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Publication numberUS2429661 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 28, 1947
Filing dateNov 7, 1945
Priority dateNov 7, 1945
Publication numberUS 2429661 A, US 2429661A, US-A-2429661, US2429661 A, US2429661A
InventorsAmsterdam Lilly
Original AssigneeAmsterdam Lilly
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Detachable coin dispenser for ladies' handbags
US 2429661 A
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Filed Nov. 7, 1945 INVENTOR flmsterdazzz k w ATTC RNEY Patented Oct. 28, 1947 DETACHABLE COIN DISPENSER FOR I LADIES HANDBAGS Lilly Amsterdam, Newark, NJ. Application November 7, 1945, Serial No. 627,118

2 Claims.

This invention relates to an improved coin dispensing attachment for ladies pocket books, and one of its objects is to provide a holder having a series of individually operative coin receptacles arranged in a row, and means for securing the holder to the edge of the wall of a ladys hand bag or purse, so that the usual closure flap of the hand bag or purse will normally conceal the coin holder,

The invention, in particular, is designed to provide a simple attachment, which may be fitted to any used or new hand bag or purse, by a relatively inexpensive operation, which will in no way change the styling or general construction of the hand bag'or purse.

With the above and other objects in view, the invention comprises certain new and useful combinations, constructions and arrangements of parts, clearly described in the followin specification, and fully illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective View, showing the closure flap of the'hand bag in open position to expose the attached coin holder.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged side elevation of the coin holder.

' Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional view, taken on line 3-3 of Fig. 2, looking in the direction of the arrows.

Referring to the accompanying drawings, which illustrate the practical embodiment of my invention, 5 designates a conventional ladys hand bag, having the usual front wall 6, the rear wall I, and the closure flap 8, which is hinged along the upper edge of the rear wall, and provided with the button snap element 9 to engage the cooperating button snap element 9a of the front wall 6.

On the front wall 6 Iattach my improved coin dispensing holder. This holder includes a U- shaped plate III, which thus provides a short front wall Illa and a wider rear wall Ifib, and a connecting bend Iflc, which holds the walls Illa and I01) in spaced parallel relation to each other. This U-shaped plate or base is mounted astride the front wall 6, so that the narrow wall Illa will bear against the front side of the front wallB, and the wider wall IIlb will bear against the rear side of the front wall 6.

The wider wall IIlb is secured to the front wall 6 of the hand bag by means of button snap elements II and I2, secured to the walls 6 and lb, respectively. By detaching the wide wall IIlb from the front wall 6, the entire coin dispensing holder may be detached from the hand bag.

The front and narrow wall Illa is equipped with a horizontal row of coin holding pockets I3, arranged between the opposing walls I4 and I5 of the case I6. Between these walls I4 and I5 flanged plungers or followers I! are arranged, and are engaged by the coil springs I8, one of which is shown in Fig. 3, and pressed against the transversely slotted stop plate I9, the individual slots of which are smaller than the follower discs or cups [1, and narrower than the coins which are held between the follower discs and the stop plate The stop plate slots I9a open through one side of the plate, so that the coins may be withdrawn from the holder by a sliding lateral motion.

Normally the closure flap of the hand bag completely conceals the coin dispensing holder from observation, and when the user wishes to find a five cent piece or coin, or a ten cent piece or coin, the closure flap is raised, and the proper coin is removed.

The arrangement of the coin dispensing holder as shown provides for two pockets I311, for the ten cent pieces or coins, and the balance or four pockets I3 are used for five cent coins. These two coins cover the requirements for operating pay station telephones, or riding on street cars or buses.

Any other arrangement of the coin holder may be made, so as to provide for dispensing coins of twenty-five cent value, in addition to the five and ten cent coins.

It is not necessary for the user of the hand bag to lift the closure flap so as to entirely expose the coin holder, as the hand may be extended under the closure flap, after it has been separated from the front wall 6, and the required coin or coins removed, after which the closure flap may be secured in closed position.

It is understood that various changes in the details of construction, their arrangement and combination, may be made, and that various materials may be used for the construction of the holder, within the scope of the invention, as defined by the claims hereof.

Having described the invention, I claim as new:

1. The combination with a ladys hand bag having a front wall and a closure flap folding over and against the front wall, of a coin dispensing holder having a detachable U-shaped base straddling the upper edge of the front wall, and a series'of spring pressed coin dispensing members supported on said base outwardly of.

the front wall and normally concealed by the 010-- sure flap.

2. The combination with a ladys hand bag hav-- ing a front wall and a closure flap having detachable connection with the front wall, of a coin dispensing holder having a U-shaped base mounted astride the upper edge of the front wall, said base having a wide wall to engage the rear side of the front wall and a narrow wall to engage the front side of the front wall, a connector at each end of the wide wall for holding said base detachably on the said front wall, and a series of spring pressed coin dispensing retainers mounted on the narrow wall of said base and normally concealed by the closure flap of said 7 hand bag.


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