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Publication numberUS2429455 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 21, 1947
Filing dateJul 19, 1944
Priority dateJul 19, 1944
Publication numberUS 2429455 A, US 2429455A, US-A-2429455, US2429455 A, US2429455A
InventorsEarl Dellon
Original AssigneeParagon Utilities Corp
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Plumbing fixture and accessory therefor
US 2429455 A
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Oct. 21, 1947. E. DELLON 2,429,455

PLUMBING FIXTURE AND ACCESSORY THEREFOR Filed July 19, 1944 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 J\. i v HI] I 4 2- I INVENTOR.

' 7 Ear! Del/012 Oct. 21, 1947. E DELLQN' 2,429,455


.E'ar/ Del/01? Una/242W Patented Oct. 21, 1947 PLUMBING FIXTURE AND ACCESSORY THEREFOR Earl Dellon, New York, N. Y., assignor to Paragon Utilities Corp., New York, N. Y., a corporation of New York Application July 19, 1944, Serial No. 545,696

2 Claims.

1 This invention relates in general to kitchen sinks, washtubs, lavatories, laboratory sinks and like, and more particularly, to plumbing fixtures which employ two or more sinks or tubs, as for example, a kitchen fixture having two sinks or a sink and washtub combination; a washroom array of multiple lavatories; or an array of closely spaced laboratory sinks, etc. The invention, more specifically, relates to means for spacing, separating and supporting two or more sinks or tubs forming a single fixture, and also to the drain board or cover top for the individual sinks or tubs of the fixture.

An object of this invention is to provide a simple means, which may be inexpensively made in a single piece, for separating and aligning two sinks or tubs at the required spacing in the said single fixture or array. Allied with this object, a further purpose is to implement the said spacing means with means attached to the spacer for supporting or hanging the individual sinks or tubs. The said spacer is designed so that water or other material will be drained oif the spacer and be directed to the sink or tub on either side thereof. An important object of this invention is to provide a spacer of the character described which will present a neat and pleasing appearance to the top exposed view of the two (or more) sinks or tubs, at the juncture of the individual spaced sink or tubs. A still further object is to provide a spacer of the character described which will make possible the use of a sliding top cover which will cover, in a duplex fixture, one of the two sinks or sink-tub combination and will expose the other one.

For the attainment of the foregoing and such other objects as may be pointed out or appear herein, I have shown an embodiment of my invention in the accompanying drawing, wherein- Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a kitchen sink cabinet having duplex sinks or a sink-tub combination embodying my invention;

Fig. 2 i a top plan View of a duplex kitchen sink of this invention;

Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2, through one of the sinks and the improved slide cover of this invention;

Fig. 4 is a section on line 4-4 of Fig. 2, through a portion of the improved spacer and supporting bar at the juncture of the two sinks;

Fig. 5 is a partial section on line 55 of Fig. showing the juncture between the two tubs and also a cross-section through the improved spacer and supporting bar;

Fig. 6 is a top view of the spacer, somewhat enlarged;

Fig. '7 is a bottom view, somewhat enlarged, of the juncture between the two sinks, showing the supporting bar and Fig. 8 is a perspective view of the supporting bar.

Merely for facility in description and illustration, this invention will be described in conjunction with the duplex kitchen sink cabinet shown in Fig. 1 and designated I, although it is to be understood that the invention may be applied, as pointed out above, to any plumbing fixture or array having two or more sinks or tubs. The illustrated fixture I has a left and a right sink, respectively, 2 and 3, which for convenience are shown as identical in all respects. The fixture or cabinet has a top 4, surrounding the two setin sinks, which may be made of plywood or the like faced with inlaid linoleum and may be bound with stainless steel or Monel metal trim 5 which may also be provided around the back splasher board 6. In particular, the stainless steel or Monel metal trim will, in the preferred embodiment of my invention, surround the sink opening in top 4, this trim border being designated 1. As best shown in Fig. 2, the trim border 1 surrounding the sink opening is curved at the four corners to parallel the curvature of the interior of the sinks.

The provision of a single large opening in-the cabinet top for exposing both sinks is an innovation in the construction of kitchen cabinets; in all prior models of which I am aware the top is provided with two openings, one for each sink, the juncture or space between the two sinks being concealed by a narrow strip portion of top separating the two sink openings. One reason for the provision in the improved fixture of this invention is that of appearance. A second reason is that by so providing a single large opening, I may use a sliding cover, designated 8 of size to cover one sink unit (the left sink in Figs. 1 and 2) and to expose the other sink unit. The four corners of slide cover 8, which may be made, like the cabinet top, of plywood faced with inlaid linoleum, is curved to the same curvature as the aforementioned curved corners of the sink opening and the metal surrounding trim I, so that the slide cover will fit neatly in either of its left or right positions. Slide cover 8 is supported or suspended from the parallel lengths of the metal trim 1 at the front and rear sides of the opening by means of L-shaped stainless steel or Monel metal lengths 9 secured as b nailing, to the front and rear side edges of the cover slide, see also Fig. 3.

