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Publication numberUS2431934 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 2, 1947
Filing dateDec 12, 1945
Priority dateDec 12, 1945
Publication numberUS 2431934 A, US 2431934A, US-A-2431934, US2431934 A, US2431934A
InventorsHiggins Harry F
Original AssigneeHiggins Harry F
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Festoon ring bracket
US 2431934 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Dec. 2, 1947" H. F. HIGGINS FES'I'OON RING BRCKET Filed Dec. 12. 1945 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 HHRRY F. H1@ @INS Patented Dec. 2, 1947 UNI TED yS TATES PATE-'N T *0 FF ICE FESTG'ONRING BRACKET Harry `F. "Higgins, BaltimorefMd. Application December 12, 1945, Serial No. 634,460

Claims. l

The present invention comprises a festoon ring bracket, an object of which is to provide a bracket for supporting and securing drapery in a predetermined position, maintaining the valanced and draped effect without the use of extraneous fastening means.

Other objects of the invention are to provide a bracket engageable with any kind of a window frame or directly with a Wall; to provide a split bracket equipped with an attachment plate or xture which permits engagement of the bracket with the side of a window frame, on top of the frame or engaged directly with the face of the frame; to provide a bracket in which the drape material self-pleats and is positively retained from casual displacement yet allowing for freedom of movement of the lower ends of the drapes; and to provide a bracket of extremely simple construction which may be secured to its base by ordinary nails or screw Other objects of the invention will be apparent from the following description of the present preferred forms of the invention, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, where- 111? Figure 1 is a side elevational view of a bracket constructed in accordance with the present invention, illustrating its application;

Figure 2 is a front elevational view of the same;

Figure 3 is a perspective View of a modied form of bracket illustrating its application;

Figure 4 is a perspective view of a form of bracket constructed in accordance with the present invention;

Figure 5 is a plan View of the same;

Figure 6 is a plan view of a modied form of a bracket;

Figure 7 is a side elevational view thereof; and

Figure 8 is a iront elevatio-nal View of the form of bracket shown in Figures 6 and 7.

In order to illustrate the application of my invention, I have in Figures 1, 2 and 3, illustrated a portion of a window frame upon which a bracket constructed in accordance with the present invention is mounted. Conventional drapes are trained through the brackets. The window frame is indicated in the drawings at 9 and has eX- tended, in the form of inventions illustrated in Figures 1 and 2, from the sides thereof, brackets Ill made in accordance with the present invention. In Figure 3, the bracket is shown as eX- tending from the top of the frame. These Figures, 1, 2 and 3, also include drapes II which are engaged with the brackets in a manner hereinafter described. One form of the bracket is illustrated in detail, in Figures 4 and 5, and consists of a split ring I2, the free ends of which are extended at right angles to provide a support composed of parallelly arranged arms I3, with an interstice I4 therebetween, through which a drape is adapted to be trained. The interstice is in communication with the interior of the ring I2. The outer free ends of the arms I3 are engaged with a lixture I5 which in the present instance is shown to consist of a rectangular bracket, each of the` angles being provided with openings I 6 which are adapted for the reception of ordinary nails, screws or other suitable anchoring means. The xture I5 is adapted for engagement in an obvious manner with a side of the Window frame 9, with the top of the frame, or with the front face of the latter. When so engaged, the ring projects inwardly from the sides of the frame, downwardly from the top of the latter, or from the face of the frame.

In the form of invention illustrated in Figures 6 to 8, a split ring I2 is shown which has detachably secured to one face thereof, a supporting arm I3 which is bifurcated to provide an interstice I 4. The free ends of the furcations are detachably secured to the split ring as illustrated advantageous in Figures 6 and 7, by bolts Il. The opposite ends of the furcations mergeinto a plate I8 which carries a fixture I5.

In use of this invention, the drape material is drawn through the rings and balanced evenly on both sides. The material, either the hemmed or selvaged end, is then trained into the interstice I4 or I4'. As the material is inserted in the interstice, it automatically pleats itself and is permanently held in position. Only one-half of the width of the material is inserted in the interstice, the rest falling through the ring. In, this way, the valance is positively held between the rings, yet the lower ends of the drape may be moved freely for use with tie-backs or the like.

It is of course to be understood that although I have herein described preferred forms of the invention, I am aware that changes may be made therein and that the bracket may be made of any one of a number of materials, without departing from the spirit and scope of the claims hereto appended.

What I claim is:

`1. A festoon ring bracket comprising an open edged ring equipped with furcations provided with a drape receiving interstice, and a base engaging fixture carried by the furcations.

2. A festoon ring bracket comprising an open edged ring, arms extending from the ring, the

arms being spaced to provide a slot through which a drape may be trained, and means on the arms for securement to a supporting base.

3. A bracket for supporting drapes comprising an open edged ring, and arms on the ring provided with an interstice in communication with the ring to facilitate training a drape uninterruptedly through the ring and between said arms.

4. A bracket for supporting drapes comprising an open edged ring, arms on thering provided with an interstice in communication with the ring to facilitate training a drape uninterruptedly through the ring and between said arms, and a base engaging xture carried by the arms.

5. A bracket comprising an open edged ring 15 2,329,446


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