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Publication numberUS2421221 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 27, 1947
Filing dateAug 2, 1946
Priority dateAug 2, 1946
Publication numberUS 2421221 A, US 2421221A, US-A-2421221, US2421221 A, US2421221A
InventorsRothe Walter F
Original AssigneeRothe Walter F
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Letter box
US 2421221 A
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27a 394-7. w. F. Roja-HE LETTER BOX l Filed Aug. 2, 1946 @zum Patented May 27, 1947 UNITED STATES PATENTl OFFICE i 9 Claims.

The present invention relates to improvements in letter boxes and more particularly to a novel guide adapted to be installed in letter boxes, such as are used by the Post Office Department for the deposit and collection of mail from the street.

Heretofore street letter boxes for post oice deposit and collection service are designed, so that the mail deposited therein rests where it drops onto the bottom of the box in scattered confusion. When the collector opens the usual lower collection door of the box this scattered mail must be scraped together by hand and then carried to the mail truck. During this collection of mail and transport thereof to the truck important letters frequently become lost. Accordingly there have been heretofore provided numerous replaceable auxiliary7 safety receptacles adapted to be attached within the mail box, so that the mail, collector may reach in the box through the bottom door and remove the auxiliary container with the deposited mail therein for transfer to his truck without danger of losing individual letters.

The removed container may then be replaced with another similar empty one. However, all such prior arrangements for supporting these containers in the mail box have been clumsy and difiicult to use, as the containers, if they be the usual mail bags, must be of a type quickly mounted in the box and released therefrom, while also the bags must be retained open at the mouth to catch the mail as it is dropped in the box.

An object of this invention is to provide a novel mailbag support and guide for the interior of a standard mail box of the deposit and collection type, whereby rapidity of installation of an empty mail bag in open position, and rapidity of removal of the i'llled or partially `filled mail bag from an open to a closed position is facilitated.

Another object is to provide novel guide and bag holding means for attachment to standard type deposit and collection street mail boxes, which novel means is adapted to be sold for installation as an article of manufacture.

A further object is to provide novel locking recesses in the guide means adapted to hold the mail bag in open position.

And still a further object is to provide a fiaring portion on the regular guide member for initially receiving and automatically directing the frame of a mail bag into position in the box for holding the mouth of the bag open in the aforementioned locking recesses,

With these and other objects vin view, the invention consists in the construction, arrangement and combination of parts hereinafter described and particularly pointed out in the claims, it being understood that I do not intend to limit myself to the details of construction.

In the drawings like parts throughout the several views are given like numerals and are thus identified in the following detailed description:

Figure 1 is a perspective View of the novel bag guides and bag holding means with the bag in place within the mail box, which is shown partly in outline.

Figure 2 is a cross section view of the mail box showing one side of the box.

Figure 3 is another embodiment of my invention showing a fragmentary cross section of the mail box and door and a side View of one of the bag guide members.

Figure 4 is a partial perspective view of the bag and of the rod and roller supports adapted to co-act with the guide members in the sides of the mail box.

Referring in detail to the drawing, there is shown a street-type standard mail box Ill 'with the usual bottom hinged collection door II. Mounted on each side I2 and I3 of the box, so as to be visible at the upper part of the collection door` opening, are the novel bag guide and bagholding members of my invention.

One of these members I4 is attached as by braising or welding them to the interior surface of side I2, and the other member I5 is similarly secured or attached to the opposite side I3 of the box Ill. As each of the novel members I4 and I5 are made alike a description of one only is necessary. For example, the member I4 comprises an elongated metal channel I6 having at each end a locking means such as the wells or recesses I1 and I8 respectively.

The top elongated surface of each member I4 and I5 slopes downwardly at I9 to shed mail if by chance it should drop thereon.

In this embodiment of my invention the ends of members I4 and I5 are flush against the front and back portions of the mail box, and the supporting rods, hereinafter described of a mail bag 2l are arranged to be directed into the channel I5 of the members I4 and I5 by a downwardly inclined ramp 22. This ramp may be cut out intermediate the ends of each member as an integral part of the members and includes a short roller piloting tongue 24.

The mail bags 2| each are provided with a pair of cross rods 25 and 2l having rollers 2B journalled on each end. These rollers 28 are adapted to coact with the piloting tongue 24 and ramp 22 upon insertion or pushing thereof against the ramp by the mail collector, to thereby autokthe Wells or recesses l1 and i8 at each end of the respective members I4 and I5. Thus the mail bas,r l becomes set and held in openA position to receive the mail as it is deposited in the mail box through the usual top letter drop openings, not

shown, at the top of the box.

