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Publication numberUS2437399 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 9, 1948
Filing dateJan 25, 1945
Priority dateJan 25, 1945
Publication numberUS 2437399 A, US 2437399A, US-A-2437399, US2437399 A, US2437399A
InventorsMorgan James F
Original AssigneeMorgan James F
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Multiple airscrew driven from a common shaft
US 2437399 A
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March 9,1948. J. F. MORGAN MULTIPLE AIR SCREW DRIVEN FROM A COMMON'SHAFT 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Jan. 25, 1945 Inventor J5me: Mayan.

March 9, 1948.

J. F. MORGAN MULTIPLE AIR SCREW DRIVEN FROM A COMMON SHAFT Filed Jan. 25, 1945 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 I In run In! vZ/n'es fiocyan.


James F. Morgan, Orlando, Fla. I Application January 25, 1945, Serial No.574,5'71

7 Claims. (01. 170-1355) 7 This invention relates to. a multiple air screw, comprising a plurality of blades adapted to be driven from a common shaft. A primary object of this invention is the provision of an improved air screw, including" multiple blades driven from a common source of power, adapted to improve the efiiciency of the air screw.

An additional object of this invention is the provision of an'air'screw, adapted for use as either a, propulsion mechanism for air craft, or for use in a supercharger, speed sprayer, ventilating fan, or the like.

A further object of the invention is the provi- I: screw comprised vof a plurality of blades, conrelatively low efiiciency. In-only one point in air screw is lowered. The means for accomplish ing this operation comprise a plurality of air screws in aligned relation, mounted on a common shaft, and each designed to operate within the area of lowered efliciency of the next forward set of blades. I

Other objects reside inthe combinations of elements, arrangements of parts, and features of constructions, all of which will be more fully pointed out hereinafter and disclosed in the accompanying drawings wherein there is shown a preferred embodiment of this inventive conceptive.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a transverse longitudinal sectional view taken substantially along the center line of the driving shaft for a multiplicity of air screws, constructed in accordance with the instant invention.

Figure 2 is a sectional view taken substantially along the line 2--2 of Figure 1 as viewed in the direction indicated by the arrows, and

Figure 3 is a front elevational view of an air structed in accordance with the instant inventive concept. U

Similar reference characters' ref er to similar parts throughoutgthe several views of the drawmgs. I

Having reference now to' the drawings, there is generally indicated at I0 a'drive shaft of any desired conventional type, and operated by any desired suitable source of power, on which is mounted a spidergenerally indicated at I I. The spider I I' include'sa plurality, illustratively 4 arms I2 extending radially therefrom,-on which are mounted beveled ring gears I3, the gears being freely rotatable thereupon- Suitable cap-members I I are'providedadaptedto hold the gears in related assembly with the'spider. The gears I3 are adapted to engage oppositely disposed beveled ring gears I4, .eac'h journaled for rotation aboutthe shaft I0, and secured in position by means of thrust collars I5 secured tothe shaft II) as by set-screws I6. Each of the ring' gears I4 has secured thereto as by means of laterally extending threaded stems or*bolts;I"I provided with nuts I8, annular rings I9, each-of which rings is adaptedtq' provide a hub fora propeller, the fragments-of the blades ofwhich are indicated at "20 and '20 in Figure l. Theextremities of the spider I I and the caps I4 are likewise adapted to support an annular ring 2|, on which are mounted blades 22, comprising still a third propeller.

From the foregoing the method of operation of the device should now be readily understandable. As the drive shaft I 0 is rotated, the spider I I, and hence the gears I3 are correspondingly rotated. The rotation of the gears I3 correspondingly rotate the associated ring gears I4, and through the bolt and nut connection previously described accordingly rotate the annuli I9 and the propeller blades 20 and 20'.

As best shown in Figure 3, the blades 20, 20' and 22 are preferably of different diameters, the arrangement being such that the successively smaller blades rotate within a radius of rotation of the larger blades, in such manner as to produce an increased efficiency in the area of lowered efilciency of the larger blades.

Obviously, any desired number of blades may be positioned on the drive shaft, and the pitch and dimensions of the blade may be varied according to the use to which the device is to be put.

As many embodiments may be made of this inventive concept, as many modifications may be spider, and blades secured to and rotatable by said ring gear.

2. In a multiple air screw, in "combiner-mafia shaft, a spider on said shaft, beveled gears-ca rried by said spider, a pair of oppositelydisposed carried by said spider, and blades secured to and rotatable by each of said ring gears. 4 1

3. In a multiple air screw, in combination, a e t a, id fi e .oiiis-a d h f i te e ia es! of its length, and, hay radial beveled gears carried by said arms, 'r'iri'g gears driven by said beveled gears. on ,said shaft on opposite "sides of said spider and dr'iiir'gfby said,b'eveled. 'gears, blades secured to said spider, "and blades secured to and rotatable with said. ring. gears, said blades being of dififiiillt diairietefs, g

'4, In @inultipleair screwQin combination, a hen;, ;ajsp1qerp said jshaft,. 'b eled gears carried by saidjspider, a pfai 'droiipdsitmy disposed r e eaf .dIQ V FfiY b ld ib'ili l r blades e l abr 551d an bl d gee-filled to rotatable by eachpi said ring gears, each of said e be a' 1 a 5. Ina multiple) fsc i ew, .ln combination, a s a t a s ne. e a haf .liev e je a i d bma d snidflrfie i q fi l e po ring gears drivenby -said beveled gears, blades carriedby said spider fandblades-secured to and a, o

r t ble bre the: ai f liaee aia, e h o saw blades being, of a diflerent diameter and different p t h, W e,

6, In. amultipl'e air'screW, in. combination, a

sha t spira e sa dl 'i lfi v gears mried byis se der a P f e o fi'e r rinse a s erir ahr ,S- ealier dl ea blades carried by said spider, blades, secured to and '15" ring gears driven by said beveled gears, de v i rotatable by each of said ring gears, each of said blades being of a different diameter and different pitch and means for rotating said drive shaft to rotate all of said blades in a common direction.

7. In a multiple air screw, a shaft, a spider fixed on said shaft between its ends and having integralradial arms, beveled gears carried by said' arms for rotation thereon, ring gears driven by said beveled gears and having outwardly extending sleeves fixed on the shaft on opposite sides of the spider and beveled gears, blades securedto "s aid'spider and blades secured to and rotatable with said ring gears.


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