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Publication numberUS2438308 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 23, 1948
Filing dateOct 24, 1945
Priority dateOct 24, 1945
Publication numberUS 2438308 A, US 2438308A, US-A-2438308, US2438308 A, US2438308A
InventorsEvalyn Wheaton
Original AssigneeEvalyn Wheaton
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Waterproof hosiery protector
US 2438308 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

March 23, 1948. E. wHEAToN i WATERPROOF HOSIERY PROTECTOR Fired oct. 24, 1945 Patented Mar. 23? 1948 UNITED STATES Y PATENT OFFICE WATERPROOF HOSIERY PROTECTOR Evalyn Wheaton, Detroit, Mich.

Application October 24, 1945, Serial No. 624,213

2 Claims.

This invention relates to protective clothing, and in particular, to spats or gaiters for protecting womens legs, shoes and hosieryfrom spattering or from the weather.

One object is to provide a womans spat or gaiter of transparent plastic material which can be folded into small space and kept in the purse, yet which can instantly be put on at the advent of rain, snow or chill winds.

Another object of this invention is "to provide a womans spat or gaiter of transparent plastic material which is closed by a slide fastener up the back edge thereof.

Another object is to provide a womans spat or gaiter of transparent plastic material which covers the top` of the shoe and which iits the leg loosely s'o as to" permit circulation of air therein, thus keeping the ankles dry inside the gaiter as well as protecting them from outside rain, wind or mud splashes.

Another object is to provide a womans spat or gaiter of transparent plastic material which protects a womans hosiery without concealing it.

Another object is to provide a womans spat or gaiter of transparent plastic material wherein the gaiter is opened and closed by a slide fastener running up the hack approximately coincidental' with the seam of the stocking, therelby minimizing the presence and vconspicuous appearanceof seams or fasteners.

Another object is to provide a womans spat or gaiter of transparent plastic material which is closed by a slide fastener,- the inner side of the fastener being provided 4with an overlapping cover strip o r `flap so arranged as to protect the stocking from damage during wear or while the fastener is being operated.

Another object is to provide a womans spat or gaiter of transparentplastic material as set forth in the preceding objects wherein colored transparent plastic material is used to enhance the appearance of the gaiter.

Other objects'and advantages of the invention will become apparent during the course of the following description of the accompanying drawing, wherein:

Figure 1 is a sideelevation partly in perspective of a womans spat or gaiter according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention;

Figure 2 is a rear perspective view of the spat or gaiter shown in Figure 1 as applied to the leg; and

Figure 3 is a horizontal section along the line 3-3 in Figure 1, showing the reinforcing portions and protecting strip over the slide fastener. Referring to'the drawing in detail, Figure l shows .a spat or gaiter generally designated lIIJ as" consisting of an approximately'tubular sheath II constituting the Verticalportion thereof and having a forwardly Vprojecting bottom portion I2 for covering the forward upper portion of the shoe I3 over' the toe and instep. A rearf ward lower portion I4 similarly covers rthe portion of the shoe i3 adjacent the heel thereof. A shank strap I5 is secured as at I6 on thevopposite sides of the lower edge I'I and extends thereacross in theqforrnjof a loop, beneath theshank portion of the sole I8 ofthe shoe I3 immediately forward of the heel I9 (Fig. 2). j I

The shank strap I5 is preferably of doubled thickness of material to giveV added strength. Similarly, the forward and rearward portions I2 and I4 are reinforced with added layers of material 29 and `2l terminating along the edges 22 and 23 respectively. The forward edge 38 of the gaiter I0 is secured together by an inwardly turned seam 24 (Figure) whereasV thereafward edge 39 terminatesin turned `over edges 25` and 26 (Figure 3) secured as at 21 'and 28 to the supporting strips 29 and 39 of a slide fastener 3l. Also secured to the turned over portion 26 is a vertical cover strip or flap 32 whichserves to protect the stocking against injury from the slide fastener 3l, either while opening or closing'the latter Vor vfrom chang during wear. y r

The slide fastener 3| is anchored at its lower end by the connector 33and is operated 'in the usualmanner by the'slide 34'to`which is attached the usual operating tab 35. VThe reinforcing layers 20 and ZI at the front edge 38 and rear edge 39 respectively are so shaped that their edges 22 and 23 proceed obliquely from the points 36 and 3l to a substantially common meeting point 40 at the lower edge I'I of the device, immediately adjacent the 'anchorage point I6 of the shank strap I5. In this manner, the edges 22 and 23 which are preferably turned overV underneath themselves before stitching or cementing,l or securing by heatand pressure to the main portion II, serve as strengthening ribs for sustaining the strain of walking. Alternatively, thicker material may be used for the forward and rearward portions in place of the double layers, and secured to the main portion II at the edges 22 and 23. Optionally, the slide fastener 3| may be placed at the side of the spat or gaiter, such as above the shank strap I5, at

3 the sacrifice of some of the advantages of placing it at the rear edge 39.

