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Publication numberUS2422669 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 24, 1947
Filing dateSep 17, 1945
Priority dateSep 17, 1945
Publication numberUS 2422669 A, US 2422669A, US-A-2422669, US2422669 A, US2422669A
InventorsGygi Helene B
Original AssigneeMelville Keim
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Stocking guard
US 2422669 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

June 24,1947.

H. B. GYGI 2,422,669

STOCKING GUARD Filed Sept. 17, 1945 INVEN TO R.

Patented June 24, 1947 STOCKING GUARD Helene B. Gygi, McHenry, Ill., assignor to Melville Keim, Chicago, Ill.

Application September 1'7, 1945, Serial No. 616,864

3 Claims.

The stocking guards and has for its object the provision of an improved construction of the character indicated which is capable of economical manufacture and highly eflicient in use.

Another object is the provision of such an arrangement which is readily adjustable to practically any size of foot or shoe.

Other objects will appear hereinafter.

The invention consists in the combinations and arrangements of parts hereinafter described and claimed.

The invention will be best understood by reference to the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification and in which- Fig. 1 is a perspective view showing a stocking guard embodying the invention in position of use;

Fig. 2, a perspective view of the same shown detached;

Fig. 3, an enlarged partial vertical longitudinal section taken through the lower part of said guard; and

Fig. 4, a horizontal section taken just above the lower edges thereof.

The embodiment of the invention illustrated in the drawings comprises a front part l having its lower end forming foot part II adapted and arranged to fit over the toe of a shoe, and provided at its toe portion with a transverse guard or strap [2 fitting under the toe of the shoe to hold the toe portion in place. .Another securing strap [3 is secured to said front part, as indicated, in position to pass under the central portion of the shoe and thereby further secure the front part in place.

A rear part I4 is arranged to fit over the rear part of the upper part of the leg of the wearer and embraces the upper part of the front part ID, as best indicated in Fig. 1. The rear part [4 is provided at its bottom with a part 15 adapted and arranged to fit around the rear portion of the shoe as indicated, and the upper part l6 thereof is enlarged and flared as indicated, to entirely encompass the corresponding leg portion and upper front portion. Tie members l! are provided at the top of the part [6 for securing the same in place around the leg of the wearer.

At its bottom edge the front part II is provided with elastic straps l8 sliding freely through guides I9, being secured at 20 to said front part invention relates to improvements i and at 2| to the front edges of the rear part.

Likewise the rear part I5 is provided with elastic straps 22 secured at the points 23 to pass through guides 24, being secured at 25 to the rear edges of the front part II. By this arrangement an elastical construction is provided which endows the guard with the capacity of covering the shoe and will serve to thoroughly protect the stockings of the wearer against splashing or soiling in wet weather.

The specific form and arrangement of parts is a simple and effective one for the purpose.

While I have illustrated and described the preferred form of construction for carrying the invention into effect, this is capable of variation and modification without departing from the spirit of the invention. I therefore do not wish to be limited to the precise construction disclosed, but desire to avail myself of such variations and modifications as fall within the scope of the appended claims.

I claim:

1. A stocking guard comprising a front part adapted and arranged to fit over the front and foot of a leg; a rear part adapted and arranged to fit over the rear of a foot and leg; elastic straps attached to each of said parts; a top portion on one of said parts adapted to encompass the leg; and tie members carried by the other part arranged and adapted to secure said parts in place.

2. The-construction specified in claim 1 in which the said parts are elastically secured to each other at their bottom edges by said elastic straps.

3. The construction specified in claim 1 in which guides are attached to said parts in position to embrace-said elastic straps intermediate their ends.


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