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Publication numberUS2435394 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 3, 1948
Filing dateDec 26, 1946
Priority dateDec 26, 1946
Publication numberUS 2435394 A, US 2435394A, US-A-2435394, US2435394 A, US2435394A
InventorsHawley James P
Original AssigneeHawley James P
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Adjustable toothbrush
US 2435394 A
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Feb. 3, 1943. HAWLEY 2,435,394

ADJUSTABLE TOOTHBRUSH Filed DEC. 26, 1946 26 .34 26 50 n 4 2m, I


This invention relates to brushes and more particularly to the mounting of the bristles therein.

It is an object of the present invention to pro vide a row of bristles within a toothbrush which will be adjustable between two positions, one position being such that the row of bristles will be in alignment respectively with the row of bristles located on a fixed member and the other position being such that the row of bristles will be aligned so as to be respectively staggered with regard to the respective bristles of the fixed row, whereby to adapt the brush for different brushing operations within the mouth such as up and down brushing or sidewise brushing.

It is another object of the present invention to provide an adjustable slide within a brush bearing bristles which will be easily fitted and made secure within a recess within the brush structure and which will extend to an intermediate portion along the length of the brush and adjacent the handle thereon so as to have a brush projection which is readily accessible for effecting the adjustment of the row of bristles.

According to the invention, there is provided a brush structure with a dove-tailed groove fitted therein on the face thereof containing the bristles. Within this dove-tailed groove, there is adjustably slidable a member containing a row of such bristles similarly spaced to the rows of bristles carried within the fixed portion of the brush structure and adapted to be adjusted between two positions, one position being such that the respective bristles of the row will be in transverse alignment with the bristles on the fixed part and another position being such that the bristles of the row will be staggered with respect to the bristles of the fixed part.

Projecting from an opening in the intermediate portion adjacent the handle thereof, is a button which is readily accessible and can be pushed or pulled to effect adjustment of the slide bearing the row of bristles. The slide cannot be removed unless the button portion is removed from the slide and the slide made free of the opening having the stop ends therein. The slide can only be moved a short distance and is not removable therefrom except on very infrequent occasions when it is desired that the slide be replaced by another slide having fresh bristles.

For further comprehension of the invention, and of the objects and advantages thereof, reference will be had to the following description and accompanying drawings, and to the appended claims in which the various novel features of the invention are more particularly set forth.

In the accompanying drawings forming a material part of this disclosure:

Fig. 1 is a plan view looking at the underside of a toothbrush, showing the slide adjusted so 2 I that its bristles are in staggered relation to the bristles on the fixed portion of the brush structure.

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary view similar to Fig. 1 but where the slide has been adjusted forwardly so as to place the bristles thereupon in transverse alignment with the bristles on the fixed part.

Fig. 3 is a transverse cross sectional view taken on line 33 of Fig. 2, looking in the direction of the arrows thereof.

Fig. 4 is a transverse cross sectional view taken on line 4-4 of Fig. 1, through the opening wherein the button portion may lie.

Fig. 5 is an enlarged perspective view of the forward end of the brush with the slide removed therefrom, looking into the dove-tailed groove and back opening provided therewithin.

Fig. 6 is a perspective view of the slide with the button portion thereon, removed from the main body of the brush.

Fig. 7 is a fragmentary plan view of a modified form of the invention wherein the slide will be positively fixed in its adjusted positions.

Fig. 8 is a cross sectional view taken on line 8-8 of Fig. 7, looking in the direction of the arrows thereof.

Referring now to the figures, I0 represents a brush having a handle portion II and a forward portion or brush head I2 having fixed bristles I3 located, therewithin on two rows, one at each side of the portion I2. Extending through the middle of the portion or head I2 is a dove-tailed groove I4 adapted to contain a complementary slide I5 also having bristles I6 thereon. This slide I5 can be moved between two positions, one where the bristles I6 are in transverse alignment with the bristles I3 and in the other position where the bristles I6 are staggered with relation to the bristles I3, as shown in Fig. 1. On the inner end of the slide I5 is a button I7 attached thereto by means of a screw I8 extending downwardly through the button and into the slide. This button I1 is adapted to be moved within an enlarged opening portion II. The length of this opening is only sufiiciently long to allow the bristles I6 to be aligned as aforementioned. The rear edge of the button II will engage the back 2| of the opening and thereby retain the slide so that the bristles are staggered with the bristles I3.

The forward edge of the button I! will engage with shoulders 22 on the ends of the forward portion of the opening I9. The button I! is fitted into a cut-out portion 23 on the inner end of the slide and projects upwardly from the top of the opening I9 only sufficiently to provide a good engagement with the thumb or finger portion which may be rested upon the brush handle II. The

I9 in the handle 26, an extension 21 having a button. 28 fixed. to 7 it with V-shaped side projections 29 a nd.3fl adapt: ed to be seated in side notches 31 or 32 adjacent opposite ends of an opening; 33,in;,which;thfi;hut-. l

ton 38 can slide. against the action of a leaf spring 34 on'the slide 25 by projecting a fingernail or pointed article through an opening 39iin-the bottom of the-brush handle H. Whenthe buttorr 38 is at the man of the opening, the bristles upon the slide 25 wilt beplaced: instaggeredi relation to the bristles l 3 on the mainpart of" the-brush; When the slide is: moved forwardly so that; the button 38 1s in the forward endof the opening, the bristleson the slide 25 will be placed in transverse alignment with the=bristles l3 of-the=main-part; The spring- 34= will at alltimes keep'the extension and the button 28in the opening 33:

