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Publication numberUS2420421 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1947
Filing dateSep 14, 1944
Priority dateSep 14, 1944
Publication numberUS 2420421 A, US 2420421A, US-A-2420421, US2420421 A, US2420421A
InventorsLanier Eason Sidney
Original AssigneeLanier Eason Sidney
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Roofing or surfacing material
US 2420421 A
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y 13, 1947- s. L. EASON 2,420,421

ROOFING OR SURFACING MATERIAL Original Filed July 4, 1942 18w g R 10 11 Wne In van for Sidn e L. Eason A fforneys Patented May 13, 1947 UNIED TES ATENT GFFICE Continuation of application Serial No. 449,747, July 4, 1942. This application September 14, 1944, Serial No. 554,076

1 Claim. 1

This invention relates to roofing or surfacing materials and is a continuation of my application Serial No. 449,747, filed July 4, 1942.

In the drawing the single figure is a fragmentary section through the joint produced when related courses of roofing or surfacing material equipped in accordance with one embodiment of my invention are brought together in joint-forming relationship.

Related courses of roofing or surfacing material Ill and l I, respectively, are shown as disposed in joint-forming relationship and nailed as at I2.

I apply to the adjacent longitudinal edges of the courses I and II relatively narrow areas of coating substance I1 and [8, respectively. Such coating substance may be a liquid which, on drying, develops adhesive-cohesive properties when brought into joint-forming contact with similarly treated surfaces but will not adhere to any surface not similarly treated, or it may be a semiplastic or other spreadable coating composition with the same characteristics. As examples of such substance, I mention the rubber or rubberlike coating compositions commonly used in the so-called friction tape, or the latex coating composition sold under the trade-mark Vultex. However, any other composition having the aforesaid properties may be used. These areas may be in the form of impregnated or treated strips or tapes or the treating substance may be applied directly to the edges or vicinity of the edges of the courses as brushed-on stripes. In either case, the joint may be sealed and the nail heads covered by a superimposed cover strip 19 of any suitable material, as fabric or its equivalent, which has been impregnated or treated with a similar coating substance. Strip I9 is substantially coextensive with areas I! and I8 and when pressed into intimate contact therewith forms the sealed joint depicted in the drawing.

Various modifications in structure or materials are to be regarded as within the purview of my invention if within the limits of the appended claim.

What I therefore claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

Roofing or surfacing, comprising overlapping sheets of material, strips of material different from the sheets themselves applied to the exposed faces of said sheets, said strips being characterized in that they possess adhesive-cohesive ailinity for similar strips or treated surfaces but will not adhere to dissimilar surfaces, the strip on the upper sheet extending longitudinally of said sheet along the marginal edge of said sheet with its outer edge flush with the outer edge of said sheet, the strip on the lower sheet extending longitudinally of said sheet but being inset from the marginal edge of said sheet a distance equal to the distance that the lower sheet is overlapped by the upper sheet so that when the sheets are in overlapped joint-forming relationship the outer edge of the upper sheet abuts the inner edge of said last-named strip, a nail extending through said first-named strip and through the overlapping portions of said sheets, and a cover strip substantially coextensive with said pair of strips and covering the head of said nail, the inner surface of said cover strip having adhesive-cohesive afiinity for the outer surfaces of said pair of strips and for the outer edge of the first-named strip and closely contacting said outer surfaces, said outer edge, and the outer edge of the upper sheet which is exposed between said pair of strips to provide therewith a, weather-tight joint.


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