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Publication numberUS2420618 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1947
Filing dateDec 19, 1945
Priority dateDec 19, 1945
Publication numberUS 2420618 A, US 2420618A, US-A-2420618, US2420618 A, US2420618A
InventorsDavid Rabinovitz
Original AssigneeDavid Rabinovitz
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Footwear protector
US 2420618 A
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May 13, 1947. 5. RABINOWTZ 2,420,618

FOOTWEAR PROTECTOR Filed Dec." 19, 1945 Patented May 13, 1947 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,420,618 FOOTWEAR PROTECTOR David Rabinovitz, Brooklyn, N. Y. Application December 19, 1945, Serial No. 635,912

1 claim. l

This invention relates to footwear protectors, and has for one of its objects the production of a simple and efcient means for protecting the shoe and ankle from becoming soiled or wet in rainy weather.

A further object of this invention is the production of a protector which is preferably formed of rubberized silk or other flexible water-proof material, and which is provided with means for rmly holding the toe portion of the protector firmly over the toe of a shoe.

Other objects and advantages of the present invention will appear throughout the following specification and claim.

In the drawing- Figure l is a side tector;

Figure 2 is a perspective view;

Figure 3 is a plan view of the protector looking at the inside face thereof in an open position;

Figure 4 is a vertical sectional view through the toe portion of the protector;

Figure 5 is a perspective view of the reinforcing toe rib of the protector;

Figure 6 is a transverse sectional view taken on line 6--6 of Figure 3.

By referring to the drawing, it will be seen that It designates a conventional shoe over which the flexible waterproof protector II- is adapted to fit. This protector I I is made of rubberized silk or other flexible waterproof material. The protector I I is preferably open upon one side which may be closed by means of fasteners I2 carried by the end strips or stays I3 and |32. A flexible reinforcing strip I4 is extended vertically of the protector near the strip I3a and provides a back reinforcing strip for the protector when placed in position upon a shoe.

An elastic cord I5 extends around the lower edge I6 of the protector II and is encased by the inturned hem I1, which hem is gathered slightly at the toe portion of the protector II, as at I8, to snugly hold the lower edge of the protector II around the toe of the shoe just above the sole Ila' of the shoe, as shown in Figures 1 and 4. The cord I5 extends around the entire lower edge of the protector II to hold the lower edge of the protector snugly in engagement with the upper of the shoe just above the sole thereof or at the junction of the sole and upper.-

A shaped front reinforcing carried by the front central portion of the protector II and extends upwardly from the toe toward the angle portion of the protector II at a center front position upon the protector I I. This elevational View of the prostrip or stay I9 is stay I9 is of flat rigid material such as metal and the like, and is slightly yieldable while at the same time being definitely shaped to the normal contour of the wearers foot. The forward lower end 20 of the stay I9 is turned downwardly to conform to the normal contour of the toe of a shoe to hold the toe portion of the protector snugly against the forward portion of the toe of a shoe. The forward lower end 20 terminates just above the gathered portion I8 of the protector and the elastic cord I5 will hold this gathered portion IB and the forward lower end 2U of the stay IS snugly against the toe portion of the shoe. This stay I9 will not only assist in holding the forward portion of the protector II over the toe of the shoe but will reinforce the protector at this point and prevent the forward flexible portion of the protector from sliding or riding upwardly over the toe of the shoe. The stay I9 is secured to the inner face of the protector II by means of a binding and encasing tape 2| which tape is stitched in place upon the protector II. The stay I9 terminates short of the upper edge of the protector Il, as shown in Figure 3, to permit the upper portion of the protector to flex freely as the ankle of the wearer bends. Diverging braces 22 are stitched to the inner face of the protector4 II and diverge laterally from the tape 2|, as shown in Figure 3. A separable fastener 23 of any suitable type, preferably having an elastic strap is secured t0 the opposite sides of the protector near its lower edge and this strap is adapted to extend under the arched portion of the shoe when the protector I I is placed in position.

The protector II carries within the upper hem 25 and this hem is gathered slightly, as at 2S, to allow for a proper stretching of the protector at this point, this elastic strip 24 preferably extending only around the inner half of the upper end of the protector, and this is sufficient to hold the upper edge of the protector I I snugly in contact with the ankle of the wearer and at the same time present a smooth face on the outer side of the ankle.

From the foregoing description it should be noted that the shoe protector may be readily and quickly applied to the shoe of a wearer, and the an elastic strip 24 protector will snugly fit around the ankle of a wearer and also around the toe of a shoe. The stay I9 which is formed of stiff material will hold snugly over the of the shoe and in proper position The elastic cord I5 will snugly hold the protector in engagement the toe portion of the protector toe portion and shape. the lower edge of with the upper of the shoe at the point adjacent the sole of the shoe. The stay strip I9 Will also Certain detail changes in the article may be employed Without departing from the spirit of the invention, so long as such changes fall within the scope of the appended claim.

Havingr described the invention, what is claimed is:

A shoe protector of the class described cornprising a water-proof flexible body, a reinforc-Y ing strip extending longitudinally of the center and over the toe portion of the body, lateral diverging braclng members carried byY the body, and separable securing means adapted to extend under the shank of a shoe for detachably securg the lower edge of the body in position, and a retaining band extending around the lower edge of the body.

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International ClassificationA43B3/16
Cooperative ClassificationA43B3/16
European ClassificationA43B3/16