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Publication numberUS2432947 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 16, 1947
Filing dateNov 15, 1946
Priority dateNov 15, 1946
Publication numberUS 2432947 A, US 2432947A, US-A-2432947, US2432947 A, US2432947A
InventorsThompson Benton F
Original AssigneeThompson Benton F
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Waterproof wrap-around shoe covering
US 2432947 A
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Dec. 16, 1947. B. F. THOMPSON 2,432,947


. In 0672607 Ben fan I Th. om vson/ Patented Dec. 16, 1942 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE WATERPROOF WRAP-AROUND SHOE COVERING BentonF- Tho N usatuc Conn- Application November 15, 19.46, Serial .No.710,'1'22 nature which will Q YeI the shoe in inclement weather where the protection is mostneeded.

A further object is to provide a shoe coverin .of .the above nature which will be light in weight and compactso as to permit it-to be folded when n t in use nto a small spac and t d a waterproof envelope which ma be ca ed i t e purse or pocket.

in "further object is toaprovide a simp e w t proof covering of the above nature which may be adjusted to and wrapped tightly around any Size. shoe or foot.

A further object is to providea wrapzaround foot covering .of the above nature which will be practical to use on a wide variety of sizes and lasts .of shoes, including the platform or edgie types, and which .onaccountof itsyadjustability and soft draping qualities will be molded to fit-the ffoot so as not to interferewiththse how or buckle worn on-the shoe.

A further object is to provide a shoe or foot covering of the abovenature which will be simple in construction, inexpensive to manufacture, easy to install and manipulate, ornamental in appearance, and very efficient and durable in use.

With these and other objects in view, there has been illustrated on the accompanying drawing one form in which the invention may conveniently be embodied in practice.

In the drawing,

Fig. 1 represents a perspective view of the improved wraparound shoe covering as it appears when worn upon a womans shoe and foot.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the same, as it appears when the attaching straps have been unbuckled, and one side flap of the covering swung downwardly preparatory to removing it from the foot and shoe.

Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view of the blank from which the wrap-around shoe covering may be formed by folding and stitching,

Fig. 4 is a transverse sectional view of the same, taken through the center of the sole along the line 4-4 of Fig. 3, looking in the direction of the arrows.

Referring now to the drawings in which like reference numerals denote corresponding parts throughout the several views, the numeral H] indicates a four-sided blank having a pair of round- 1 ed central tabs ll, l2 at the forward portion thereof, The tabs ll, l2 are adapted to be stitched together by a line of stitching I3, as clearly shown in Figs. 1 and 2 of the drawing.

The blank is also provided with a pair of side,-

2 cover flaps {4,15 of identical shapahaving pair of notches l6, l1 adjoining the outer ends .of the ca d ab 1 l? res c ie fi ci i ei the binding of the transverse forward edges of the cover flaps l4, [5 in a sewing machine.

Between the two forward tabs ll," 12, the blank I!) is cut to provide a substantially-triangular tab IQ, which is adapted to be bent upwardly and rearwardly so as to overlie the sole portion of the shoecovering when worn on the shoe. The

tab is is then preferably Stitched t the blank H]. V

In order to permit the stitching of the rear of the cover flaps l4, l5 together under the instep and in front of'the heel H of-theshoe S (see Figs. 1 and 2), provision is made of a pair-of vV-notches 19 {20, as clearly shown in Fig. 3 of :the drawing. The notches I 3, 20 permit the rear of the shoe covering to be suitably molded to the shape of the shoe.

:l ocated between the :V-notches [9,20 is a-cen .tral rear tab 2| underneath the instep-arch of the shoe, and-conforming to thecurvaturethereof.

.Brovision is alsomade ofasole tread 22, substantially oval-shaped, as clearly shown inFig, 3, which tread 22 is secured to the underside of the blank ill] by Inean's'of a layerof self-curing cement 23, or by stitching, or both. It may also be attached by vulcanization.

