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Publication numberUS2436237 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 17, 1948
Filing dateApr 4, 1946
Priority dateApr 4, 1946
Publication numberUS 2436237 A, US 2436237A, US-A-2436237, US2436237 A, US2436237A
InventorsHelene Brandt
Original AssigneeHelene Brandt
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Removable cover for handbags or similar articles
US 2436237 A
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H. BRANDT' 2,436,237


INVENTOR l ATTORNEY Filed April 4, 1946 Patented Feb. 17, Y1948 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE REMOVABLE COVER FOR' H'ANDBAGS OR; SIMILAR ARTICLES This invention relates to article protectors o1' covers and more particularly to emergency protectors or envelopes for protecting handbags, hats or other articles from rain, dust or Wear, though it is noted that in most of the claims the invention is not limited to handbags or to lemergency protectors.

Objects of `the invention are to provide an improved device or protecting envelope of this kindA which is 'flexible and easily foldable to avery small space and which may .be quickly and easily un`` folded and secured Vin a water and dust proof manner around the' article to be protected.

Other objects of the invention are to provide an improved device of this kind which is easily adjustable `to different sizes and shapes of articles, which may be Iadiustaloiy secured around such articles, and which is provided with a carrying strap which may be adiustably Ksecured to the envelope in `accordance with the size and sha-pe of the article.

Additional objects ofthe invention rare to eiect simplicity, Veiii'ciency :and pleasing appearance 1in such 'covers or protectors and to provide a-n extremely simple ornamental device of this ,kind

which is convenient, economical, durable, and Are.- liable `in operation, and yeconomical -to manufacture, sell and distribute.

lStil-l other objects ofthe .invention will lappear as 'the description yproceeds; and while herein details ofthe invention are described in the specifination uand 'some Vof .the claims, the invention as described in "some lof the broader claims is not limited to these. and many and various changes may be made withoutfdepartingffrom the :scopenf A theinvention as claimed in the broader .claims.

The inventive :features fort-he accomplishment yof these and fother objects are-shown :herein ,in connection with .an article or .bag protector or .co-ver which briefly stated, .includesasheet envelope .of ,flexible material having intersecting .axes .and outer and .inner flaps at the ends-.of the axes. 'The envelope'has along each end of ,the axis of the inner aps a series of buttonholes and 4at'th'e 'outer iacelhas a set of carrying buttons eX- ;tendingbetween'saidseries. Theaxis o f the-outer .daps :is provideil `at opposite -end portions "with -buttonholes uandl at the outer -iace with fastening buttons.

The mid-.part fof the envelope Awith lthe .carryinglbuttonsfdisposedioutwardly is disposed. against one side-'of ,the bagior other'article'tobeprotected,

the outer flaps being inwardly folded on the inner aps and buttoned to said same central button.

A handle or carrying strap having end butter-if holes is adapted to be received on carrying buttons at opposite faces of the article or bag for carry: ing; or the vlast closed outer ap may be passed between the end portions .of the `bag handle and then secured to said central but-ton, leaving the bag handle projecting for carrying the bag; or the enclosed article maybe carried without any handie, if desired. f

in the accompanying `drawing showing, by way of example, several of many possible methods of employing the protector,

Figs. 1 and 2 are side elevations respectively showing opposite sides of the envelope ,containing an article to be protected;

Fig. 3 shows a transverse, centraLverticalsec.- tional view of the envelope, `the ,contained article being shown in .end elevation;

Fig. 4 is an ,elevation showing the envelope ,containing a. handbag having a projecting loophandle;

Figs. 5 and 6 are elevations respectively showing .25 .the `envelope containing smaller articles;

Figs. 7 and .8 are face views respectively show.- -ing `the caryi-ngstrap and the envelope inflat corr- :dition, the :envelope 'being shown .on a ,smaller scale.

My improvedbag protector is .shown Figs. 1 "to '3 in combination with an elongated dat ibas :,'If .or other .article to -be :,protected, and compri-ses fan envelope or sheet l'l ('Fig. f8) rof-Plioii-lmfcr other liexible transparent .or opaque ,plasti-c, Waterproof or other material which may A'have its `edges bound with -iabric :l2 `orhemmed and i-isipose'd vsymmetrical'fto -a longer :axis and ,a shorter 'axisfat right angles .to each other, fand-,provided :alongiboth viacesof both .axes with strengthening tape I3 and I4 stitched or otherwise `securedeto :the material.

Yholes `:I-5, l-Gateach end andfhas a seriesofcarfryyJing or .strapeholding 4buttons :l1 extending ffrrom `one series gof"buttonholes toward [and Vbeyond yfinother endfportionfwithla seriesiof buttonholesrlll.

@Said sheet 1H comprises a `central cody portion 20 yprovided ,-at the ends. of theflonger, axis :154 with @outwardly rounded end ldans H. :,212 respectively :roundedfat theouter cor-peren, Maand about@ ,ilonaas wide, and at theoendstof the slip-fi olwith Sisle;,f1.e'r s..-;2, ..25 wider transverse.;

last named side thereby folding the margins of the body along fold lines 35 transversely to the long axis and against or near the ends of the bag, at the same time folding the side iiaps. 25, 26 o n fold lines 36 somewhat inwardly converging or initially aligned with the foldline 35 nearthe4 longer aps folds 36a at said margins of the side naps at the junctions of adjacent flaps serve to prevent the ingress of water and dust to the bag at said folds as previously stated of Fig. 1.