In Figure 3 I have illustrated another embodiment of my invention, wherein the ramp is eliminated and the front end of eaclrmemberllf and l5, respectively, is spaced` slightly' fr on the front Wall of the mail box-a sil-flicierit distance to expose the flared mouth 39 defined by the front recesses Il. Thisarrangement peirnits i'rlsertionof vthe 'guide rollers 28 rintothe channel leg ofthe iiieinliers at tl'ieironi qi the Ainenileeis et' the frein: of dieper. Also in this embodiment in thelpositior'l" of the ramp Z `sho-wn in the rst "embodiment, l place al recess al, which ls rnore yabove the interior bottom slllrfa'oes of the box.

elevated the bag will drain ofi any moisture froil' ondefisa't'ii'- or` other. causes. Also', as s'h'ow'n in Figure 2 the bag may be perforated in the bottom with brass rings 35 around the open'- ns'l Y Although onlyiwe embodiments of die inventi'on have been illustrated and described in detail, is' to' b expressly understood that the invention is i'lft `li'riite'd thereto. Various changesl may rbe -rlade' in the design and arrangement without de'- parting from the spirit and scope' of the inveil'- tion, asy will new likely cenni te others skilled in the' art.V Forv a delintionlof the limits of the irlvfention, reference should be had to the appended claims.

What clal is: g l V l. Means' for gaining and holding e. mail yling openposltion within a mail box, comprising the combination of separable means attached to the open e'nd of the bag', guide channels secured to each opposite interio'i`-- side wall ofA 'the mail linie ineens projecting downwardly from. said 'guide channels "ehgagabl'e with the said separable means t'o direct the saine into the guide channels, said channels each having recesses defined at each elid and t'o .thereby lock the said separable means apart to hold the bag open. 2`. Means for "guiding and holding a mail bag in tinenupnsltionwitliin a inail box, comprising the combination "of 'separable'lneans attached to the openjend of th bag and guide `cl'l'ailrlels "sertlie'd Vto each `opposite interior side wall "of the inail box', said channels enen having an integrally struckfout ramp sloping downwardly therefrom to guide'the end's 'of said means pward i'nto the guide channel, and 'recesses at 'e'ach end of 'each ciajll adapted to receive and hold the Sep'- rfatd l ends of Vsaid means apart.

3. Ali/Ieaifi's for guiding and holding a 'mail bag in l`operi position within a 'mail box, comprising 4 the combination of separable means attached to the open end of the bag and guide channels secured to each opposite interior side wall of the mail box, said channels each having an integrally struck-out ramp sloping downwardly therefrom to guide the ends of said means upward into the guide channel, a pilot member on the end of said ramp adapted to first contact with the ends of said means, and lock means at each end of each `channel to receive a separate part of said lirstnamed means.

4. The combination set forth in claim 3, wherein the said separable means comprises a pair of rods secured to a front and back section of the rim of a' mail bag, and said rods each having a -roller jourl'alld oh each end.

5, In a mail box, a pair of guide channels for supporting a mail bag having cross rods at the front and back, said gide channels comprising top and bottom porti-ons, said top portion being sloped inwardly from trie inner slide of the mail box, and' sale? bottoni portion having an: interme difate 'straight flat shtion leading into' a colin-ter suns recess at eaeli elicol eacli channel'.

6. a mail boina pair of guide channels Yfor supp' ng a mail having crossA rods at' the front andi basis, said guide channels comprising top and bottoni portions, said' top portion being sloped inwardly from the inner side of the mail bosgsalo Abottoni portion having an intermediate straight flaesec'tion leading into a countersiinl: recess` at each ei-id of each channel; a gap init-erh insalatevr salariat section, and; a meansextending downwardly frbil the rear edge of the gap afdailit' edto direct the ends of said cross `rods' upwardly into the guide shan-nels;

7.. In a mail bds, a pair or guide-channels for supporting a mail bag having cross rods at the sont and back, said guide channels comprising top and bottoni portions,A said top` portion being sloped inwardly from the inner side of the inail box, and said bottom portion having an intermediate straight hat section leading into a countersi'iill recess at each. end of each channel, and a recess" intermediate 'the ends Yef said flat see-` tici-i` s.' In combination wit-'rfi guide channels adapte eii to be inonntedeppcsite`ly` cn Yeach interior side of a inail box, a pair of bagsupporting rods, said rods having on cachonda roller adapted to engage in .Toneel thesaid channels, means formed from me A'channels ibi guiding the rollers, and formed in the channels 'for holding the gods-separated at the front and back of a mail Y9. Ari article of manillacture for the interior sides errnalooxescomprising an elongated secef instal, a channel refined said section to thereby denne facing surfaces adapted when vlnsealle'd 'in a mail box to :be in upper and lower horizont-al planes; recesses at each end Yof the channel in the lower of said surfaces, 'and' an inclined rneiilber'oiit ont of the lower siirface sloping downwardly therefrom.

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European ClassificationB07C7/04