The outer sides of the cover flaps I4, I 5 are provided with angular end sections 24, 25, having a pair of obtuse corners 2B, 21 at the forward portions thereofsaid obtuse corners being adapted to be folded under the instep arch of the shoe S.

Provision is also made of a pair of rear acute angle corners 28, 29, which are adapted to be folded over the instep and the ankle A of the shoe above the heel H.

In order to secure the cover flaps (4, 15 together, provision is made of a pair of snap fastener posts 30, 3| located at the corners 26, 29.

The post 3| is adapted to be secured by means of a longitudinal flexible elastic strap 32 to the corner 28. Provision is also made of a transverse elastic strap 33 stitched to the corner 21, The straps 32, 33 have adjustable buckles 34, 35, respectively, which are provided with snap fasteners 36, 31, respectively.

Operation In operation, the blank I0 will have its toe tabs I I, I2 stitched together to form a cradle for the toe of the shoe S, as shown in Figs. 1 and 2. The side flaps l4, l5 will then be folded over the shoe as illustrated in Fig. 2, and the snap fastener buckles 34, 35 connected to the snap fastener posts 39, 3!.

It will be understood that the strap 32 will be located around the rear of the ankle A of the foot, while the strap 33 will be located underneath the instep part of the shoe S.

It will also be clear that the adjustable buckles 3 35 may be moved along the straps 32, 33 to any desired positions according to the size and shape of the foot and shoe, and may thereafter be at tached or detached without further adjustments being required.

The shoe covering blank It may be constructed from any desired water-repellant or waterproof sheet material such as rubber, fabric, plastic, or film, and may be of any desired color, and transparent or otherwise.

It will be understood that the shoe covering may also consist of a oneor two-piece upper depending upon solid or multi-color combinations employed.

It will be understood that instead of stitching the tabs to the flaps as herein illustrated, these parts may be connected to the blank by cement or fastener elements, within the spirit and scope of this invention,

It will also be understood that instead of emplOyiIlg snap fasteners for connecting the straps to the cover flaps, hooks may also be used within the purview of this invention. Moreover, the straps may be made of fabric or plastic and may be elastic or not, within the scope of the present invention.

While there has been disclosed in this specification one form in which the invention may be embodied, it is to be understood that this form is shown for the purpose of illustration only, and that the invention is not to be limited to the specific disclosure, but may be modified and embodied in various other forms without departing from its spirit. In short the invention includes all the modifications and embodiments coming within the scope of the following claims.

Having thus fully described the invention, what is claimed as new, and for which it is desired to secure Letters Patent, is:

1. In a foot or shoe covering, a flexible sheet of material having a central tread secured to the bottom of said sheet, a pair of forward curved tabs secured together to form a cradle for the toev of the shoe or foot, a flexible elastic transverse strap connected to one side of the sheet for passing under the instep arch and detachably connected to the other side of said sheet, and a second flexible strap connected to the other side of said sheet for passing around the rear of the ankle being detachably secured to the first mentioned side of said sheet.

2. The invention defined in claim 1, in which said straps are secured to the sides 01 said sheet by means of snap fasteners.

3. The invention defined in claim 1, in which the inner sections of said tabs are provided with curved sections which are stitched together to form said cradle.

4. The invention defined in claim 1, in which a pair of curved forward central tabs are provided to form the cradle thereof, and notches are provided at the outer portions of said tabs to permit the binding of the raw edges of the forward portions of the sides of said sheet.

5. The invention defined in claim 1, in which said sheet is provided with a rear central tab underlying the instep arch of the shoe,

6. The invention defined in claim 1, in which said straps are provided with adjustable buckles for connection with fastener members on the edges of said sheet.

7. The invention defined in claim 1, in which adjustable snap fastener buckles are provided on said straps for cooperation with snap fastener studs secured to the outer portions of said side sheets.

8. The invention defined in claim 1, in which a pair of curved tabs are provided at the forward inner portions of said sheet, said tabs enclosing a triangular tab which is adapted to be bent over the top of said sheet above said tread.


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