Fig. 5 shows the protector used to enclose an article smaller than the article of Fig. 1. The method for enclosing the article of Fig. 5 is-similar to that described of Fig, 1; but the corners 23, 24 of thai-laps 2l and 22 extend nearly to the corners of the package as shown and the corners 21, 28 of the flaps 25, 26 extend to near the side edges of the enclosing envelope. The

` sides 4U, 4I of the end flaps 2|, 22 overlap the front face of the package and are disposed close Atothe side edges of the assembly,

Fig. 6 shows another arrangement for enclosing a small package. In this case, the outermost The side naps 25, 2s ,and their folded 'margins i 3E are then one at a time inwardly folded and overlapped on each other `on the longer naps and buttoned to Vsaid same central button I8 (Fig. 1),' thereby disposing said outer carryingbuttons I1 outwardly of the envelope on opposite ilat sides 'of the bag I0 in position to receive a handle strap 31 having buttonholes 38 at its .ends'r'eceived on carrying buttons I 1 on opposite sides ofthe bag, whereby the-envelope with the bag therein may be easily carried. 'The envelope and its contents may be carried in'the hand or under the arm without the use of the vstrap if desired. The folds 35,` 36 at the junction of adjacent flapsserve to prevent the ingress of water or dust to the bag I0. The series of fastening buttons I1 and the buttonholes I5,V It,` I9 enable the user to adjust the envelope to different sizes and shapes of articles and bags; and the series of carrying buttons I8 allow the strap Vhandle 31 to beadjusted to a symmetrical. well balanced position for carrying. The envelope is also adapted for carrying small or large bags or articles which are square or vertically elongated or articles, bundles, hats and the like of irregular shape.

The exible'envelope may be folded into a r' small flat article which may be carried in a small letter-size envelope of the same or other suitable [material and carried in the handbag forA 'use when needed. Fig, 4 shows the envelope in combination with 'a at elongated handbag IIla having an inverted yU-shaped 'handle 31a having its ends secured Inear the ends of a longer edge of the bag. The envelope'sheet of flexible transparent plastic or other material i's the same as above described except. that the series of carrying buttons I1 towardV and beycnd'intersection of the tapes are 'not' used and may be omitted if desired, and one of the side flaps is applied differently, as will be explained.

The body portion 2i! is placed flat against one -flat side of the bag with the ends of the bag ade'jacent to the end flaps, the end iiaps being in- -iwardly'folded and overlapped on each other and 4buttoned together on a central button I8 against the other i'lat side of the bag, and the lower side 'ap 26 'and its folded margins 36a are inwardly Vfoldedand overlapped on the en'd flaps and-but `toned to said same centralbutton I8, as previ- 4`ously explained. Then the margins of the upper side ap' are converged deeply inwardly and folded on fold lines 36h, and the upper flap and "said margins are passed between the ends of the bag handle and overlapped on the lower iiap and Ebuttoned to said same central'button I8. VThe sideilap 2S has its free edge upwardly disposed and its free margin 21 turned in rst on a, fold line 36e as in Fig. 1 and again on a fold line 36d sharply converging on each other.

Many additional methods of using the envelope will readily suggest themselves.

The invention claimed is:

1. In combination, a bag to be protected; and a bag protector comprising asheet envelope of flexible material having intersecting axes and outer and inner flaps at the ends of the axes respectively; the axis of the inner flaps having a series of buttonholes at each end; the axis of the outer flaps being provided at opposite end portions with buttonholes, and fastening buttons at the "outer face; said body portion being disposed against one flat side of said bag, with the inner iiaps inwardly overlapped against the other iiat yside of the bag and adjustably buttoned together with an approximately central fastening button, causing folding of the margins of the side ilaps; the marginally folded side aps being inwardly folded on the end ilapsV and adjustably Vlouttoned to said central button.

2. A bag protector comprising a sheet envelope of flexible material having its edges symmetrical to axes disposed substantially at right angles to each other, the envelope being provided along 'both axes with strengthening tape secured to the sheet; one axis having a series of buttonholes at each end and strap carrying buttons extending sbetween the series; the other axis being provided .against the other flat side of the bag with an approximately central fastening button, causing folding of the margins of the side iiaps; the marginally folded side flaps being adapted to be in- Vvwardly folded on the endiiaps and buttoned to said central button.

3. A bag protector comprising a sheet envelope .of flexible material having its edges symmetrical vto axes of unequal length at right angles to each other, the envelope being provided along both axes with strengthening tape secured to the sheet; the shorter axis tape having a series of buttonholes at each end and strap carrying buttons extending between the series; the longer axis tape being provided at opposite end portions with fastening-buttons and buttonholes; said sheet comprising acentral body portion and at the 5 longer axis with end flaps, and at the shorter axis with side iiaps. y

4. A bag protector comprising an envelope sheet of flexible transparent plastic or other material having its edges bound with fabric tape and symmetrical to a longer and shorter axis at right angles to each other, the envelopes being provided along both faces of both axes AWith strengthening tape stitched to the materiali l the longer axis tape being provided at one end portion with a series of fastening buttons and attle other end portion with a series of buttonholes; the shorter axis tape having a series of lbuttonholes at each end and at the exterior having a. series of carrying or strap-holding buttons extending from one series of carrying buttonholes toward and beyond intersection of the tapes; "said sheet comprising a central body portionprovided at the end portions of the longer axis with end fiaps rounded at the outer corners and about as long as Wide, and at the ends of the shorter axis with side iiaps wider transversely to its axis than longitudinally of its axis( 5. A bag protector comprising a sheet envelope of exible material having its edges substantially symmetrical to axes substantially at right angles to each other, the envelope being provided along both axes with strengthening tape secured to the sheet; one tape having a. series of buttohholes at each end and carrying buttons extending between the series; the other tape being provided at opposite end portions With fastening buttons and buttonholes; said sheet comprising a centra1 body portion provided at the respective ends of the axes with end and side flaps.


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