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Publication numberUS243589 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 28, 1881
Filing dateApr 4, 1881
Publication numberUS 243589 A, US 243589A, US-A-243589, US243589 A, US243589A
InventorsMachine For Inserting Goose-necks
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Machine for inserting goose-necks and couplings into flexible hose
US 243589 A
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o e J. F. -MALLINoKnonrl n Machine for Inserting Goose Neoks end Couplings into Flexible Hose.

Patented l une 28, 188i.l



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 243,589, dated June 28, 1881,

' Appncatmnnlealipriu,1an. (Monti.)

To all whom z't may concern Beit known that 1, JOHN F. MALLINGKEODT',

of Denver, in the county of `Arapahoe and`4 State of Colorado, Yhave invented certain new and useful Improvements in Machines for Insertien g Goose-Necks and Couplings into Flexif ble Hose; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, which will enable others skilled in the art .to which it appertains to make and use the salne, reference being had toV the accompanying drawings, which form a part of this specification, and in which- Figure 1 is Va side elevation of my machine. Fig. 2 is a transverse vertical section through the hose-clamp, laid through the line x x, Figs. l and 3. Fig. 3 is aplan or top view. Fig. 4 is a perspective detail view, on an enlarged scale, of the collar for operating the screwthreaded shaft; and Fig. 5 is alongitudinal vertical section through the shaft-bearing and its collar.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in all the figures.

-My invention'contemplates the construction of a machine or apparatus for screwing goosenecks or hose-couplings of any kind into lengths of rubber or other flexible hose, and it consists inthe construction and combination ot' parts as hereinafter more fully set forth.

In the annexed drawings, A is the bed of the machine, which is elevated at a convenient height upon legs or supports a. The bed has two longitudinal parallel slots, b b, through which a pair of vertical rods, B B, are inserted vertical-ly opposite to one another, and having heads at their lower ends, as shown at c c. The upper ends of the vertical rods or uprights B are nutt'ed to the lower part of a clamp or squeezerf C, the parts of whichare hinged at d, and the upper part provided with a han-V die, C', and a hinged bail or stirrup D,- which may be slipped over a projection, G2, on Ythe lower part or jaw. Both jaws have a transverse groove, e, or they may be recessed, corrugated, or serrated in any suitable manner,

l to hold the hose firmly in place after it has been placed in the clamp.

The clamp C rests upon a standard or plank set on edge, E, which projectsinto a transverse groove in the underside of the lower jaw, and upon which the clamp lis held in place by the nntted rods B B. By loosening` the nuts the clamp may be moved forward or back upon its support or standard E','thus regulating its distance from the other part of themachine, which I shall now proceed to describe. This consists of a threaded shaft, F, having a crank,f, for rotating it. The shaft is inserted through a smooth tubular bearing, G, supported upon a bracket, G, which is bolted or otherwise suitably secured upon the bed of themachine. rIhe inner end of this bearing G forms an eccentric bearing, g, (as to the shaftrF,) fora collar, H, of the shapegand construction shown in Fig. 4 of the drawings. The upper part of this collar is eut away on its front side or face, forming a lower projecting semicircular rim, h, which is screw-threaded to fit the threads of shaft F.

i is a stud or lug, which projects from the eccentric g and forms a stop for the collar when it is rotated upon its eccentric, and i' is a short pin, which is inserted through the collar and projects down into a circumferential slot or groove in the fixed eccentric g, for the purpose of preventing the collar from slipping off of the eccentric endwise.

Y Upon the inner end of shaft F, opposite to and in a line with the adjustable clamp O, is theV clamp or holding device I, for holding the goose neck that is to be screwed into the hose, which is held in the clamp. This device has a projecting ian ge or shoulder, 7c, in which the outer or bent end of the goose-neck rests, it being held firmly in place by a set-screw, l, inserted throughthe upper arm, m, of the device, the rear end of which has a collar, n, for its Vattachment to the shaft by means of the pin or bolt o. By withdrawing this pin the device I may be removed and any other suitably-constructed holding device substituted; or, when the machine is to be used for the insertion of Y couplings into thehose, one of the couplings is pinned onto the end of shaft F, in like manner as the device I, and in that position serves as a carrier for its mate to be screwed into the hose. l t l K is a collar, which-is secured upon shaft F near its vinner end, jus back of the holding device. After the coupling or goose-neck has been crewed into the hose the loose collar H is given nalf aturn, which releases its threads from those, ofthe shaft, so that the latter may be pulled back through its tubular bearing G IOO Without turning. When the fixed collar K strikes collar H the shaft will be in such a position relative to the latter that when collar H is again given a half-turn back its threads will once more engage with the threaded shaft, and this is ready to be screwed forward again for the insertion of another coupling.

Having thus described my invention, I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United Statesl. The hose clamp or holder G, having handie O,1ockingstirrnp D, and nutted rods B B, in combination with the support E and slotted bed or table A, substantially as set forth.

2. The combination of the tubular bearing G, having fixed eccentric g and stud i, screwthreaded shaft F, having crank fand fixed collar K, and recessed nut H h, riding upon the JOHN F. MALLINCKRODT.

Witnesses B. H. CoLvER, C. F. LEiMER.

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Cooperative ClassificationB25B27/10