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Publication numberUS2438434 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 23, 1948
Filing dateFeb 20, 1945
Priority dateFeb 20, 1945
Publication numberUS 2438434 A, US 2438434A, US-A-2438434, US2438434 A, US2438434A
InventorsTheodore Friedman
Original AssigneeTheodore Friedman
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Collapsible container
US 2438434 A
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March 23, 1948. T. FRIEDMAN 2,438,434

COLLAPS IBLE CONTA INER Filed Feb. 20, 1945 3 Sheets-Sheet l Jai 4 v I N VEN TOR. THE OD 0/?5 FR/EDM/IN.

A 7' TOFNE )r March 23, 1948. T. FRIEDMAN 2,438,434

COLLAPS IBLE CONTAINER Filed Feb. 20, 1945 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR. THEODO/Ff FRIEDMAN ArroRwEr March 23, 1948. T. FRIEDMAN COLLAPSIBLE CONTAINER Filed Feb. 20, 1945 3 Sheets$heet 3 I N V EN TOR. 7' H5 000/?15 FRIED/414M BY /%W Patented Mar. 23, 1948 curiae-D; s1...


OOLLAPSI LE CONTAINER Theodore Friedman,'-New York N. Y.

Applicatio rfebruarygzo, 1945, Serial No. 578,844

1 Claim; (Cl. 220-8) This 111|I1VI1l3l011' relates-' generally. .tomcollapsible containers and more particularly to collapsible.

cupsand similar receptaclesev It :is an obj ect- --of ;the present invention to provide an economical; efii cientand practical collap,-

sibl'e receptacle, particnlarly;where-all-ofthe partsare. made of, plasticcomposition I Ittis a further object onthet tesentri v n iem to provide a collapsiblea mm fiie pfft 3 i m i e' plastic parts; and another objeot receptacle; whichwwillt' fitintov said .cup; when col:

lapsed and preferably?'maintaii ll 'fiXQQ' D S -F: tion, this receptacle being, ;;ada pted ftO'j -CQIltalIl medicaments'or other ingredients so 'thataperson i maybe able to carry. thesame for 'mixingwith and-thesubstantially. ring sectionjz forming-pa liquid to be contained in; theicunwhen.placedin operable conditions A still :further object of :Jthe present 1 invention is to providea ccllapsibletorjoldableyhandle for the cup adapted to baattachedto' the cup.,When 2Q.

both the cup and the handleare'in extended PQsitions;- the handle also serving'as. a measuring;

device, similar to a spoon.

Yet another object of the present invention is to adaptthe said collapsibl'e -cup'es a =cover or;

closure fora bottle 'or oth'er containerr These and 'further obiects and advan-tageous.

features are accomplished-bythe novelandpractical construction," combination and arrangementof parts-"hereinafter disclosedand-illustrated in the; accompanying drawings; constitutingtan essentialpart of-the disclosure, and in which Fig.1 is a-view partlyinsection of a collapsible cup; (in ;extended position-)- made in* accordance with the invention;

Fig. -2 is'a view-partly in section of-the said'cun handle and. spoon collapsiblyfpositioned; within.

the. cup a receptacle attached to one of the .members Off-13116 01113. and a cover thereoyer;

Fig; 8 :lS' fifVlQW of the cup -seen in Fig; Gjwith the combined; handle I and spoon (se1'ving; as.; a handle) being inoperative position;

Fig. 9 is a View of the combined collapsible handle and spoon;

Fig. 10' is a sectional vieW-takenthrough line lfi-Hl of Fig. 8;

35 seen in Fig.:2,-ian ;l may he relatively extended as; seen in Fig. 1 in which; case the respectivering; flanges 25, 25, 33', 3| of the members will snugly;

Fi isa view f hec mb ned hand d:

spoon in partially collapsednform;

Fig- 12 is a viewtaken .through line lz-i-lz i Fig 9;

ie- 1 is a s e n' l Y w a cQ in d lla sz iblescup. and closure foxja container, the uppe'r. partof the containerbeing alsoshown in section;

Fig. .14 is-a sectional. V W.0 hB. mbi, Qd 9 D",

andclosure in extended .position;; and

Fig-.15 is a partial viewin section,.Q .t ...CQn-, tainer.

Referring, now more particularly to the draw.

ingsand, firstly with reference to. Figsnl and; 2,. there is disclosed a member comprising the, base" zt havingconnected theretothe annularjflange 2i receptacle; Portion- 22, hasa taperingwalled per-r.

tion- 23 connecting. with} a substantially. ,verticnl walled-portionz turned loutvtrardly as seenat 25 forming a channel 25a .WhlCl'l; receives. the Lin-5 I wardly turned flange 2610i Lthe taperingyvallei portion Z'l-of ring section 28. Portioniflfis' spaced' from flange zit-forming achannelifidibr receiy-ing... the;outwardly turned flange'zi; Connecting with. .portionz l; is the vertical .walled portion 29, of ring, section 28 which terminates in" the outwardly turned fiangetll spaced from portion '29 similar.

to nse hzfqrm s. a h nnel 0.: for i the inwardly. turned flange; I; of ring-member or.v section 32, ,'-flan ge 3 I; being spaced irom'th'etaper- 'ingwwall 33; providing a channel 31d for receiving the flangev 300i ring member 28-.-

It is evident that the ring members az za- 22 may be; relatively te1escopically collaps ed;as

fitinto the corresponding channels 25a; 2611,,- 3 In,

a. The members/22;28.;and:fitbaregpreferably v 4o made of plastic composition sufficiently resilient;

topermit an interlocking. relatively tight- "flit-at;

the joints formed byv the said flanges and channels to maintain the ..cup.-. in. .extendedz'positiont A cover 35 (Fig.2) may be .providedengaging thev rim-of the ring member32.

