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Publication numberUS2423531 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 8, 1947
Filing dateAug 20, 1945
Priority dateAug 20, 1945
Publication numberUS 2423531 A, US 2423531A, US-A-2423531, US2423531 A, US2423531A
InventorsMatthew F Theis
Original AssigneeMatthew F Theis
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Gun support
US 2423531 A
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July 8, 1947. M. F. THEIS GUN SUPPORT Filed Aug. 20, 1945 Matthew Theis Patented July 8, 1947 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 4 Claims.

M invention relates to improvements in supports for the guns of hunters, an object of the invention being to provide a simple, durable and relatively inexpensive support of the instant nature adapted to be quickly and easily applied to and removed from a hunters coat or other outer garment and adapted to serve conveniently as a rest for a gun relieving one of the hunters hands of burden in supporting the gun safely in readiness for action and freeing such hand to any of various other uses therefor attending the hunt.

More specifically, it is an object of my invention to supply a gun support, as above, employing a hook-rest and a mounting therefor including means for attaching the same to material of a garment in selected position thereon.

A further object of the invention is to provide for pivotally carrying the hook-rest on said mounting so that it may be disposed in a closed position of disuse relative to the hunters body, another object of the invention being to provide for cooperation between the pivoted hook-rest and attaching means for said mounting, whereby said hook-rest, in position of use, will act to hold said means operatively secure.

Other objects of the invention reside in the novel combination and arrangement of parts and in the details of construction hereinafter illustrated and/or described.

In the drawings, Fig. 1 is a front elevational view of a gun support emlbodying my present invention, a portion of the mounting member being broken away to disclose the back-plate of the attaching means employed in securing said mounting member in place; Fig. 2 is a perspective view of' said gun support, the same being shown as attached to a hunters coat and as used to support a gun, and Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken as on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2.

Referring to the drawing, wherein similar parts throughout the several views are designated by similar reference characters, it will be seen that the illustrated embodiment of my invention includes a rest ID for a gun. Said rest is in the form of a hook and will be hereinafter referred to as a hook-rest. This hook-rest I9 is fastened to a mounting member or mounting-plate II which, as shown, consists of a disc-like structure of concavo-convex formation having an aperture I2 therein axially thereof. To provide for the fastening of the hook-rest Iii to the mounting-plate I I, ears I3 are struck from the material of the latter and turned forwardly in relatively spaced relation, the end of the shank Ill of said hook-rest I being pivoted to said ears It by means of a pintle l4, whereby the hookrest is mounted to swing in a plane containing the axis of said mounting-plate I l.

The mounting plate II is attached to a coat or other outer garment by means including a back plate I5 consisting of a disc-like structure of concavo-convex formation similar to the mounting-plate II. Said attaching means further includes a threaded stud I6 suitably secured at one end to the back-plate I5 centrally thereof. Said stud I6 extends forwardly from said back-plate I5 in axial coincidence therewith, the tip of the stud being pointed as at I1. Additionally included in said attaching means is a wingnut 88 having relatively spaced wings I8 one at either side of the axis of said wing-nut, said wings providing a recess therebetween for the reception of a portion of the hook-rest I0 as will soon appear.

In attaching the mounting-plate I I to a coat or the like, it is preferably applied to one of the shoulder portions thereof, that is to say, at the left shoulder portion of a right-handed wearer, or at the right shoulder portion of a left-handed wearer. The concave side of the mounting-plate II is placed against the outside of the front of the garment in the position desired. With the back-plate E5 correspondingly positioned inside of the garment, the pointed stud I6 is caused to pierce the material of the garment and to pass through the aperture I2 in the mounting-plate I I, said mounting plate being angularly adjusted on the stud i6 so that the hook-rest II] will hang from a location vertically above the axis of said stud it. To that portion of the stud I6, projecting forwardly beyond the mounting-plate I I, the wing I8 is applied. Upon ibeing tightened against said mounting-plate Ii, the wing-nut I8 acts through said stud I6 to bring the back-plate I5 and mounting-plate II into nested relationship clamped against the material of the garment from opposite sides thereof. In finally setting the wing-nut I3, its wings I8 are disposed in horizontal plane so that the shank Iii of the hookrest It], hanging in its normally operative position, will be received in the recess between said wings 18 and, in such position, will cooperate with said wings to prevent self-turning of the wing-nut and the consequent loosening of the grip of the mounting-plate II and back-plate I5 upon the material of the coat.

