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Publication numberUS2437090 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 2, 1948
Filing dateOct 5, 1945
Priority dateOct 5, 1945
Publication numberUS 2437090 A, US 2437090A, US-A-2437090, US2437090 A, US2437090A
InventorsIra Gold
Original AssigneeIra Gold
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Educational toy
US 2437090 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

March 2, 1948. 1. GOLD EDUCATIONAL TOY Filed Got. 5. 1945 2 Sheets-Sheet l WWW Q32? March 2, 1948.

EDUCATIONAL TOY Filed Oct. 5, 1945 2 Sheets-$heet 2 1. GOLD 2,437,090

Patented Mar. 2, 1948 E D TAT PAT ENT O 7 I 2.431090 Y EiiIi'oA'rIonAL Tor I Ira Gold; hicago, 111. Application center 5, 1945. scrisi'Nc. 626,476

' fol' prdviding kifdWIdgELa-ild education.

My invention also contemplates such other objects; advantages and capabilities as will-later more fully appear and which are inherently possess'efd by niy'inventions V g I 7 While ,rliave shown herein a preferred bodiment of my invention, yet I vvish it undF stood that it is susceptible of modification and change without departing from the spirit of my invention.

Referring to the drawings, Fig. 1 is a face view of my device; Fig. 2 is an edge elevational view; Fig. 3 is a sectional view on line 3-3 of Fig. 1; Fig. 4 is a detailed view of my illustrations and color scheme; Fig. 5 is a face view of the discs with the cover removed; Fig. 6 is an enlarged sectional view of the disc group; Fig. 7 is a sec tional view on line 11 of Fig. 5.

The embodiment selected to illustrate my invention comprises a base I on which are anchored spaced pins Ii, I2 and I3. Two of the pins II and I2 are preferably placed at opposite portions of the base slightly below center and the third pin I3 is placed in the upper central portion of the base between the other two pins. Rotatably mounted on pin-s II and [2 are major discs I 4. Also rotatably mounted on pins II and I2 are minor discs I which are smaller in dimension than major discs I4, and are vertically spaced therefrom by spacers I 6.

Around the outer margins of each of the major and minor discs I4 and I5 are spaced the letters I I of the alphabet and a blank space. Spaced inwardly from said letters in each of said discs is a ring of spaced depressions It at the bottoms of which are the letters of the alphabet and a blank space. The minor discs are of such size that the marginal circle of spaced letters I! in each of the minor discs I5 is spaced from and does not overlap the circle I8 of depressed letters in major discs I 4.

A third minor disc I9 is rotatably mounted on pin I3. Said disc I9 also has a margina1 circle 1 claim. (or. as -74 spaced de [*1 of spaced letters and a s ace and inwardly thereof a ring of spaced'depression'sfll containing letters and a'sbace'. Disc I9'is partially overlapped by majordiscjs'" I4 but spacers 20 on base I 0 permit major discs m to rotate above third case Ill. The bdttonisahd 'top 'portions of disc I9 are {its from cvena'pping by ma or discs I4 and I5. cover 2I' is attached by suitable means to tile back crease It and extends over the discs I4, IS jand' I; and is slightly spaced tliereabov bybuild up 22' attach d to the face of base It.

At the outer portions of the face. of the cover 2| are cui'v (1, one rigs 23 exposing. a portion of '8" of major disc's I4.

spaced inwardly from openings 23 of cover "2! are curved cut out portions 24 exposing a portion cfspaced-iicprssicns is or minor discs I5.

Atltli upper portion of the cover-"2i is a curved slot 25 expense 5. screen of spaced depressions I8 of the third disc I9.

In the central portion of the cover are five spaced Windows or holes 26, 21, 28, 29 and 30. Hole 26 is positioned to expose one of the letters or thespace of marginal circle ll of minor disc I5 on the left hand side of the device. Hole 21 is positioned to expose one of the letters or the space of marginal circle ll of major disc I4 on the left hand side of the device. Hole 28 is positioned to expose one of the letters or the space of marginal circle I! of third disc I9. Hole 29 is positioned to expose one of the letters or the space of the marginal circle I! of major disc I 4 on the right hand side of the device. Hole 3!! is positioned to expose one of the letters or the space of the marginal circle ll of minor disc I5 on the right hand side of the device.

A plurality of spaces 3i are provided in the cover for illustrating and spelling suggested problems for the child user.

Another feature of my device is the definite coloring of the discs and the central openings to guide the child. For instance minor disc to the left I5 and opening 25 are colored yellow; major disc to the left l4 and opening 2'! are blue; third disc I9 and opening 28 are red; major disc to the right I4 and opening 29 are green and minor disc to the right [5 and opening 30 are orange. Other colors could of course be used.

For illustration of use, a. child sees horseshown in one of the spaces 3|. He notes the H is yellow so he dials yellow minor disc I5 to left until H is at the lower corner of curved opening 24. This positions H in yellow window 26. The O is blue so he dials blue major disc I4 on the left until 0 is at the lower corner of cut out portion 23.

This positions inblue window 21. R being red, he dials red third disc 19 until R is at the extreme right in slot 25. This positions R in red window 28. S is green, so he dials green major disc 19 on the right'until S is at the lower corner 01. cut out portion 23. This positions S in green window 29. The final letter E is orange, so he dials orange minor disc IS on the right until E is at the lower right hand corner of opening 24. This positions E in orange window 30.

This completes the correct spelling of horse for the childs information and amusement.

The child finds proof of the correct spelling of horse in space 31. This will confirm his correct spelling of horse in windows 26, 21, 28, 29 and 39. I

Any word from two to five letters may be spelled by the child by use of the dials and the result will be shown in the windows. When less than five letters are used, the space in the last one, two orthree dials is dialed so thatthe space on the marginal circle will register in the windows.

My depressions 18 are formed as follows: My discs l4, l5, and ill have cut therethrough, a plurality of holes. The bottoms of said holes are covered by a backing of paper or other suitable thin material, on which the letters or other markings appear. The backing being thin,and behind the discs, and not filling the holes cut in the thicker discs, leaves the depressions into which the child may place his fingers for dialing. The outer ends of curved slots 23, 24, and 25, act as stops in the dialing for determining the letter or other marking chosen to be dialed.

Having thus described my invention, I claim: An educational toy comprising a base, a pair of spaced pins attached to opposite portions of said base, a major 'disc rotatably mounted on each of said pins, a minor disc rotatably mounted on each of said pins, spacers spacing said major discs vertically from said minor discs, a third pin attached to said base between said pair of pins, a third disc rotatably mounted on said third pin, all of said discs having a marginal circle of spaced letters and spaced inwardly therefrom a ring of letters, said circle of said minor discs spaced from said ring of said major discs so as not to overlap same, a cover attached to said base, said cover having curved slots for exposing portions of said rings of letters of all of said discs so that said discs may be turned from I the front of the toy, said cover also having a plurality of spaced windows each exposing one at a time of the letters of said circles of each of said discs, said windows being in alignment so that the letters exposedthrough said windows may spell out a word, said discs adapted to be moved until desired letters of said rings are positioned at the lowermost corners of said slots to produce corresponding letters of said marginal circles to be exposed through said windows.


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