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Publication numberUS2438306 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 23, 1948
Filing dateMay 6, 1946
Priority dateMay 6, 1946
Publication numberUS 2438306 A, US 2438306A, US-A-2438306, US2438306 A, US2438306A
InventorsSouther Benjamin F
Original AssigneeSouther Benjamin F
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Hose storage reel
US 2438306 A
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March 23, 1948. B. F. SOUTHER HOSE STORAGE REEL Filed May 6, 1946 a NJAMIN \E SOUTHER IG 4 INVENTOR ATTORNEYS Patented Mar. 23,1948

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE HOSE STORAGE REEL Benjamin F. Souther, Seattle, Wash. Application May 6, 1946, Serial No. 667,628

7 Claims. 1

This invention relates to a hose storage reel and, more particularly, to a storage and dumping device for fire hoses and the like.

It is an important object of my invention to provide a reel upon which collapsible hose can be rolled and maintained ready for instant use and, when desired, dumped and uncoiled for such use, without the necessity of an unreeling operation.

Another object of my invention is the provision, in a hose reel of the type described, of means whereby the elements forming the reel operate upon the withdrawal of a hose nozzle from a retained position, without requiring other action on the part of the operator to dump and uncoil the stored hose.

A still further and important object of the invention is to provide a separable hose reel having a latching mechanism normally operable to maintain a hose nozzle as the key between the operable elements, and which latching mechanism unlatches upon longitudinal withdrawing movement of the nozzle.

The foregoing objects and others ancillary the hub. Means is provided for cranking or V turning the hub during a reeling operation. Upwardly directed arms on the wall and the plate elements provide lips positioned closely adjacent to each other and partially aligned with a nozzlereceiving opening in the main wall. A nozzle carried on the hose being stored is inserted through said opening and has on it a cam and a lug. The lug abuts the lips of the wall and plate elements to retain them from swinging to dumping positions. Cam-actuated latching means is mounted to positively retain the reel wall and plate in closed position, and such means is operated by the cam carried by the nozzle.

The novel features that I consider characteristic of my invention are set forth with particularity in the appended claims. The invention itself, however, both as to its organization and its method of operation, together with additional objects and advantages thereof, will best be understood from the following description of an embodiment when read in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which:

Fig. 1 is a face view of a wall portion having mounted thereon my hose reel in storage position;

Fig. 2 is a side view of the storage reel as it appears during dumping of a stored hose;

Fig. 3 is an enlarged vertical sectional view taken on line 3-3 of Figure 1; and

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of a latch member employed in my reel.

Upon a wall Ill, which may be a portion of a building, a bulkhead in a ship, or the like, and havingv the opening I2, I mount by means of the hinge pin l4 a reel wall l6 which has an upper lip or edge I8 lying adjacent and partially across the opening l2. Wall l6 has a stop lug l9 which cooperates with shelf 20 to retain the wall in an angular position when it has swung about pin l4.

Shelf 20 stands outward from the upright wall I6 and has on its outer edge hinge 22, which joins shelf 20 and the plate 24. Plate 24 has on its upper portion a lip 26 lying close alongside lip l8 and, also, partially closes the opening l2.

An axle 28 is mounted on the reel wall l6 and supports for rotation the hub 30, which is retained thereon by means of nut 32. The outer end of hub 36 is provided with a square socket opening 34 in line with opening 36 in plate 24. A crank 38 may be inserted through opening 36 into socket opening 34 for manual rotation of hub 30.

A hydrant 46 is positioned adjacent the reel and hose 42 extends between the hydrant and coupling 44 which joins nozzle 46 to the hose.

When the hose is to be reeled upon hub 30, it is laid out as on the deck and folded in the middle, back upon itself. The fold is positioned on the hub and, through the instrumentality of crank 38, is spirally wound about the hub.

Nozzle 46 has on one side a camming element 48 and, oppositely thereto, outstanding lug or shoulder 50. When the nozzle'is positioned as in Figure 3, walls l6 and 24 are parallel and lips 18 and 26, respectively, are positioned partially across opening I 2 with the lug 50 inboard therefrom. In this arrangement nozzle 46 functions as a latch pin to lips l8 and 26 and wall I 0.

Adjacent opening 12 on Wall I 0 are guideways 52, 52 which receive the latch element 54 for slideable movement in a vertical plane. The latch has a handle 55 and arms forming lower fork 56, which straddle the nozzle 46 so that the ends of the fork arms may engage in the lip 26 and hold it close to lip l8 and the two of them against a wall I 0. Locking pin 58 passes through a suitable opening in one of the guideways 52 and a matching opening 60 in latch member 54. While I have shown this locking pin 58 as a desirable, quickly removed safety element to prevent unauthorized or an accidental dumping from the reel, it will be apparent that such may be omitted if desired.

