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Publication numberUS2431472 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 25, 1947
Filing dateSep 20, 1945
Priority dateSep 20, 1945
Publication numberUS 2431472 A, US 2431472A, US-A-2431472, US2431472 A, US2431472A
InventorsFistell Joseph N
Original AssigneeFistell Joseph N
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Folding holder for papers
US 2431472 A
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Nov. 25, 1947. J. N. FISTELL I FOLDING HOLDER FOR PAPERS Filed Sept. 20, 1945 INVENTOR Jaw 42 JV 723/6 ATTORNEY Patented Nov. 25, 1947 ST'E'S ZAElA? 1 Claim.

This invention relates to a folding holder for flexible sheet material.

The holder is especially adapted for use as a folding cover for maps, army discharge papers,

and like documents. It will, therefore, be first illustrated by description in connection with such use.

There has long been recognized the need of covers, for papers of Various kinds, that permit foldingv along predetermined lines. give little interference with the visibility of the papers covered when the folder is open, cause a minimum of wrinkling when the folder is closed, and, at the same time, exclude dust and other foreign materials to which the folder is exposed when carried, say in an automobile or pocket in the clothes of the owner.

The present invention provides a cover that meets these needs.

Briefly stated, the invention comprises a cover for papers and the like including a back portion of foldable sheet material and a number of spaced transparent sheets that jointly constitute the face portion of the cover, the spaces defined between the edges of adjacent sheets registering with and in part at least determining the lines of folding of the back portion, so that when the folder is folded together, say lengthwise and transversely, the folding lines come between adjacent ones of the said sheets and there is a minimum of distortion of any of the sheets themselves.

In a preferred embodiment, the spaced sheets are constructed of transparent material and the holder includes means attaching the said sheets flexibly at the outer edge thereof to the outer edge of the said back portion, this mounting permitting opening outwardly of the several sheets for the insertion of documents directly in front of the back portion of the cover and then allowing the sheets to return to their normal position so as to form the face portion of the said holder.

In one embodiment the back portion is provided with cut outs so that the back portion is in fact a series of frames arranged generally symmetrically with respect to the said sheets and overlapping the sheets at the edges so that, when the whole is fold-ed together and pressed lightly, the strips, of which the back portion is in effect constructed, form thickened zones which close the spaces between the edge portions of adjacent ones of the said sheets, so as to restrict the entrance of dust behind the said sheets.

Preferably the holder includes an outer case member and means associated therewith for folding and holding the case member over the holder proper when the latter is in folded condition.

The invention Will be further illustrated by description in connection with the attached drawing.

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the holder With the case member in closed condition.

Fig. 2 is a view of the folder in open position.

Fig. 3 is a sectional View on line 33 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is a perspective View of the holder in partly folded condition.

Fig. 5 is a sectional view of a modified form of construction.

There is shown a case member 2 suitably of the general shape of a bill fold with snap elements and 6 constituting means for maintaining the case in closed condition.

The folder includes a number of transparent sheets 8, l8, E2, or 22 constituting in effect windows through which a document may be read. These sheets normally extend parallel to the plane of the back portion 16, to which they are secured at an outer edge as by hinge member M with suitable stitching. As shown in the modification of Fig. 4, the transparent sheets may be stitched directly to the material 23 of the back portion and such construction substituted without other change for that of Fig. 3, the substitution being made in the structure of Fig. 2. Being secured in either the manner of Fig. 2 or Fig. 4, the sheets or windows may be opened hingewise along the zone of attachment to the back portion, for insertion of the document between the said sheets and the back portion.

The folder suitably includes also transparent corner pieces i8 secured as shown along the broken lines to the back portion and constituting pockets into which the corners of the sheet of paper 23 to be protected may be inserted and held, even when the transparent sheets constituting the Windows are raised.

The folder preferably includes means securing the folding holder proper, as at a corner section thereof, to the case 2 so that the holder when folded lengthwise and transversely may be fitted readily within the case before the snap on the case is closed.