In the use of the invention, to put on the device, the tab 35 of the slide fastener 3l is pulled downwardly to the connection 33 (Figure 2); opening up the rearward edge 39 of the vertical portion II. The wearer then inserts the toe of her shoe I3 into the space between thershankv strap I'andi the forward portion I2, pulling the device upwardand rearward until'the shank strap I5 comes to rest immediately forward of the heel I9. With the cover strip 32 properly in position (i. e., not doubled over againstrthe leg), the slider 34 of the slide fastener ISI isthen drawn upward to close the verticale porti cn l I IY at its rearward edge 39. To remove thel device,

a reverse procedure is employed. Y Y

When the wearers feet and legs are thus prol tected, the tops `of the shoes and stockings are effectively covered, thereby preventing spattering and protectingv thje shoes, stockingsy and legs against wind', rain, snow or'slu-sh. The device is compactandylight in weight, easily folds into a small'sp'acj andisvery durable. When the spats or gaiters arel removed', they may 'alsob'e slipped over the handle' of the umbrella or carried within the umbrella.Y The device is also useful when worn. without stocking-s, inV order to protect the bare legs against the weather.

Y The durable plastic material employed in the articlemaybe of thetype Known under the tradename'of Pliofilm` or Vitalm, and may be either clorlessor of a colored material to match l the wearers accessories',n such as purse, gloves,

hatjetc. The transparent plastic material is fastener is itself protected to some extent by the legs of the wearer, who, when possible, customarily advances into snow or rain or faces the wind.

While I have shown and described my invention v many changes may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of my invention.

What I claim-is: 11. A waterproof hosiery -proteotor,-comprising a sheath of transparent plastic material having g'forward edge and a rearward edge and open Valong one of said edges, a slide fastener mounted waterproof and windprof, does not adhere to the i stoclingrorA shoe, is almost frictionless in walking, possesses ability to stretchand hasta high tear resistance.-It is also resistant to the; action of oi-ls,greases and other chemicals and does not mildew,- nor' is it attacked by; insects.v It can be pressed into adhesion, or cemented thereby. It I does not become brittle,and`does not dry out in dry climates;nor4 is it adversely affected by very cold'weather.Vn It also can be folded` without `damageg'and is practically noneinilamrnable. It can also bedecorated with Vprinted orl painted designs,v if desired.

while a ,is contemplated; that the devieefntsr v ferent colors may also be used for theVV forward and/or'reawardiportions Z and 2| than for the main portion I.-I..' Moreover, the slide fastener; when so `placed at the rearward edges of the de.-v

vice, is in its least conspicuousposition. In this 1 position, Vit.substantially coincides with the seam` of thev stocking, further minimizing its appearance, and alsoclosely followsthe contour ofthe ankle andy calf. By this arrangement, thev slide Number thereon along said open edge for selectively Vopen.- ing and' closing the same, the lower part thereof .having a forwardly-projecting instep-covering portion and a rearward portion, both of said portions-being of materially greater thickness than said sheath whereby toreinforce said protector -in detail, it is to be understood -that the same is to be limited only by the appendedy claims, for

forwardly and.rearwardly,v the Vedges-ofA said thickened portions being, directed downwardly .in Van'Y apjoro'Xirnat`eA V-shape yon both. sides'- thereof from the forward and rearward edges of said sheath respectively andsubstantially effecting. a junction with one another .on each side atlthe bottomedgef thereof, anda shank. strapl having its `opposite ends secured to said bottom. edgeonr opposite-,sides thereof and also to said` thickenedportionssubstantially at said junction'. Y .Y

2. A waterproof hosiery protector comprising a Vsheath of transparentjplastic'--materar vhav-ingy a forward edge and a rearward edgejand open along one of said edges, a closuredevice mounted thereonV along said` open edge forselectively opening andv closing the sai-he, the lower-part thereof having a, forwardlyeprojecting instep=covering1 portion anda rearward.portion-,Yl bothfnfsaidi portions being of m-aterially'greater-thickness'than said sheath whereby to reinforce-said protectorA forwardly and rearward-ly, the: edgeso'fsaid thicku ened portions beingYdi-reicted' downwardlyirrian with one4 another Von each side: at. th'e'bottonr edge thereof, and a. shank 'straphavingit's opposite. ends-secured to said lciottom` edge on opposite sides thereof .and also to. said thickened: portions? sub1- stantially at saidjunctions... i -v i 1 Y "JEVALYN 'WHETON.

approximate' V shape'. ori both sidesthereof the forward and rearward edges of said sheath. Vrespectively and substantially 'effectingV a junction Tnefoilowing referenesare or refrdfin the! 1 file of this` patent: p Q

uNl'i'nosfrn'ins-rnfrnrifrs f Number -Nainef m Y n Country Y switzerland l 1 g A l Marit, 1940

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