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Publication numberUS2429928 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 28, 1947
Filing dateSep 4, 1945
Priority dateSep 4, 1945
Publication numberUS 2429928 A, US 2429928A, US-A-2429928, US2429928 A, US2429928A
InventorsExline Marcus P
Original AssigneeExline Marcus P
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US 2429928 A
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Oct. 28, 1947. M P, EXLlNE l 2,429,928


Filed Sep'. 4, 1945 Patented oct. 2s, 1947 UNITED gsrlrrEs PATENT OFFICE 2,429,928 DoLL Marcus P. Exline, Dallas, Tex.

Application September 4, 1945, Serial No. 614,231

1 Claim.

This invention relates to novelties and more particularly to dolls.

The principal object of the invention is to provide a novel construction in a doll, which includes a hollow, preferably coniform body portion, suitably embellished to simulate clothing and which is provided with a substantially spherical head in two half sections, each having features pointed or otherwise applied thereto of different types. Moreover, the head is manipulatable from side to side as well as vertically and rotatably by means vof a rod depending within the body and by which is simulated for amusement characteristic, although exaggerated, movements of the human head.

Another object of the invention is to provide, by virtue of the sectional head, a double faced doll and, because of the fact that the head is held onto the body portion of the doll by the fabric of the clothing, thrust into an aperture in the head by the manipulating rod, a simple and economical construction is provided.

With the foregoing objects as paramount, the invention has further reference to certain features of accomplishment which will become apparent as the description proceeds, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings where- Figure l is a front elevational view of a doll constructed according to the present invention,r


Figure 2 is a side elevational View, the greater part being in Vertical section.

Continuing with a more detailed description of the drawing, reference numeral I denotes'a truncated cone shaped body portion of any suitable material. An annular member Il is placed over and secured to the body I0 at a point spaced below the upper and smaller end thereof, and above this member and supported thereby is a quantity of cotton I2 or other suitable` material, held in place by a piece of fabric I3, representing the clothing for the upper portion of the body. Thus is simulated the bust or torso of the doll. Further reference to the fabric I3 will be made presently.

A head for the doll is formed by molding or otherwise producing two halves I 4 of a sphere or by cuttinga ball into equal sections and painting on each section features simulating facial characteristics of a human. It is preferred, for oddity or contrast, thatthe features of one section be widely different fromthose of the companion section, perhaps of different races. Moreover, for similar reasons, it is preferred that the pattern and color of the fabric I3 and I5 constituting the Waist and skirt respectively, be different.

(C1. llli-151) In assembling the head sections I4, a simple headdress I6, consisting of a semi-circular piece of ruflied fabric, is placed between the sections which latter are glued or cemented together.

The head sections are jointly recessed at I'I and, in order to secure the head to the body I0, the fabric of the waist I3 is forced into the recess by a rod I8 of wood, plastic or other material. A small quantity of glue is placed in the recess Il or on the end of the rod I8 which, after f hardening, will hold the rod rmly in the head and since the fabric I3 is firmly embedded in the recess, the head is held onto the body but with su'icient freedom of movement that it may be manipulated into various and humorous positions by operating the rod I8 within the body Ill.

As a decorative feature and to conceal the wrinkles in the fabric I3 caused by inserting the rod I8 into the head I4, an annular piece of fabric I9 surrounds the neck of the doll. The fabric I3 is briefly made to form arms 20 and is joined at 2l to the fabric of the skirt I5 at the waist and also to the body I 0 by cement or glue to hold the parts in proper relationship.

Manifestly, the construction as shown and de-- scribed is capable of some modification and such modification as may be construed to fall within the scope and meaning of the appended claim is also considered to be within the spirit and intent of the invention.

- What is claimed is:

A novelty doll comprising a spherical head in hemispherical sections, a decorative head piece retained between said sections, a body in the shape of a truncated cone, a fabric draping for said body, a portion thereof overlying the upper open end of said body, a rod having one end .entering a recess jointly made in said head sec'- tions and thrusting therein the central overlying portion of said draping to hold said head movably on said body, said rod depending into saidN body and manipulable to move said head on said body.

MARCUS P. REFERENCES CITED The following references are of record in the file of this patent:


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International ClassificationA63H3/00, A63H3/12
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