Assuming that the hose reel is inthe position of Figures 1 and 3,'and it is wished that the hose be dumped for use, all that an operator need do is withdraw the locking pin 58 and pull upon nozzle 46. First; the cam 48 contacts the closed end of fork 56 and lifts the latch 54 in its guideways so that the lower end of the fork arms no longer retain lips 26 and 28 to wall l0. Normally the weight of the hose and of plate 24 will cause the latter to swing outward and downward free and awaysfromsthe huband hose coil, thereabout. Likewise the wall il'6 will swing about the pivot pin l4 until stop l9 abuts shelf 20. Thehose thereupon is free to fall ofi the hub 30 as suggested in Figure 2. The operator may then open hydrant 40 and be ready to fight a fire :"or the like. It will be apparent to those skilled in the art that the hydrant 40 may be "alternately" 010- erated upon withdrawal of the muzzle in the manner suggested in United States Patent No. 2,320,477.

While I have shown and described particular embodiments 'of imy :inverition, it will :occur to those =skil1ed1in :the art that various changes and modifications may be made without departing. from the invention, andiLatherefore, aim sin the appended :claims "to "coverrall :such tchanges and modifications as'fall within the itrue spirit and scope of my:invention.

Having thus described my invention, I claim:

1. A dumpable hose storage reel, comprising: an upright wall 'hingedlyrmounted-to-1swing about a lower. horizontal axis, a hub motatably mounted on said wall to turn'ab'oute horizontal axis at right "angles-to said'hinged mount-of said wall, a plate .forming a flange for said-hub opposite said wallrand having a :lower hinge mount, a latch; slidably mounted :opposite said hinges and adapted" to engagesaidwallwand' plate uppenedges to normally :retain them @upright, said slidable latch "being adapted to receive 'a hosenoZZle, camming *means :on said hose nozzle operable uponsaid latch when the nozzleis being removed from association therewith to move said latchto the unlatched position whereupon said 'hub, wall and plate mayrmove to'dump' l1ose-therefrom,and a shoulder; on .said nozzle? to engage the-latched wall and plate edges .and forciblymove them when the nozzleisbeing removed.

2. 'Azdumpable hose storage.reel,=;cmprising: anupright'wall hingedlyinounted to swing about 4. A dumpable hose storage reel, comprising: an upright wallhingedly mountedto swing about a lower horizontal axis, a'hub rotatably mounted I on said wall to turn about a horizontal axis at right angles to said hinged mount of said wall,

"a plate'forming a flange for said hub opposite 7 said wall and having a lower hinge mount, a latch s'li'dablymounted opposite said hinges and adapted ito engagezsaid wall and plate upper edges to normally retain them upright, said slidable latchbeing adapted to receive a latch pin, and

' adapted to receive arhoseinozzle,iand'camming camming means on saidlatch pin operable upon .said latch whenthe latchpin is being removed fromiassociation therewith-to moversaid latch .to the unlatched position whereupon said hub; wall and plate may move todumphosetherefrom.

"5. A'idumpable hose storagepreel, comprising:

anrupright arm hingedlymounted' to swing about a lowerrhorizontalaxis, a hub rotatablyrm'ounted onsaid arm to turn about -a-horizontal axis;at right angles to said hinged mount of saidarm, a plate forming a flange for saidhub'opposite said *arm and having a lower :hinge mount, a latchslidablymounted opposite said hinges and adapted to "engage said plate upper edge 17011101- mally retain it upright, said slidable latch being right angles to said'hingedmountof said=wall,

a lowerihorizontal axis, a'hub rotatably :mounted r yon 'said'latchpin operable upon:said latch-when upon saidlatch when the'nozzle-is being removed 7 irom'associatio'n therewith tomove saidflatch to the unlatched positionwhereupon said'hub, wall and plate may move to dump hose-therefrom,

and a stop'on said wall to limit swinging movement.

3. A dumpable hose storage "reel,:comprising: an upright wall hingedly mounted'ato'swing about a lowerhorizontal axis,. a'hub rotatably'mounted on said wall to'turn about aihorizontal axis at right angles to said'hinged mount of said-wall,

a plate forming a flange for said 'hub' opposite said wall and having a lower hinge mount, a" latch slidably mounted opposite said hinges and adapted to engage said wall and'plate upperedges to normally retain them upright, said 'slidable. latch being adapted to receive'a hose-nozzle, and camming means on said hosenozzle operable upon said latch whenthe nozzle isbeing removed from association therewith to move said latch to'the unlatched position whereupon said hub, wallzand' plate may 'move to dump hose therefrom.

a 'plate :forming a [flange for saidhub opposite said arm andi'havin'g a lowerhingemount, a latch slidablymounted oppositesaid'hinges and adapted to engage said plate upper 'edge =to normally retain itupright, said slidable latch" being adapted 'to "receive a'latch pin," and camming means the latch 'pin'is being removed from association therewith 'to move "said latch to theunlatched position whereupon said 'hub'and platermaytmove to dump hose therefrom.

7. A dumpablehose storagereel, comprising: a hub 'rotatablymount'ed'to turn about a horizontal"axis,wa plate forming an outer flange for said huband having alower hinge 'mount transverse the axis of 'said'hub, a latchslidably mounted "opposite said hinge and adapted to :engage said plate .upper edge to normally-retain itupright, said slidable 'latch being adapted to' receive a latch pin, and-camming means on-said'latch pin operable uponsaid latch when the latch;pin is being removed fromv association therewith to move said latch to the unlatched position whereupon said plate may move and the hose-may fall away from said hub.



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