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Publication numberUS2424538 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 29, 1947
Filing dateNov 14, 1945
Priority dateNov 14, 1945
Publication numberUS 2424538 A, US 2424538A, US-A-2424538, US2424538 A, US2424538A
InventorsBeder Samuel L
Original AssigneeIrwin F Mills Associates
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US 2424538 A
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July 29, 1947. vs. L. BEBER TOY vFiled Nov. 14,1945

mvEN-roa fr a Patented July 29, 1947 York, N. Y,;


Samuel-L. Bedel-1,. New York, N2 Y.; assigner'. of: one-half to. Irwin4 Mills.. Associates, Newt AnnlicatiOnNOvember 14. 194,5;.Sc11ia11Na 628-55375,

6 Claims. 1:: `This invention relates` to improvements in structurahtoy sets and-is intended to provide entelitainme'nt'A f or young folks in :their early years by .catering totheirdeveloping observation powersv as well Task intuition.

' ne of'theobjectsthereof is to provide Ia fantastichumpty-dumpty toy figure in the form of egg shaped-"bodies which call for nesting `and enclosing aswellas posturing for the purpose of playiullyacquiringva conceptionotmeans of makingan -egg'stand up erect;

Af further object' thereof 4is to provide a combination of, parts which, by a step'by step process of 'estimatingsize shape, form and color and arrangingthe parts accordingly; leads-the `childmanipulating same to make Humpty Durnpty, in a toy figure structure; standup erect on either end alici-'cause encased egg-shaped bodies-to do the same thing.

A lstillfurther object of this invention is to provide a novel lacing toy the important characteristic of which is. to simulate the closing of a vest on a toy ligure and at .the same time prevent dislodgment, of4 contained egg-Shaped bodies.

A nal object thereof is to provide an eggshaped toy ligure with foot and hat portions inter-changeably adapted to hold the egg-shaped figure. erect whether it is the foot or hat portion which rests upon any. surface, this beingV resorted to in order to turn the Humpty-Dumpty toy iigure upside down and still show its oval contoured axis in erect position.

With the above and other objects in View my invention consists in the combination, arrangement and details of construction disclosed in the drawings and specication and then more particularly pointed out in the appended claim.

In the drawings, wherein similar reference characters designate similar parts throughout the respective views Figure 1 is a front elevation of my invention, with all parts encased and closed,

Figure 2 is a perspective View of .all parts grouped so as to show manner of interconnecting them,

Figure 3 is a series of side elevational views of variably sized egg-shaped bodies hereinafter described, and

Figure 4 is .a vertical sectional elevation of the series of nested eggs.

Referring to the drawings which are merely illustrative of my invention, I disclose an eggshaped hollow toy figure body consisting of two similarly shaped half sections I and II, each carrying a Vdepending L-shaped flat foot portion which is a-web-shaped iiat` member, the-outwardly projecting` partof which isshapedlikea shoe andwillmake -at contact With any supporting surface. These-foot portions are' designated I2 and I3. The two half body sections I 0 andI-I are hinged together along confrontinggedgesv-as-,at I5 to permitthese'hollowY sections to open and-close,` and it willbeseen that in either of'v these positions, the foot members I2.and` I3'fof these sections will4 hold theml in perpendicularly erect posture shown in-Figures land-2.

There -are depicted upon the complemental sections IIJ-and II a-delineation of-aface--as atE I6'of I-Ivurnpty Dumptywhile at, 2| arms are also-depicted; The effect is to givethe f toy gurea grotesquely rotund Humpty- Dumptyappearance withthe caricaturaloutlineof-a pedagogue due Iso-mounting, asl ahead piece upon both-sections, a mortarV shapedflatl piece- 23vcarrying the usual cap tassel 24; this beingdone `by providing .a-pi-ntle 251 centrally of the piece 23 and inserting same into-aperforation 26' formed in either body section I0, II, made to receive it.