According'to Figs. 3 to.5;-zinclusive,. that-joints may comprise .the .interengag-ing.threaded. portions 49; 4|; 42, Moot therespectivering members 22a, 28a, 32a, the flangezztaextendingoute wardlyfrom ringmember .22a-.,- After. tharing membersEZ-d; 28a-and32d havebeen unthreaded, they will relativelycollapse ortelescopeh- Referring to the embodiment. illustrated in.. Figs. 6-8, inclusive, walls of theringsections 50,; ,5| 52 are -frusto-conical and taper bottom, and these sections or members progressively decrease in size from top: to bottom per-- mittingthe same to nest when fth'e cup is collapsed; Integrally connected toringmerhbr 52;-

is the base 53 having the annularoutwardlyex- 7 Member 52 may be provided at its upper per: 1

tion with internal threads 55 adapted -for en-..

agement with the external threads 56 of'the upper portion of a receptacle adapted toj'be positioned within the ring member .52 when the cup is collapsed.

A cover 50 is provided which also serves as a means for screwing and unscrewing the recep. tacle 5l from ring member 52. The threads 55" and 55 preferablyloosly engage each other, and, therefore, a tight fit between the inner wall 6[ of receptacle 5! and the wall 62 of the annulargroove orchannel 63-01 cover60 would be suificient to produce the required friction to cause receptacle 5'! to turn with the cover 60 during the screwing and unscrewing operations; However, in order to prevent any relative slipping between re-' ceptacle 51 and cover 60, grooves $4 maybe pro vided in receptacle 5'! for receiving lugs 65 on wall 62 of the cover.

Receptacle 51 may contain any desired ingredient 66and may be graduated similar to ring member 52. i g

According, to Figs. 6-10, inclusive, a combined handle and measuring device 70 may be provided. The embodiment illustrated in these figures comprises three hingedly connected sections flange 85. Member BI is further provided with the internal threads 85 adapted to engage the threads 81 on the neck 88 of container 89, when the cup 80 is collapsed. Container 89 may be provided with the conventional cork stopper 90. If desired, the member 8| may be employed as a closure for the container by providing a conventional seal between it and the rim of the bottle "neck, thus eliminating the requirement of stop-.

per 90; 1

It is preferably intended that the parts comprising the devices illustrated in the drawings be H, 72 13, adjacent sections being joined together by pins 14 passing through. pairs of ears 75. Sec

tion,73 provides asmall scoop or bowl 15. 'Section .H is curved outwardly as indicated at H a and is provided with a lug 111 having a flaring i tenon or tongue liiadapted to fit into a mortise or socket .79 formed in ring member 59. Thus aninterlocking joint is provided between the device 10 andicup. The rim or flange 54 is recessed as indicated at 80 providing a bearing for thetip of section 13 when the device 10 is extendedto form the handle. The joints 15 are so disposed as to" prevent collapsing of the device 10 when positioned to form a handle as seen in Fig. 8.

Device 10 maybe folded at the joints as seen 1 in Fig. lland may be located or positioned within ring member 52 on bottom 53 as seen in Fig.7.

his evident that the construction illustrated in Figs. 6-12 afiords a convenient instrumentality for use in the administering of medicaments, which may be carried aboutthe person. Receptacle 51 may contain powdered medicament to be measured on with the little bowl 16, the desired amount'bein'g placed within "the cup and the latter extended for holding wateror other H liquid to be mixed with the powder, device 10 being employed for the mixing operation. The

amount of liquid required may be measured, if

the cup is graduated as seen in Fig. 6.

Referring to Figs, 13 to l5, inclus1ve,which illustrate the invention in .a still further modi fied form, they device 80 comprises the nest of frusto-conical ring members 8!, 82, 83, one fit- 'the extension prevent separation of the members, as the same with the collapsible cup illustrated in Figs. 6-8, inclusive.

The tapering walls of the Member BI is pro- 1 added. with. bottom 84150 which iS c nnected made of suitable plastic compositions, having sufiicient resiliency or give in the case of the conical ring members to permit one ring mem her to .be forced over its adjacent ring member, and yet not to easilycause separation of the ring members when the cup is extended. However, Where the flange and bottom comprising the base of the cup are produced separately, as would be the case if the ring members were made of metal, then the ring members would be nested before the flange would be joined to the bottom of the cup, as is customary in forming the conventional collapsible cups.

Although the drawings and the above specification disclose the best modes in which I have contemplated embodying my invention, I desire in no way to be limited to the details of such disclosure, for in the further practical application of my invention many changes in the forms and proportions may be made as circumstances require or experience suggests without departing from the spirit of the invention within the scope of the appended claim.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new'and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

'A collapsible container comprising a plurality V of connected substantially ring shaped members varying in size whereby one 'member may. be

and said handle for securing said handle to said;

container when they are in extended position, said handle having a small bowl portion bearing against said flanged extension when said handle is extended and to rest against said, closed end when collapsed.


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