders with the shoulders of said projection and in turn register them with the shoulders of said shouldered socket, there being an unshouldered space forming a continuation of the shouldelz'd 'sooket i'n'fthe hed dgfprovidinglfor the free *movenferit the locking'partto and Mom a locking position with the shoulders of said shouldered socket.

;-2.- -I he-subject matter of claim 1, and means top face 2| in which said lever and h ad 23 1 'carr'id'by said handle and operatively connected operate from oif to on position ai-ii'd -vic'eversa. Said lever carries an -elevated knurled portion 3| at its free end which extends slightl above the face 2| and which is engagable by the finger of the hand to rock the lever 29 and in etiirn "the disk 44' back' and "forth to the selected positions. f l j 4 Inorder to lock the' lever 29 either in the on or the off positions, a hole 32 is provided 'in athestock =of the handle comprising the offset 33 for mounting the spring-pressed *ball 1 34, said ball occupying a locking relation with the lever -'-29 by virtue of -the locking apertures- 35 and; 36 *in; the lever-in which a portion of-the-ballf vperiphery -rests.

Alt a ough is believed; the operationwill be understandable 'from the foregoing,.the following w illb added for the sake of clearness.

Positionspf -thefleverf2qgshown in the"off positions infi i s 4 ah 's indicate the position ofthe-teeth 23 with tlie teeth25,whereas Fig.- 7in the -onposition the 'teetht25- have beenrocked so asto overlie the teeth TB of the hdtffrby locl iilig the "h'ad and -'hafidlein their assembled relation. V -i F-ig. 8 illiffilts the Iiifihb r "Of adjustments {fthat cari'be ma of-thehead with respect-tame ihafime. rhisiacijusmfiehtiisa feature especially can be separately a'dihsted'i rlatibhtbthe waik.

' -Uo the'ineansi'for operating the locking part to maintain thelatter part in a locked relation with "s'aidliead;

33mm subject matter of claim 1, and means 20 carried by said handle and operatively connected nto-the-mean for operating the locking part to maintain the shoulders bil'the latter..p'art' in a registered 'relation -w1'th 'th'e'shouldersbf fsaid shouldered projection.

4.--A wrench of the kind described comprising -a head 'meinbe'r having a nut receiving aperture and a ha'ndle member dt'a'chably "c'onnectable 'withsaid headfor operating the latter, a socket carried -by one Of -said members and' an "insert part carried by the other 'of.'said"membrsin sert'able in said socket, aportion o'ff'the'length of said socket being siplined'an"d"the remaining 'poiftibnbeing 'uns'pline'd, .said"inSert "part being erip erau 'sp'lih'ed'tofwhen '1hserted,'-'1nternt said i'rise'rt part and its associated 'member' for lockin said head frn'ember andhandle member when opr ativle'lybbnnected; said"di'sk"b'ing 'pe- "r ipherally. splin'ed "and'fada pted to be rocked "to anwfrom "a, position wherein "its *teeth'metween splines'register and'j'uiir'e'gister' with the teeth between 'splines'foffsaid"insertfpart;%he splines "or eahhdr said'di'sk and ins rtipar't bihginreg- "iste'rwh'ensaiid insertpartis"beinglhsert dinto sai'd' ocketfand'm'eans 'carriedby thememberf to Whichth e insert part is attached for rocking-the splines" of said tlijskf omi il efi strable relation with the splines"dfsaidfisertipart"toanunf registriaibl =re1ation-therewitn:'tvhereby thg'eteeth to thehea d applied tothe' Work"orhfijugtmgfh q tween;splin s of"saiddisk overlieftheiteeth s'aid' handle 'to 'said head s'aid means 'cmirpri's- "ing a 'should'e'red :p'rojec'tlon' exteiidiiig from one fjectibm'and-socket *interlockihg -with each other when operatively connected to maintain asfixed relation of -the parts when; assembled locking "means forsecuring-saidhead and handle whem associated as aforesaifl-said loeking rneansrineludinga *rockable iocking part forrninga continuation of said shouldered .projec'tie n andIprm are re

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