Vest'sections made of pliable material, whether oftextile 4or alkid..origin, are provided designated Il .and I8,having their inner edges secured permanently at. diametrically oppositevpoints of the closed toy figure, to these sections Ionand I I while their outer.` edgesare respectively lined `with rows `of eyelets I9. A lacing ycord 20 is threaded properly into both rows of eyelets on both sections ID and I I, so that when the lacing cord is tied it will draw together the vest sections, -causing them to overlap the sides `of the figure body as they draw together the sections I0, II thereof into abutting flat relationship.` If, now it is desired to Iturn the egg-shaped figure upside down so as to stand it upon the flat cap piece 23 it can readily be done, and again it will be observable that the oval gure stands up erect.

The egg-nesting feature of my invention is carried out by a plurality of sectionally hollow eggshaped bodies of graduated sizes and varying colors, designated 21, 21a, 2lb, 21d, etc. The sectional construction of each of these bodies supplies one of the two sections of each' of them with an annular tenon 28 adapted to fit in an annular groove of the mating section, or any similar arrangement. Thus, two sections of any of these hollow bodies can frictionally be closed one on the other, but when separated, permit the next smaller sized sectional oval body to be lodged partially on one section and partially in the closing cover section. Figure 4 shows all such assembled bodies in a snugly nested relationship to form a single loaded oval unit which can readily be inserted into sections ID and Il of the jacket casing forming the toy figure, after which the vests are tied together by the lacing toy. It is now apparent that the vested-egg sectional unit is also resting on its end as well as Humpty- Dumpty himself.

I do not confine myself to the exact details set forth which come within the purview of the appended claims.

-What I desire to claim and secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A toy figure consisting of a pair of oppositely arranged complemental figure-body sections designed to have an opening and closing movement, a pair of pliable Vest sections respectively carried overlappingly by said figure body sections having rows of eyelets at their free ends, L shaped legs with broad flat bases simulating feet carried by the respective iigure body sections adapted to support same in open or closed position, and a lacing cord inserted in the eyelets of both of the Vest sections for lacing them in closed relationship to complete the unity of the figure body.

2. A toy gure consisting of an egg shaped body composed of two sections movably connected so as to open and close upon each other, being inscribed with a depiction of a head and body of a human, one of said sections having a perforation at its upper part, a mortar-board shaped cap having a pintle removably fitted into said perforation snugly and frictionally so as to be anchored therein, upon which mortar-board shaped cap the body will rest when placed in upside-down position, a, pair oi elongated flat feet carried by said respective sections in a plane at rightl angles to the axes of said sections to support the sections perpendicularly, and means for keeping said sections in closed relationship.

3. An egg-shaped body inscribed so as to depict the head and body of a toy figure, a pair of weblike flat feet disposed at right angles to the axis of said body for supporting same perpendicularly, and a mortar-shaped cap having a pintle designed to be removably inserted into the top of said body to complete the outline of the toy figure upon which mortar-board shaped cap the body will rest when placed in upside-down position.

4. A toy figure consisting of a sectional bodypiece providing two parts hinged together so as to be opened to move outwardly and closed in nat contact with each other, a pair of textile material vest sections having their inner edges permanently secured at diametrically opposite points of said body-piece, to said hinged parts and having a row of eyelets each at its outer edge, and a lacing cord inserted lacingly in both rows of eyelets of both vests as a means of effecting the abutting contact of the hinged parts and closing of the vest sections.

5. In combination a pair of oppositely-arranged and hinged toy figure body sections, a pair of flat feet carried respectively by said body sections and adapted when the sections are closed upon each other and the feet brought into proximity to each other to provide a stand for holding the toy figure body erect, and alsol capable, when they are spread out, and the body sections are in open position to support said sections perpendicularly, a pair of pliable vest sections secured at their inner edges to said body sections so as to be closed in overlapping contact against said body sections, and also acting as handles to close the latter, and means for holding the outer edges of the vest sections in closed relationship across the abutting line of the body sections.

6. A toy structure consisting of a humptydumpty simulated egg-shaped hollow body composed of two hinged sections having L-shaped at feet respectively designed to support them in open or closed position; a plurality of variably sized two-part hollow egg-shaped bodies encased snugly one within the other to provide a single loaded unit insertable into either hinged section as to be encased in both hinged sections when they are in closed position, and lacing means engaging both hinged sections to draw them in a closed abutting relationship.



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