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Publication numberUS2428939 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 14, 1947
Filing dateMay 8, 1944
Priority dateJun 17, 1943
Publication numberUS 2428939 A, US 2428939A, US-A-2428939, US2428939 A, US2428939A
InventorsMorris Bruce
Original AssigneeMorris Bruce
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Lubricating oil reclaimer
US 2428939 A
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Oct. 14, 1947. B, MORRIS 2,428,939

LUBRICATING OIL RECLAIMER Original Filed June 17, 1943 amai oa. i4, i941 2,428,939 LUmoA'riNG on. BECLAIMER Bruce Morris, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Original application June 17, 1943, Serial No.

Divided and this application May 8,

1944, Serial No. 534,550. ln Canada November This application is a division of my copendlng application Serial No. 491,119, filed June 17,

My invention relates to improvements in lubricating oil reclaimers, an object thereof being to provide a device of the character herewithin described, by the use of which oil may be reclaimed as distinct from being merely filtered water' and gasoline being vaporised oft' in the reclaiming process. l

A further object of. my invention is to provide a device of the character herewithin described wherein the vapors are prevented from returning into the filtering "chamber, by contrast, belng kept separate and discharged into the atmosphere.

A further object of my invention is to provide a device of the character herewithin described attachable to the motor of an automobile, being compact so that it may readily t within the hood thereof to reclaim oil used for lubricating the engine while the motor is running.

A further object of my invention is to-provide a device of the character herewithin described,

the heating element of which is particularly efficient, in its ability to radiate heat substantially uniformly over the whole interior surface of the converging wall thereof, the said heating element being also designed for easy manufacture by die-casting methods.

A further object of my invention is to provide a device of the character herewithin described Which is simple to construct and will therefore retail at a modest price, being rugged and designed ,for long service without attention.

With the above more important objects in view and such other minor objects as may appear as the specificationproceeds, my invention consists essentially in the arrangement and construction of parts all as hereinafter more particularly described, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, in which the gure is a sectional elevation of my lubricating oil re claimer.

My lubricating oil reclaimer comprises the cylindrical outer casing I enclosed by means of the cap 2 maintained in place by the conventional wing nuts 3, the shanks of which extend through an integral flange l extending around the casing I adjacent the upper edge thereof.

Adjacent the base of the 'casing I is an oil inlet 5, through which oil to be reclaimed enters from the oil circulating system of the automobile.

Positioned concentrically within the casing I is my novel heating element 6, the same comprisover which oil I2 is designed to flow as will be 1 Claim. (Cl. 21o-122.5)

ing a screw-threaded base designed to be received into the central, screw-threaded aperture '8 formed in the floor of the casing I, and an upper portion.

The upper portion 9 of my heating element 6 comprises the cylindrical surrounding wall I0 and the downwardly converging interior wall Il hereinafter described.

Positioned inspaced relationship with the wall portions I0 and II is an upwardly projecting and lencircling baille I3, the interior and exterior surfaces Il and I5 of which diverge towards the base thereof, these surfaces being therefore parallel with the adjacent opposing surfaces of the wall portions I I and I0 respectively.

It will be seen that the baille I3 is integral with the base 1 of my heating element, and it willalso be observed thatthe base is provided with the internally screw-threaded drillings I6 and I1 into which are received the elbows I8 and I9 respectively, and which connect wtih the exhaust manifold or pipe.

The base 1 of my heating element is also provided with the internally screw-threaded central aperture 20 into which the elbow 2i is received, and through which oil is returned to the engine after being reclaimed, and from the foregoing it will clearly be recognized that exhaust gases enter the elbow I9 and proceed upwardly through the drilling I1 after which they expand into the annular and upwardly extending reversed conical passageway 22 existing between the adjacent surface I4 of the baiile I3 and the interior wall portion 9, emerging at the upper end thereof and angling downwardly as indicated by the arrows 29 toreturn down the annular or cylindrical passageway 24 and discharging through the drilling I6 and the elbow I9.

Finally, in connection with my heating element 6 it Wil be noted that the base portion 1 and the upper portion 9 are separate, the base portion being provided with the externally screw-threaded flange 25 which is engaged by a complementary and internally screw-threaded flange 26 on the surrounding wall portion I0, the lower end 26 of the interior wall portion being tapered as illustrated to engage the chamfered annular seating 21 surrounding the aperture 29 in the .base portion 1.

From the foregoing it will clearly be perceived that the surrounding wall portion I0 of my heating element, provides, with the outer casing I, a ltei chamber 28, bounded by the said wall portion and the said outer casing, this chamber surrounding wall portion and the interior wall.

portion unite at the top thereof, and from the foregoing it will be apparent that oil to be reclaimed enters through the inlet 3 and traversesthe chamber 28, thereafter traversing the oilpervious plate 30 and spilling over into the downwardly converging distillation chamber 32 -within the conilnes of my heating element, and in this context it will be noted that the oil inlet 3 is provided with the small' metering stem 33 by means of which the volume 'of oil entering the filtering chamber may be adjusted.

` cal, surrounding wall,

4 an inverted frusta-conical interior wall the upper end whereof is coterminous with said surrounding-wall, and a base, said walls and base enclosing a chamber from which heat is radiated by said interior wall, an intermediate bame spaced betweenvsaid surrounding and interior walls to provide a counter-flow path for a -heating medium within said chamber, said heating element being concentrically positioned with respect to said outer casing and being spaced therefrom, said surrounding wall providing, with said outer casing, a lter chamber bounded by said surrounding wall and said outer casing and havin'g an oil inlet therein, iltering material within said filter chamber, an annular oil-pervious plate upon the top of said ilter chamber for Y retaining said ltering material within said filter Secured concentrically to the underside of the I 'cover plate 2 is a cowling 34 of the cross-sectional conguration clearly illustrated and designed to lead ofi.' vapor 35 through the valve 36, this valve consisting of the cage 31 provided with an aper ture 33 and enclosing Fa ball and spring 39 and,

4D. Vapors nally discharge into the atmosphere through the central aperture Il provided in the plate 2.

Since various modications can be made in my invention as hereinabove described and many apparently widely diilerent embodiments oi' same made within the scope of the claim without departing from such spirit and scope, it is intended that all matter contained in the accompanying specification shall be interpreted as illustrative only and not in a limiting sense and I desire only such limitations placed thereon as are speciiically expressed in the accompanying claim.

What I claim as my invention is:

A lubricating oil reclaimer comprising in combination, an outer casing and, a heating element, said lelement embodying a vertical and cylindrichamber, said heating element base having heat medium intake and discharge apertures therein on either side of saidbaille to heat said interior wall, said interior wall functioning as 'a funnel for filtered oil`which, .in process of being reclaimed,traverses said filter chamber and there'- after said interior wall to be acted upon -by the heat radiated therefrom, the lower end of said interior wall opening into anoil discharge aperture in said heating element base.


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