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Publication numberUS2424045 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 15, 1947
Filing dateMar 19, 1946
Priority dateMar 19, 1946
Publication numberUS 2424045 A, US 2424045A, US-A-2424045, US2424045 A, US2424045A
InventorsMillstein Jacob H
Original AssigneeMillstein Jacob H
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Toy gun and container
US 2424045 A
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y 1947- J. H. MlLLSTE'lN ,42


Jug? H v fw Patentecl July 15, 1947 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE TOY GUN ANDCONTAINER Jacob H. Millstein, Jeannette, Pa.

Application March 19, 1946, Serial No. 655,548

This invention relates to a container and holder therefor unitarily simulating the shape of a revolver or other desired article.

t is particularly aimed to provide a structure wherein the holder interfits with sections which form the mounting, in a manner enabling the sides of the holder to simulate a pearl-handled revolver or the like.

A second object is to provide the mounting or holder in sections having novel interfitting securing means and container preferably in the form of a bottle with projections on its sides to occupy openings in the sections, and which projections have their outer faces formed as a multiplicity of relatively close, rounded or similar pro jections.

One more object is to provide the holder of a form capable of manufacture from a suitable plastic or any other desired material, and the container from the same material, glass or otherwise, and preferably diaphanous so that the contents of the bottle, like candy, will augment the pearl-handle effect.

' Still another object is to provide a cushioning mounting for the bottle and means to enable access to its stopper or closure to facilitate dispensing of the contents.

Various additional objects and advantages will in part be pointed out and otherwise become apparent from a consideration of the description following taken in connection with accompanying drawing illustrating an operative embodiment by Way of example.

In said drawing:

Figure 1 is a view in side elevation showing the novel container and holder unit,

Figure 2 is a view in elevation looking toward the interior of' one of the sections constituting the holder,

Figure 3 is a view taken approximately on the line 3-3 of Figure 1, and

Figure 4 is a side elevation of the bottle or container alone.

Referring specifically to the drawing wherein like reference characters designate like or similar parts, the holder or mounting, forming part of my invention, is preferably made from any suitable material such as plastic, metal or the like and in two or more sections, such sections being shown at In and being adapted to mate as shown. The sections It may be stamped, cast or manufactured in any suitable manner and are preferably relatively thin and light in weight, having continuous marginal flanges as at H whose free edges are contiguous.

1 Claim. (01. 215-1) Integral with the sections I!) are securing studs as at E2 on one of them and as at 13 on the other, any desired number being provided, for instance three as shown. Such studs are preferably hollow and those at l3 are reduced at l4 so as to extend into and interfit with the studs i2. In assembling the device, the cavities of the studs I2 and I3 contain a suitable application of adhesive or bonding material, for instance an acetone adhesive, which will flow into place and harden or set as at I5 and thus secure sections I 9 together against separation. Either or both the studs l2 and I3 may have longitudinal slots as at It which will better permit the flow of the adhesive and provide more extended bonding surfaces.

It will be observed that the sections IE] collectively are of a shape simulating a revolver although they may take the shape of any other desired article. As shown, the shape may include an opening as at I1 to accommodate the finger around a trigger representation I 8. Also sight elements [9 may be provided and the barrel may be left open as at 2D to simulate a bore. I also preferably form continuous flanges Ill around opening H, the same being integral with and extending inwardly from the sections Ill and adapted to abut when the sections are assembled, like the flanges ll.

Said holder I ll carries a container or receptacle 2! very advantageously made in the form of a bottle and carried by the holder in inverted position with a removable cork or other closure 22 used in connection with a neck or outlet 23 and which cork is accommodated by cut-away portions 24 in the flanges I I collectively forming a round opening. This opening enables the cork to be readily removed and replaced as desired, during the use of the invention. The bottle may be made of any suitable material like the holder It or otherwise but is usually made of glass, preferably diaphanous so that its contents, like small articles of candy 25 may be viewed. The articles of candy may be of the same color or of various colors and instead of candy, the bottle may contain any other desired material such as perfume, a drink or other liquids.

It will be noted that on opposite sides of the bottle 2!, it is enlarged or formed with projections 26 and completely around the same the sides of the bottle are flat as at 21. The projections are preferably round at their upper ends as at 28 and along their lower ends are inclined as at 29.

Before the sections H) are assembled and per- 3 inanently secured together at H), the container or bottle 2| is disposed in the handle portion 30 of the article 10. This bottle is placed between the sections H) with the flat surfaces 21 flat against the interior surfaces of the sections In and directly in contact with lugs 31, which serve more or less as cushions. It will be observed that the handle portions of the sections 10 have openings 32 therein conforming in shape to the projections 26 and receiving said projections which terminate relatively flush with or project slightly beyond the exterior surfaces of the handle portion 30.-

To better simulate the pearl-handle effect of a revolver, the outer surfaces of the projections 26 have a multiplicity of relatively close tips, beads 01 projections 33, whose outer surfaces are pref-, erably rounded as shown.

As a result, a unitary article is provided which simulates a pearl-handle revolver, one which may be handled in simulation of a revolver and an article from which the candy or other material may be dispensed at desired times governed by the removal and replacement of the cork 22 or other closure.

Various changes may be resorted to provided they fall within the spirit and scope of the invention as defined by appended'cl'aim.

What is claimed is:

In a toy pistol and container, a body including a barrel portion and a handle portion, said body portion being formed of hollow mating sections, interfitting tubular studs carried by the two sections in the barrel and handle portions thereof with the studs carried by one section having side grooves for the spreading of an adhesive when the two sections are assembled, the handle portion having openings therethrough, a container in the handle portion and having a removable closure accessible at the lower end of the handle portion, said container having flat side walls with a projection on each wall extending into the opening in the adjacent handle portion and occupying the entire area of the opening, the outer sides of the projections extending beyond the planes of the outer sides of the handle sections, and a series of spaced lugs at the marginal edges of said openings for cushioning contact With the flat sides of said container.


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