The juncture or space between the juxtaposed sides of the sinks appearing or exposed in the larger sink opening in the cabinet top presents an unsightly and unsanitary appearance. Any. means employed to. cover or conceal this unsight=- 1y space between the two sinks must permit the operation of slide cover 8. I have solved both problems (and others to be mentioned) by providing a single-piece member lfll whi'ch-l havee. termed a spacer, shown in detail in Fig. 6, and which may be made of metal eithencast, stamped Y or welded sections of ceramic, .wood, r,plastie;-andl the like, although I prefer to use a, metal to match the aforementioned trim 1. Spacer H1, at least as to the portion thereof whicli'isdisposed-be tween the front and rear edge of the Sinks-011811- ing, is sectionally in theform of an exaggerated having a widehorizontalweb l I, Fig.5, resting on the rolled edges 2e and 32 of the spacedsinks 21 and 3, respectively,. and. ashort-verticallfrib 4 l2 received in the spacebetweenthe two sinks:

As best shown in Fig. 4, the-ithicknessofhorizontal web I lat its highest pOifliLiaSllchIhflt suf l fi'cient clearance is provided above it for passage ofslide cover 8.v And, asbestvshown in.Fig. 5', the horizontarweb. H is.-orowned with. at center high. point and sloped towardsb'oth sides-so that" waterorothermatter wilLd'rai'n to either side into sink: 21 or 3- dependingupon the position. of. the slidev cover.. Thedimensi'on oflthe shortlvertical" rib-l2 issuch see. Fig...5,.that it.fitsv snugly between the: two sinks: to separate. align them: atthe .proper.spacing. Theends of'th'emainportion ofthe-spacenire, the partllIwhich isexposed to. view and disposed in the sinkopening of thev cabinet. top are. provided with parallel shoulders l3, see. Fig. 63 the distance between parallelledges l3. ofl'the.-spacer issuclithat the spacer fits snugly betweenthe frontandiiear sides of the sink.opening,..with.the.slioulders IS -fitting against the. sai'disides,-.see. Figs. 6; and

The ends of. thespacer, beyondltheshouldrs l 3-; are stepped. downendlterminat'ein triangular. ends. 14,1Fig.. 6, which fit; against. the.,und'ersid ofl the..cabinet top 4,. seesespnFi'gvll clearly shown in Fig: 6, the exposect portiom I It of i the. spacer near its end shoulders l3'is curvedto. the. same. or. substantially. the same curvature. as thatof the sinks ontub, see.Eig..2; Thetriangular. ends l4}. onthe other. hand;.. are. merely cut. away or recessed'by the. straightsides ofthe triangle-in order to clear the outsidecorner edges of "the. sinks, see Fi'g.-2-since the triangular ends are. not exposed and production costs may be reduced by usingstraight sides instead of curved ones Thetriangular ends are provided with a pair of 'small' holes I5and a larger center hole I6. The spacerissecured'by its said" triangular. ends Mto'the underside of the cabinet top 4 by wood screws passing'through' the smaller ho1es'l5; see Fig. 7.

The sink or tub' itself is supported" from' theundersideof cabinet top 4by' a plurality of. Z- shaped cleats l1, see'Fig; 3; which are secured by' wood screws to the underside of top 4 and" which are spaced around" three sides of' the sink, i. e., all sides except the facing or' juxtaposed sides of the pair (or pairs, where an array of more than two sinks are used) of sinks. The juxtaposed sides of the sinks are held up by a common supporting bar l8, shown in perspective in Fig. 8, and provided with end holes 26 whichalignwith the center. holes I6..of spacer l0, seeFi'gs. 7-and' 4 The. rolledied'ges of the two juxtaposed sinks rest on the common supporting bar l8, as bestshown in the bottom view of Fig. '7. A common wood screw passes through hntli..alignedflholes.26 of the supporting bar 18 and' l 6 of the spacer I0 and screws into the undersideofthecabinet top, see Fig. 4.


1. An acoessorypfor a multiple-sink fixture having a top provided with an opening for a plurality of rolled edged sinks, said accessory comprisingea' spacer having a main portion of exaggerated T cross sectionpresenting a horizontal web/and a.vertical rib, the said vertical ribv beingreceived between two juxtaposed sinks and'the said'horizontal web overlying the' rolled edges thereof andith'e'space thereb'etween; the ends of the spacer terminating in. stepped-down. ends adapted to underlie the.said"fixture top and ;provid'ed with holes to receive. woodzscrewsto secure. the spacentothe said;'top; the saidsteppeddown ends' of the spacer being apertured, and" a supporting bar having: apertured' endsalign- -30 able with the. saidend apertures of the spacer and secured to theun'derside of the fixture top.

by wood screwspassin'g through the said aligned" apertures, the said barbeing adapteditounderlie. the rolled edges of the juxtaposed sides of the sinks to support'the same;

the'edges thereof'and the space-therebetween; the' ends-of the spacer terminating in stepped-down ends adapted to underlie' the said fixture top' and providedwithholes to receivewood screws to secure the" spacer to the 'saidtop:


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