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Publication numberUS2421917 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 10, 1947
Filing dateJul 18, 1945
Priority dateJul 18, 1945
Publication numberUS 2421917 A, US 2421917A, US-A-2421917, US2421917 A, US2421917A
InventorsWilliams Curtis M
Original AssigneeWilliams Curtis M
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Parking meter box display
US 2421917 A
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June 10, 1947. c WILUAMS. 2,421,917


Patented June 10, 1947 2,421,917 PARKING METER BOX DISPLAY Curtis M. Williams, Phoenix,


Application July 18, 1945, Serial No. 605,707

1 Claim.

This invention relates to parking meter boxes, and has for its objects: First, the provision when said access door is closed.

Other objects will appear hereinafter.

I attain the foregoing objects by means of the structure shown in the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is an elevational cross section of my improved meter box;

Figure 2, a front elevation Figure 3, a

Figure 4, a top;

Figure 5, a transverse section of the box taken substantially on line 5-5, Figure 3; and

Figure 6 is a section of a fragment of the upper left corner of the meter box.

Similar numerals refer to similar parts in the several views.

The box body 2 is made of two mating parts 3 and 4, which ting outer edges, and are held together by screws 6.

One box part has a viewing window 1 and the other part has an access door 8, held closed by lugs I0 and a. lock l I. The case thus formed has rounded edges, an attaching boss l2, and a top thereof; plan view thereof; perspective view of the transparent The middle portion of the top of the composite box is provided with a transversely extending recess IS. The back wall and end walls, I1 and iii of this recess, are provided with shoulders l9 having grooves 29 to receive the rimmed edges of the transparent top 23. The transparent top plate 23 has a depending lip 24 formed along the back edge 25 and lateral edges 26 sized to fit into groove 29 on the shoulders I9 formed in the material of the top of the case. The front edge 28 of the top, however,,has no depending lip but is grooved along the top edge to form a horizontally protruding lip 29.

The access door 8 is fitted, and fastened, to the join along line 5 on their abutcase part according to the customary practice and structure known to the art. However, the

IB and is bounded on the back and sides by them, but is open in the front,

sired 35, may be inserted or removed.

The top 23 is preferably made of transparent thermoplastic material formed and molded to the the several lips may be molded or machined as desired.

In assembling the box, the two castings are pressed in place until the The meter clock and coin-actuated apparatus is then inserted in the usual manner and a parent-top and is in the most the box. The top and weatherproof pered with by any unauthorized Since the structure is subject to wide variation and to substitution of mechanically equivalent parts, I wish to be limited only by the following claims.

I claim:

A parking meter box having an access door and a rounded top with a recess formed therein extending transversely throughout a substantial part thereof, a shoulder formed along the side edges and rear edge opposite said access door of said recess, said shoulder having a groove adjacent the walls of said recess, a groove extending transversely of said access door along the inner face thereof below its top edge, a top of transparent material having a depending lip along its back and side edges adapted to fit into said grooves on said recess shoulders, and a horizontally extending lip on the lower part of its front edge, a cavity adapted to receive a card formed in said recess between the case body and said transparent top, said top adapted'toconform to the contour of the top of said box with its side and back edges resting on and attached tosai-d shoulders and its depending lip'engagi'ng in said shoulder grooves; said access door having a groove fitted with a gasket extending along its inner CURTIS M. WILLIAMS.

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U.S. Classification40/333
International ClassificationG07F17/24, G07F17/00
Cooperative ClassificationG07F17/248
European ClassificationG07F17/24E