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Publication numberUS2423818 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 8, 1947
Filing dateOct 5, 1943
Priority dateOct 5, 1943
Publication numberUS 2423818 A, US 2423818A, US-A-2423818, US2423818 A, US2423818A
InventorsSchmutzler Robert C
Original AssigneeReyburn Mfg Company Inc
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US 2423818 A
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Patented July 8, A1947 to The Reyburn Manufacturing' ConglitmylgIii- .l corporated, Philadelphia, Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania Application -octosei 5, 194s; sir street? l This Vinvention relates to animprovementin tag and, more particularly, to novel means for securing a tag to an article to be tagged or labeled for shipping or other purpose.

Tags of various form and shape as heretofore used for tagging, labeling articles to be shipped, or for other purpose have heretofore been attached to the article to be tagged or labeled through the medium of an endless loop of string, or, variously, in the case of metal tags, through the medium of a split strap, which is secured to the tag and to the article to be tagged by looping about the article and the tag.

Such means as have heretofore been used for securing tags to articles serve their purpose Well enough, but are open to numerous disadvantages and are inconvenient to handle.

Now in accordance with this invention means are provided for securing a tag to an article which will be inexpensive to produce, convenient to apply and efficient in operation.

Having indicated in a general way the nature and purpose of this invention, I will now proceed to a detailed description of a preferred embodiment thereof with reference to the accompanying drawings in which:

Figure 1 is a plan view of a securing device adapted for securing a tag to an article to be tagged.v

Figure 2 is a sectional View on line 2-2, Figure 4.

Figure 3 is an edge view of another form of the device shown in Figure 1.

Figure 4 is a plan view, .partly broken away, showing the device of Figure 1 combined with atag.

Figure 5 is a perspective View illustrative of the mode of securing a tag to an article.

Figure 6 is a perspective view showing the securing device in locked position.

Referring to the several figures, A indicates a securing means for a tag comprising a base portion a, a neck portion b and a head c. The securing means or member A may be formed of any suitable flexible material, as a heavy paper, red rope, or the like, and may be of a single thickness of the stock, as shown in Figure 2, or of a plied structure, comprising, for example, two thicknesses of stock, secured together, as by gluing, stapling, or otherwise, as shown in Figure 3.

The head c of the member A may be of any desired contour, .but at its juncture with the neck portion b Will be cut back or notched, as at d, d to form the lock ears e, e.

The base awill be provided with a keyhole slot torece'ive the head c, the upper part 'of'whch f win te"mproxriiatelysquare,with its sides of a length approximately equal to the width of the neck portion b adjacent to its juncture with the head, and with the lower portion g of a width approximately equal to the thickness of the head portion c. The overall length of the keyhole slot portions f, g will be approximately equal to but, in any event, not less than the width of the head portion c.

The base portion a will be bifurcated, as by splitting the stock, if the member A is of single thickness, as shown in Figure 2, or by leaving the plies separate as shown in Figure 3.

The securing means including the bifurcated portions a, the neck b and the head c is adapted to be secured to a shipping tag, or other form of tag or label H by inserting the tag between the bifurcations and the base a and securing the bifurcations to the opposite faces of the tag as shown, for example, in Figure 3. The bifurcations may be secured to opposite faces of the tag in any desired manner, as by the use of an adhesive, or otherwise. The tag is provided with a keyhole slot, conforming to the shape of the keyhole slot in the base a and in alignment therewith.

When the tag H, with securing means A is secured to an article for labeling, shipment or otherwise, the neck b is turned around a handle, packaging string, or other similar element of an article to which the tag is to be attached and the head c passed through the keyhole slot in the manner shown in Figure 5. When the head c is passed completely through the keyhole slot, it is turned at right angles and brought up against the upper edge of the upper portion of the slot f, as shown in Figure 6. It will he noted that when the head c is in locked position, as shown in Figure 6, the ears e extend above the upper edge of the portion of the keyhole slot f to lock the head.

The device according to this invention will be found to be of great utility inasmuch as it may be readily produced and may be made of great strength by proper selection of material, and in its more specific form due to its plied form. Further, the bifurcations of the base portion a, when secured to the opposite faces of the tag H, serve at once as the means for securing the neck portion and head portion c to the tag and as reinforcements fo-r the aligned keyhole slots in the bifurcations and tag with which the head c is description is made for illustrative purposes, it being contemplated. that any modification in details of the device may be made without departing from the scope of the appended claims.

What I claim and desire to protect by Letters Patent is:

1. A shipping tag having securing means connected thereto comprising a base having upper and lower members forming a tag receiving spiace between them, a neck portion extending from the base and a head at the end of fthe neck, a tag between the upper and lower members of tht base there being a key-slot in each of the upper and lower base members and the tag in alignment with each other through whichthe head may be inserted and locked to' form a loop about an article to which the tag is to be applied, the arrangement being such that the locking strain is taken up by the two members of the base..

2. A shipping tag having a two ply securing means connected'rthereto, each ply having a base, a neck, and a head at fthe end of the neck, the bases of the plies being secured to opposite faces of the tag', while the necks and heads thereof are secured face to race, there being a key slot through the two bases and the interposed rtag through which the composite head may be inserted and locked after the neck has been looped about the article being tagged, whereby the locking strain is applied to the bases of both members. ROBERT C. SCHMUTZLER.

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