Near the perimeter of the mounting-plate II are a plurality of relatively spaced indentations formed to provide rearwardly projecting protuberances I9. The back-plate I5 also has relatively spaced indentations near the perimeter thereof, said indentations being formed from the rear of said back-plate to provide forwardly projecting protuberances 26. These protuberances I9, 20 intermesh and press into the material of the garment with the result that the mountingplate H and back plate l are both held by the garment against angular movement about the axis of the stud Hi.

In the operative, depending position of the hook-rest l0, wherein it opens upwardly as shown in solid lines in the drawing, said hook-rest readily receives the barrel portion of a gun 2! when the user, with the opposite hand at the gun-stock manipulates the same to hook the barrel into the hook-rest. Upon resting a gun in the support, as herein indicated, the barrel remains conveniently pointed upwardly in safety to the user and others in his vicinity. Furthermore, the user, when afoot, has a free hand to employ, as in parting vegetation through which he is passing, or for any other purpose the situation may require. When the user is in a sitting position, as in a boat or in the field, the butt of his gun may be grounded, while the barrel portion thereof is supported by the hook-rest I0. Thus, both of the users hands are free for relaxation or for duty, as in the handling of oars. At the same time, the gun is disposed safely in readiness for instant aim at overhead targets.

A tubular sheath 22 of rubber or the like encases the hook-rest l0 proper for protection against the marring of guns applied to the support.

The hook-rest l0 may be swung upwardly into a position of disuse, as shown indotted lines in Fig. 3, in which position said hook-rest opens adjacent to the body of the wearer, being thereby closed and deprived from catching into anything the wearer may brush against.

To retain the hook-rest ID in position of use (solid lines, Fig. 3) and similarly to retain said hook-rest ill in position of disuse (dotted lines, Fig. 3), a spring-washer 23 is employed, the same being applied to the pintle I4 between the shank Hi of the hook-rest and one of the ears I3 issuing from the'mounting-plate ll. Frictionally engaging both the hook rest and said ear, said spring-washer 23 causes the hook-rest to be yieldingly held relative to the mounting-plate i l in whichever position it may be swung by the user.

Changes in the specific form of my invention, as herein described, may be made within the scope of what is claimed without departing from the spirit of my invention.

Having described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to protect by Letters Patent is:

1. In a gun support, a mounting member formed with an aperture therein, means for removably attaching the mounting membef to the front of a hunters coat, said attaching means including aback member, a threaded stud is suing forwardly therefrom and adapted to pass through the material of the coat and through said aperture in the mounting member, and a wing-nut screwed on said stud and against the mounting member for clamping the two members against the coat material from opposite sides thereof, a hook-rest pivoted on the mounting member to hang in an upwardly opening position of use for reception of the gun, said hookrest in such position thereof being receivable between the wings of the wing'nut to secure it against loosening rotation.

2. In a gun support, a mounting member, means for attaching the mounting member to the front of a hunters coat said attaching means including a fastening member revoluble relative to said mounting member to loosen the same, a hook-rest pivoted on the mounting member to hang in an upwardly opening position for use for the reception of the gun, said hook-rest in said open position thereof cooperating with said fastening member to secure it against loosening rotation.

3. In a gun support, a mounting member formed with an aperture therein, attaching means for reniovably securing the mounting member to the front of a hunters coat, said at taching means including a back member, a threaded stud issuing forwardly therefrom and adapted to pass through the material of the coat and through said aperture in the mounting men1- her, and a nut screwed on the forward end of said stud and against the mounting member for clamping the two members against the coat ma terial from opposite sides thereof, a hook-rest pivotally secured to said mounting member normally to hang in position overreaching said end of said stud and the nut thereon, said hook-rest being adapted to be swung out of its normal position to facilitate the application of said nut to and the removal thereof from said stud.

4.111 a gun support, a disc-like mountingplate of concavo-convex formation, attaching means for securing the mounting-plate to a, hunters coat with the concave side thereof against the front of the coat to conform with the wearers body, said attaching means including a disclike back-plate curved to match the mountingplate and adapted to nest thereinto with the material of the coat between the two plates, and a tie-member adapted to extend through such material and cooperating with each of said plates axially thereof to hold the two plates against opposite sides of the material, one of said plates having a protuberance thereon adapted to engage in said material and deprive the mounting-plate of angular movement, and a hook-rest for a gun fastened to the mounting-plate at a point offset from the axis thereof.


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