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Publication numberUS2437120 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 2, 1948
Filing dateJan 2, 1947
Priority dateJan 2, 1947
Publication numberUS 2437120 A, US 2437120A, US-A-2437120, US2437120 A, US2437120A
InventorsParker Ruth F
Original AssigneeParker Ruth F
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US 2437120 A
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R. F. PARKER 2,437,1 20

March 2, 1948.

I COMPACTS Filed Jan. 2, 1947 2 Sheets-Sheet l MENTOR 2071/ 5' 1 4mm:

March 2, 1948. I R. F. PARKER 7 1 I v i COMPACTS Filed Jan. 2, 1947 28heets-Shet 2 007w r. PAPA/ER Patented Mar. 2, 1948 UNI T E D S TATE S PAT-EN T OF F 1 CE 2,437,120 COMPACT Ruth F. Parker, Memphis, Tenn. Application January 2, 1947, 'S'er'ialNo. 71-9340 2 Claims. 1 V g This invention relates to compacts for women of aesthetic taste, which compacts are of flexible material and artistic design resembling a purse or bill fold and preferably are of artistically treated and tooled leather, and which are designed to include and associate in a single neat package, easily placed Within and withdrawn from a handbag =01" purse, a group of muchly used articles dear to the feminine heart.

It further relates to improvements in the design, construction and details of such articles.

The objects of the present invention are: To provide an efiicient and artistic holder for as assortment of articles much used, and in fact, at least necessary to the well being of a well groomed woman To improve the design and construction of such articles, and particularly that part thereof which'rel'ates to a powder holder andthe association of a powder puff therewith.

The means by which the foregoing and other objects are accomplished and the manner of their accomplishment will readily be understood from the following specification upon reference to the accompanying drawings, in which:

Fig. 1 is an elevational View of the compact with the holder and powder pocket flaps open; and

Fig. 2 a corresponding closed view.

Fig. 3 is a sectional plan view taken on the line III-III of Fig. 1 and other views; and

Figs. 4, 5 and 6, transverse sectional elevations taken on the lines IV--IV; V-V and VI-VI respectively of Fig. 3.

Referring now to the drawings in which the various parts are indicated by numerals:

The compact is a rectangular holder having a front 12, which is arcuately folded back along its lower edge to form a bottom l4 and is continued upward to form a back l6, the side edges of the front and back being secured together by stitchings .l8 and IS, the top being open. The front I 2 also continues upward to form a flap 20, which is folded over the open top of the holder and may be firmly secured when closed by a snap fastener 2223. Preferably the stitchings I8 and I9 are continued around the margin of the flap for over-ornamentation. 1

Within the holder are two linings 24 and 26, both of which are interposed at one end of the holder between the front l2 and back l6 and are secured at such end by the stitching l8. One of these linings 24 extends slightly beyond the middle of the holder and is there secured to the back I6 by a vertical line of stitching 28.

The lining 241s tightly 'stitched along its lower edge to the holder back 16 by a liorizohtal line of stitching "30 and intermediate its length is stitched also to'the back IB by a vrtic'al line of stitching 32'defining a pocket fl wliich-is adapted to hold a lip stick 36 -and a pocket 38 shown filled with facepowder. The upper edge 0f the lining 24 along the powder-pocket 38 is par tially closed by horizontal stitching 40 securing th'e lining to the back 115, the-line orstitching being interrupted to provide a restrict'ed opening through which the powder is introduced. into the pocket "38. Along the top=of "the 'pocket 38 the inner lining is extended upward to form a flap 42 which is folded over'the pocket top -'andsecured'by asnap fastener"44- '45 to forma secure closure for the restricted openirig'=cf the pocket.

The other lining =26 extends- 'from end toend of the case and-at its opposite (to I8 ehd'is interposed between the front :I 2 and back HS and secured by the stitching l9.

Intermediate its length the lining 26 is secured by the stitching 28 defining pockets 46 and 48, one of which 46 is preferably adapted to hold a package of cigarettes and the other of which 48 lies behind the pockets 34 and 38, and being primarily a pocket for the reception of a powder puff 50, which it will be noted is largely on" center of the powder pocket 38. The bottom edge of the lining 26 is preferably unattached.

The lining 24 is apertured to providea small window 52, preferably rectangular and of slightly less horizontal'width than depth, which window is inherently positioned to lie adjacent one edge of the powder puff 50, when the puff is disposed in the pocket 48 and thereby necessarily may deliver powder in adjacency to one edge only of the puff, leaving the major portion of the puff substantially free of powder and available for spreading, and wiping off surplus powder from the face of the user. The window 52 is covered by a screen 54 of fine mesh cloth, preferably silk, through which the powder in the pocket 36 may sift very slowly.

The front H of the case, being free from the lining 26 throughout its length, may be spaced therefrom to make available a pocket space 56 for the reception of other articles, but except when so occupied will ordinarily lie against the lining 26, as shown in Fig. 4.

It will be understood that variations may be made in the details of construction without departing from the spirit of my invention and it is not my intention to limit myself to such detail except where in a claim it is specifically set out.

I claim:

1. A compact, including a rectangular sheet as of leather, folded to establish a front, a back and a cover of an elongated holder, said front and back being stitched together along their end edges to complete said holder, said cover being adapted to overlie said back and means detachably securing the lower edge of said cover to said back; a pair of linings within said holder, both said linings being interposed at one end between said front and back and secured by one said end stitchings, a first of said linings being coextensive in length with said holder and being interposed between the opposite ends of said front and back and secured by the other said end stitching, the second said lining being interposed between said first lining and said back, both said linings being secured intermediate the length of said holder to said back by a vertically disposed line of stitching to establish between said. first lining and said back a vertical pocket as for the reception of a package of cigarettes, and between said linings a pocket for a powder puff, the second said lining between the first said intermediate line of stitching and the first secured ends of said linings being secured to said back by a second intermediate vertically disposed line or" stitching, effecting with said back a pocket for face powder, and a pocket as for a lip stick, said second lining being secured to said back along the lower edge of said lining to establish a bottom at least for said powder pocket. said second lining having therethrough a win dow for passage of powder from said powder pocket to a pufi within said puff pocket, and a restraining screen as of fine mesh cloth secured over said window, said window being oliset longitudinally of said holder with respect to the center of said pufi pocket to effect delivery of powder to an edge portion only of said puff.

2. A compact, including cover portions establishing a holder, and a pair of linings disposed in said holder, said linings being secured to a wall of said holder by vertically disposed lines of stitching spaced apart to establish between said wall and a first of said linings a first pocket, and between said linings an overlying pocket for a powder puff, said first lining being secured to said wall by an additional line of stitching subdividing said first pocket into subpockets and being additionally secured along its lower edge to said wall to establish a bottom for at least one of said sub-pockets, adapting same to receive face powder, said first lining having therethrough a window overlying a restricted area of said bottomed sub-pocket, and a screen of fine mesh'material as silk over said window, restricting passage of powder from said pocket, said Window being inherently offset longitudinally from the center of said overlying puff pocket to insure delivery of said. powder to an edge portion only of said pufi.


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