It is to-be understood thatthebuttons l 1 and 28- may be formed integral with the slide members l and 21, respectively;- also'that-thebrush" may be ofany desired size and shapeand used for'oleaning' teeth on-other-purposes;

While 1 have illustrated and described the-pre ferred embodiments of-"my invention; it"isto-beunderstood that :D do-notxlimit myself tothe precise constructionv herein disclosed and the rightis reserved to all changes and-modificationscom ing withim thescopeof; the invention; as defined in-the appended-:claims: I

Having thus. described; my invention, what; I claimras; new; and: desire: to secure by United States LettersBatent; is::

The extension 21 can bixraised 1. A brush having a brush headtandiashandle portion; said; brushzhead. and handle portion havmg: aslotz extending axially; therethrough, said brush head: having-hrushzbristles zatzonposite sides;

i: the: slot: and r sp ctively: in: transverse: align,- men i ithnn eanothersa slid zlonsitudinalln ads-- Jxlstablew' bin-the slotend avinabristl s adante dio e; ali ned witlrthebristles on; the brush; head; means-disposedswithin thehandle fonl mitr ins, th move ent: of theisl de wh re y the ris: tlesunom th .1 !16.- e; mnsnt inta eithe transverse alignment. with,- the bristle on therush headorstagge d withrespect thereta aid; m ans for 1i Il ti 1QYH L o t e lidcomnrisins a butt nsecuredatolthe nner end o the lide amtv n op ning in 'thehandle adapted;

to be 1 abutted by, the button, at, one end on he t er. wh n he. slide has he ntmoved into: ne

or the other: of its positions 7 r 2, A, brush havine ab u h, head: a d a handle. ortion, saidbrush head,andihandleh l 1% ing a. slot, extending axially therethrough, said: brushiheadhayins brushbristlesat. on'positesides. of the, slot and, resp ctive y in transverse. align: ment with one anothenaislide longitudinally. ad.- iusta e with n theslot and ea ing ristles adantdi o e ls ed'with the. bristle heqbrush. ead; .mean d shesedtwithinihelhandlefor l mit: ing, the movement oftheslidewhereby the brise tlesqupon' the slide may be brought into either,v transverse-'aiig-nment withthe bristles ;onthe brush-head=orstaggered witlrrespeottheretm said means for limiting-the mbvement ofi'the slide the slide, and an opening in the handle adapted to be abutted by the button at one end or the other when the slide has been moved into one or theother of its positions, saidlb ittcnlbei s r movably; secured to the innenenld qntheslide and adapted to lie transversely ofthe slide and within the opening so that its front edge will engage shoulders at the front of the opening and at oppositesides of the slot or will engage the back of the openingto limit the movement of the slide when moving in that direction.

fiihibrushihayins a brush head and a handle portion said brush head and handle portion having'a slot extending axially therethrough, said brush head having brush bristles at opposite sides of t'he slot and respectively-in transverse alignment with one anothen,- a slide-longitudinally ad'-- justable within the slot and having bristles adapted to be aligned with; thebristleson the brush head; means disposed-within thehandle for limiting the movement of-the slidewhereby-thebnis-- tlesupon the slidemay bebrought into either transverse" alignment with the bristles on: the-- brush head= or-staggeredwith respect thereto; said means for limiting the movement of" the: slide comprising apress buttorr secured to the inner end of theslide; and an opening-in the handle adaptedto-be abutted by the press button, at one endor the other when the slidehas' been=moved into one or the other of-itspositions, said-press button being-removably seoure'd'to the' inner end ofthe slide-and ad'aptedtolietransversely oftheslide and Withinthe opening-sothat itsfront edge will engage shoulders-at the front of theopeningand at opposite sidesof the slot? or will engage" the-back of the opening to limit themovement of the slide when moving in'that direction; said-slidebeingrecessed at its inner'lend and saidpress button adapted to lie within the recess upon the innerend of the; slide-and a screw for connecting the press buttontotheslide. r

4'; A- brushhaving abrush head and'a handle portion; saidbrushhead andhandle-portionhav ing aslot" extending axiallyiherethrough; said brush headfhavingbrus-h bristlesat oppositesidesof the slot andrespectively in transverse alignment with one; another; a slide longitudinally adjustable within 't-he slot-'arrdihaving bristles adapted to,b e aligned withthe bristles; on the brush head; means disposed within the" handle for limiting:- the-movement? of the slidewhereandbutton to-retain thebuttonandslidei-n one of; its adjusted positions withinthe opening: 5'; A brush having-a brush head and=a handle I portion; said brus-h head and handle portion having a slot extendingaxially therethrough, said brushhead-having-brushbristles at' opposite sides of the slot and respectively in transverse align ment with-- one another, aslide longitudinally adjustable within the groove and having bristles adapted tobealigned with the" bristles on t he brush head, means disposed" within the handle for limiting the movement o'fi thefslide where;

comprising abutton-secured to the inner Y end of bythebristles upon the slide may 'be'brought into either transverse alignment with the bristles on the brush head or staggered with respect thereto, said limiting means comprising an extension on the slide, a button on the extension, said handle portion having an opening for receiving the extension and the button, said extension being adjustably connected to the slide so that it may at times be pivoted along with the button upwardly and out of the opening, projection and notch means on the sides of the opening and button to retain the button and slide in any one of its adjusted positions within the opening, and a spring extending between the slide and the extension tending to retain the extension and button in the opening, and said handle portion having 16 1,671,334

6 a hole beneath the button opening to provide access for a fingernail or article whereby to raise the button and extension out of the opening to effeet the adjustment of the slide.


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