In a preferred embodiment the back portion is provided with cut outs as shown, so that the back portion consists in part of a series of foldable cross tapes forming frames, each frame being disposed generally symmetrically with respect to the over-lying one of the sheets 8, l8, l2, or 22 and the length and breadth of the cut-out being somewhat less than corresponding dimensions of the said sheets, so that the sheet and the frame of the back portion overlap as shown in th drawings.

When such a holder ,is folded together, the strips of material of the back portion give thickened strips framing adjacent ones of the sheets of the face portion. When the case member is closed, the slight but appreciable pressure that results is concentrated on these thickened zones and thus seals the space between the edges of the sheet members. This minimizes the entrance of dust and foreign materials when the folder is being carried.

When the back portion is provided with the cut-outs, the space represented by the parts of the material cut away is preferably occupied by transparent sheet material I 5 constituting rear windows. These windows make the document legible also from the back of the holder except for such portions of the document as lie directly behind the frames of opaque material of the back portion. These frames may also be of transparent material, this making the back of the document completely legible.

The hinge member I4 of Fig. 3 may be omitted. In this case, the several sheets constituting jointly the face portion are inserted, at an outer edge of each, within the fold of the frame or material 26 of the back portion and attached directly thereto, as by the stitching extending through the edges of the sheet material 20 and the sheet 22 of Fig. 5.

In one embodiment the case contains an extension portion forming a pocket with window 24, framing 26, and stitching 28 extending around three side of the pocket and holding the window to the extension on the case proper. Card 21 may be inserted.

It Will be understood that in the various figures the broken lines or dash lines represent stitching. In some cases the stitching holds the frame of the back portion to the transparent windows therein which close the cut-out portions. In other cases, the stitching secures the sheet material constituting the windows of the front or face portion to an outer edge of the said back portion.

Materials of construction may be those that are usual in articles of the general class of my holders.

Thus, the spaced sheets constituting the face of the holder, other windows, and the corner pieces I8 are suitably constructed of flexible sheets of Cellophane, Celluloid, or a plastic polymerized vinyl compound.

The framework 29 of the back portion is thin foldable sheet material and suitably a textile, pyroxylin coated fabric, rubberized fabric, Cellophane, Vinyl plastic of the kind described, or the like. The material of the back portion, in the zones that fold, is preferably selected to be more 4 readily flexed than material of the sheets 8 or 22 or of the corner pieces I8 if used.

The case member is ordinarily constructed of leather, although there may be used here pyroxylin coated or rubberized fabric or foldable plastic.

When the entire back portion is of the same material, as it may be for some uses of the holder, the back may be constructed of any suitable thin foldable sheet material, as, for instance, Cellophane, one of the transparent plastics described, or fabric in either coated or uncoated condition.

The snap fastener parts 4 and 6 may be constructed of metal or plastic in usual manner.

A holder constructed as described folds easily along predetermined lines registering with the spaces between the sheets constituting the face of the cover. When the folded cover is pressed together, as by closing of the case member, then the thickened portions 20, shown particularl in Fig. 4, meet around the transparent sheets and close the spaces therebetween against the entrance of dirt and the like.

The holder described is attractive in appearance, durable, and positive in its action in protecting documents with a minimum of distortion on opening and closing the holder.

It will be understood also that it is intended to cover all changes and modifications of the example of the invention herein chosen for the purpose of illustration which do not constitute departures from the spirit and scope of the invention.

What I claim is:

A folding holder for a thin flexible sheet, the holder comprising a back portion of foldable material, spaced transparent sheets that constitute jointly the front portion of the holder and are spaced apart at their edges, and means securing each of the sheets flexibly and at an outer edge only to an outer edge of the back portion so that the sheets may be opened by flexing at their outer edge so as to expose a continuous sheet-receiving space defined between the outer edges of all the sheets.


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