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Publication numberUS2425474 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 12, 1947
Filing dateDec 30, 1943
Priority dateDec 30, 1943
Publication numberUS 2425474 A, US 2425474A, US-A-2425474, US2425474 A, US2425474A
InventorsVinton A Hussey
Original AssigneeVinton A Hussey
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Fountain shaving brush with hand-feed valve
US 2425474 A
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Aug. 12, 1947.

v. A. HussY v 2,425,474

FOUNTAINSHAVINAG BRUSH WITH HAND-FEED VALVE Filed Dec. 30, 1943 Inventor V//v To/v H0555 y Bf l l/wey Amm Patented Aug. 12, 1947 FOUNTAiN VSI-IAVINGr BRUSH WITH HAND-FEED VALVE Vinton A. Hussey, Augusta, Maine Application December 30, 1943, Serial No. 516,228

1 Claim.

This invention relates to new and useful improvements in shaving brushes and more particularly to a brush containing a supply of shaving cream or other shaving preparation.

'I'he principal object of the present invention is to provide a fountain shaving brush containing a supply of shaving preparation which can be dispensed to the bristles of the brush in an easy and proportionate manner.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent to the reader of the following description.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 represents a view in longitudinal section of the brush.

Figure 2 is a View in cross section taken on the line 2--2 of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a perspective view of the nozzle.

Figure 4 is a fragmentary side elevational view of the shaving preparation containing cartridge partly in section.

Figure 5 is an end elevational view of the cartridge shown in Figure 4.

Referring to the drawings wherein like numerals designate like parts, it can be seen that the invention shown consists of an elongated barrel 5a which may be constructed of plastic or some other suitable material, the same having a bore E at one end for receiving the reduced end portion 'I of a brush head 8a from which bristles 9 extend. 'Ihe reduced portion 'I of the head 8a has a trunnion I projecting therefrom and through a reduced bore I I a in the end wall II of the barrel 5. Through this end Wall II is a duct I 2 which is registrable with an oblique duct I3 extending through the head 8 and the base portion of the bristles 9. A nipple I4 projects from the head 8a into the bristles 9 and over this is disposed the inner end of a exible nozzle I which has a plurality of discharge orices I6. This flexible nozzle I5 may be used for massaging the face as lather is produced.

A disk valve I'Ia is secured by a screw I8 to the inner end of the trunnion I0, the same operating against the inner face of the wall II. This disk valve I'Ia has an opening I9 which is registrable with the duct I 2.

A spring-pressed ball 2l is provided in the wall II for engaging in one or the other of two recesses 22, 23 of the valve I'Ia so that the disk will be held either in preparation dispensing position or in closed position.

In the barrel 5a is a plunger 26 from which projects a guide 21 extending into a sectional telescopic tube 28 adapted to be elongated and contracted, the arrangement being such that when the plunger 26 moves to the left in Figure l, the tube 28 elongates, and Iwhen said plunger 26 moves to the right, said tube 28 contracts. The tube 28 is threaded, as at 29, into a cap 32 threaded onto the rear end of the barrel 5a. A back pressure relief vent 33 is provided in the cap 32.

A spring 34 circumscribes the telescopic tube 28 above described and is interposed between the plunger 26 and the cap 32.

By turning the head 8a to the position shown in Figure l, the opening I9 in the valve disk I'Ia will register with the duct I2 to the end that the spring 34 and the plunger 23 will pour some of the preparation into and through the nozzle I5.

In the described form of the invention the inside of the barrel 5a adjacent the disk valve I'Ia is threaded as at 5b to receive the threaded end portion 35 of a cartridge 35 containing a shaving preparation and the plunger 26a operates in the cartridge after the cartridge has been inserted into the barrel 5a. It is preferable that the cartridge 35 be sold with a cap 3l disposed over the threaded end of the same and a removable disk 33 may be provided in the opposite end of the cartridge 35 so as to protect the contained preparation. The disk 38 may be provided with a tongue 39 to assist in displacing the same.

While the foregoing specification sets forth the invention in specific terms, it is to be understood that numerous changes in the shape, size and materials may be resorted to without departing from the spirit and scope of the inven tion as claimed hereinafter.

Having described the claimed as new is:

A fountain brush comprising a barrel, a shaving preparation containing cartridge threaded into said barrel from one end thereof, said cartridge having an open front end and a plunger therein for discharging the preparation out of said iront end, a diametrical Wall in said barrel spaced forwardly of said front end of the cartridge and having a through port therein for feeding the preparation discharged from said cartridge through said wall, said barrel having a front end bore therein, a bristle brush having a head rotatably fitted in said bore and a through port therein for alignment with the rst named port by rotation of said head and to pass the preparation from the first named. port invention, what is 3 into the bristles of the brush, and a disc valve rotatably fitted in said barrel between the front end of said cartridge and said Wall for controlling the discharge of the preparation from the cartridge into this first named port, said valve 5 having a discharge port in the same for registration With the rst named port by rotation of the valve, and means to operatively connect said head to said Valve passing through said Wall for rotation of the Valve by said head.


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