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Publication numberUS2439583 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 13, 1948
Filing dateDec 8, 1944
Priority dateDec 20, 1943
Publication numberUS 2439583 A, US 2439583A, US-A-2439583, US2439583 A, US2439583A
InventorsShamah Israel
Original AssigneeShamah Israel
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Amusement device consisting of interwoven adjustable picture bands
US 2439583 A
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H A H A H S L E A R 5 Patented Apr. 13, 1948 UNITED AMUSEMENT DEVICE CONSISTING OF IN- TERWOVEN ADJUSTABLE PICTURE BANDS Israel Shamah, Maida Vale, London, England Application December 8, 1944, Serial No. 567,152 In Great Britain December 20, 1943 2 Claims. 1

This invention relates to an apparatus by means of which entertaining, amusing or instructive games may be played.

The apparatus according to the invention comprises a framework and a plurality of flexible tapes or bands some extending in the one direction and the others in a direction at right angles thereto, the various tapes or bands being interwoven in a regular or irregular manner and each being capable of relative movement.

On each band or tape there is provided a section or a number of sections of a picture or a pattern or a letter or number of letters of the alphabet a'nd/or special blank portions. In this way, by relative adjustment of the individual bands or tapes the various sections of the picture or pattern may be juxtaposed so that a complete picture is formed. When the tapes are provided with letters the tapes are adjusted to form words reading horizontally and vertically with or without blank spaces as in a cross-word puzzle. Alternatively, pictures and letters may becombined as for young children as an educator and various other arrangements may be made.

In order that the invention may be clearly understood and readily carried into effect, one convenient form thereof is hereinafter more fully described with reference to the accompanying drawings which are given for purposes of illustration only and not of limitation,

In these drawings- Figure l is a perspective view of the apparatus, and

Figure 2 is a side elevation thereof with part broken away.

Referring now to the said drawings, the apparatus conveniently comprises a hollow rectangular box I which has a portion 2 cut out from one face and desirably has rounded side walls 3 substantially as shown. A plurality of tapes a in the form of endless bands pass through elongated apertures 4 and extend across the open space 2. Further tapes b of similar form are in like manner arranged to pass through similar slits 4 and where the tapes 12 pass the tapes a within the space 2 they are interwoven with the tapes a in a regular or irregular manner. Each tape carries a portion or portions of a picture, of a letter, or of a word or words with or without blank spaces as in a crossword puzzle. The player or user of the device is required to change the relative positions of the tapes until all the tapes are so positioned that the portions thereof exposed within the space 2 make up a complete picture, complete letter, or complete word or word combination. Each tape will naturally be provided with the sections of a number of diflz'erent pictures or of difierent letters or different word combinations so that a number of different complete pictures or the like may be made up.

Instead of endless tapes as illustrated and described above they may be simply straight lengths, or the ends thereof may be wound onto rollers whereby each tape may carry a large number of sections of a picture or the like.

Instead of a. hollow box as illustrated a simple frame may be provided having the appearance of the side of the box shown when any convenient means may be provided for holding the device in position to traverse'the space 2 where they are interwoven.

The frame or hollow box may be made of any convenient material, such as wood, metal, cardboard or a synthetic product, whilst the tapes are made of any convenient pliable material, such as paper, cloth, cellulosic material, rubber, leather or the like.

The sections of several pictures or several patterns or groups of words may be provided on each tape, so that by adjustment of the tape any one of several pictures, patterns or word combinations may be formed, so that the apparatus provides means for playing an entertaining puzzle game requiring the player to keep adjusting the tapes until a desired picture, pattern or word combination is formed.

I claim:

1. An amusement device comprising a box including a substantially rectangular front wall provided with a square aperture and four side walls, two sets of endless bands extending in directions at right angles to each other and interwoven within the ambit of said aperture, said bands carrying portions of at least one complete picture, letter, sentence or the like which may be formed in said aperture by proper relative adjustment of the bands, each band passin on opposite sides of the box through two slots provided in each of the corresponding side walls and forming outside of said box on opposite sides thereof two closed loops to permit manual relative adjustment of the bands.

2. An amusement device as claimed in claim 1, in which at least one slot is provided in each side wall adjacent the edge thereof connected to the front wall, and a second slot is provided in each side wall adjacent the opposite edge thereof.


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