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Publication numberUS2430414 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 4, 1947
Filing dateJan 19, 1946
Priority dateJan 19, 1946
Publication numberUS 2430414 A, US 2430414A, US-A-2430414, US2430414 A, US2430414A
InventorsHarry Stern
Original AssigneeJohn J Koffler
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Vibrating armature massager
US 2430414 A
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Nov. 4, 1947. B. A. STERN 2,430,414


flnventor Eenjamz'ri d. 5er:2.1)eceased D3 Harr-q i em. Executor Patented Nov. 4, 1947 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE VIBRAT ING ARMATURE MASSAGER Benjamin A. Stern, deceased, late of Newark, N. J., by Harry Stern, executor, Springfield, Mass, assignor to John J. KoIfler, Newark, N. J.

Application January 19, 1946, Serial No. 642,174

2 Claims. 1

This invention deals with vibrators which may be used advantageously in deep therapy, in the agitation of liquids, and in other cases where a powerful vibrating or agitating effect is desired. More specifically, it deals with an electromagnetic vibrator having an unusually strong armature spring suspension thereby enabling the massaging of the soles of the feet when foot pressures of considerable magnitude are impressed upon the vibrator.

The invention may be more clearly understood by reference to the drawing in which Figure 1 is the side view and Figure 2, the top view of the invention, the numerals referring to similar parts in both figures.

Base I, fitted with rubber cup supports 2, has mounted upon it an electromagnet comprising coil 3 surrounding laminated core 4, and laminated yoke 5. A soft iron armature 6 is fastened to the bottom section 01 spring 1 by means of screws I3. This spring consists of a flat strip of Phosphor bronze or other suitable material bent under in the form of a loop 8 beyond each end of the armature and ending in a vertical support 9 at each end, these being fastened to base I by bolts I0. The spring thus resembles an open T. Sub-base II acts as a support for yoke 5 of the electromagnet and is fastened to the yoke by bolts I2 and to base I by bolts I4. Mounted over spring I, and at right angles thereto, is an inverted U-shaped spring I5, straddling the electromagnet and having its legs I6 fastened to base I by bolts I'I.

Fastened to the middle section of armature 6 is brass screw I8 which projects through springs I and I 5. This screw has an enlarged upper portion which holds the springs tightly against the armature. The upper enlarged portion of screw" I8 is provided with a female thread I 9 into which may be screwed vibrating head 20 having threaded projection 2I which may be screwed in threaded portion I9. Leads 22 from coil 3 are connected to a 3-way switch 28. Lead 23 is a tap in coil 3 to give a less powerful vibration, if desired.

Case 24, made of aluminum, plastic, fiber, or the like, is slipped over the assembly by unscrewing vibrating head 20 and allowing the shaft I8 to extend from opening 26 of case 24, after which vibrating head 20 is screwed back on. Case 24 is fastened to base I by bolts 25. An opening 21 is provided in case 24 as a vent, since some heating does take place when the vibrator is in operation. Attached to case 24 is 3-way switch 28 which enables one to choose between two vibration intensities. Leads 29 are terminated with a plug for an electrical connection.

One of the novel features of the present invention is the spring suspension for the armature which is able to support a considerable amount of weight exerted on the vibrating head 20, and yet allow satisfactory vibration for therapeutic and other use. This type of structure is differentiated from. the conventional single suspension vibrator which ceases to vibrate when appreciable pressure is imposed upon the armature, this in turn causing the armature to make contact with the upper portion of the solenoid. Both springs are integrally joined with the armature and vibrate therewith, the armature being fastened to the double looped spring 1 providing a uniformly distributed floating resilient vibration, while the inverted-U spring I5 provides most of the resistance to pressure exerted upon the vibrating head 20.

It is claimed:

1. A vibrator comprising an electromagnet, an armature above the electromagnet, a flat spring straddling the electromagnet and carrying the armature in its center portion, said spring being looped at each end and extended downward into supports, a flat inverted U-shaped spring straddling the electromagnet above the armature at right angles to the looped spring, and a vibrating head integrally joined to the springs and armature, forming an assembly which vibrates as a unit.

2. A vibrator comprising a base, an electromagnet mounted thereon, an armature above the electromagnet, a flat spring straddling the electromagnet and carrying the armature in its center portion, said spring being looped beyond each end of the armature and extended downward to form an open T, the vertical supports being fastened to the base, a flat inverted U-shaped spring straddling the electromagnet above the armature at right angles to the looped spring, the supports being fastened to the base, and a vibrating head above the springs integrally joined to them and to the armature, forming an assembly which vibrates as a unit.

HARRY STERN, Executor of the Estate of Benjamin A. Stern,


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