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Publication numberUS2439866 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 20, 1948
Filing dateMar 6, 1945
Priority dateNov 20, 1943
Publication numberUS 2439866 A, US 2439866A, US-A-2439866, US2439866 A, US2439866A
InventorsOtto Saladin
Original AssigneeOtto Saladin
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Open-air swimming pool
US 2439866 A
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April 20,1948. l -Q, 'SLAUN v2,4395

OPEN AIR SWIMMING PooL April 2o, 194s. o, SALAmN 2,439,866

OPEN AIR SWIMMING POOL Filed' March 6, 1945 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Patented Apr. 20, 1948 ,fotm.'szaxaaimsiihweizenhaue;.newBasel;1 l g j Switzerland My invention:` ielat-eeftoyimprovements imopemair swimming? poolsfinfgeneralg;:andiini particular'- tor-ay flotsamskimmingtandsthrow-oii device;` and-z theY -obiectsof, my improvementfareimpro@ vide means.` for.V quicklyrg. positively anda' 'easilyIV skimming any Heating, foreign: matterV fromi theey water: sur-face, seconde .tofaifo-rdv 'facilities foi"` washingthe said.- flotfsam'` dev/m` intoftlie` sewers.. pressuref and third, to maker ful-lfuserof'.- the-water inthe. pool supply.A main..

I attain.- -these and! .relatedrobientsh which will=I becomev evident. from thef-ollowing detailedi de.-

scription, bythe devicedllustrated .byway-offtwd designs,in Vtheaccxampanyingdrawings, in.whioh\ Fig. 1 shows a:verticalisectionithroughiaereo tangular pool;

Fig. 2 shows a top view of this pool;

Fig.: 3. shows aivertical section through a circular pool, and

Fig. 4 shows a top-viewoftiielatter.

In the' embodiment: accordingtoliigures: 1: and 2 a spray or spouting pipe d, which: is connected? to the water supplypipe e, issecuredto the side wall a of the'poorbuslrwith orslightly above the water surface c. Immediately above-'that latter, thefpi-pe d is providedrwithfae seriessof perforationsdirected toward thewail f wliichtlies opposite tothe wall a. By openingzthe gate. valve h, the jets.. g.- issue from the-saidg perfoizations under pressure, parallel to eachfother andnearly horizontal. During the operation ofthe pipe d water and the iotsanr carried-therein continuously slops over into the*y gutter or spillway i;V which latter is incorporatedin.A the walizj flush with the Water level c. Upon having passed the strainer Z, which retains the coarser material such as leaves and the like, the waste water runs oif through the down spout 1c into the sewer.

In the embodiment according to Figs. 3 and 4 a hollow disk m is disposed in the center of the circular pool r iiush with the water surface c, and connected with the supply pipe e. Immediately above the water level c a series of small apertures or perforations is provided over the periphery of the said disk, and these apertures are directed toward the wall p of the basin. As soon as the gate valve his opened, the water jets g issue from the said apertures under pressure and nearly horizontal. The wall p is provided with the spillway i flush with the water level and running over its entire circumference. When the disk m is in operation, water and flotsam carried therein continuously slops over int-o the spillway i, passes over a strainer I, and is discharged through the downs/pout 7c into the sewer.

m; ate: expanseeo-f.' wateir.. All.` of. the jets strikeithe` The 'apertures or perforation's inthe' pipe d: orY in the disk m are staggered in their elevations:

relative to the water level c so thatV the kdistance covered byf the:l .j etsfl gf anezz differe'rm. While the 3 maturity ofrthese: jetststriker the water..` surface: beyond? the: hatway.A` point; between thei walls" al" andfrf," or between the# disk` me the:walljp:I in

thefsecnndform =ofdesigng someioftliemall short of this? distance; inf onder to: cover.' the intermediwaten surface raltra vemr'smallz angle; of incidence, actifngrnjector=likefupon therlayerA of airimme'di.- atellszfabove` the water surfacezand thusf. driving tflierlotsam: alieadi on themi. When hitting the Water; surfaoeethe jets produceva"l motion? ofV the sur-facieV Water"whichl is' directede towardl the Wall l f'orrpr. 'llhefactionofi thezjets, therefore, istw-ofold:v While: tlieymove'tllrough. the air, they suckf air along;wit'lntiiemg. andi after hitting: the

water; they set: the watentofmove forward; Inhis-:way ther otsamv isf Washed: toward and overl thex spiilwayftogetherswithi af certainamount of wastewater.

The= saidttwoffold eleot the; jetsfupon. thevv surface Waterv layerand, the flotsam thereon a1sostrike the-water. surface. sooner, since they break apart sooner; Here-.als-mthefmajority ofthe jets coverv afdistancein; the air greater than the half.-v

way point of the pool width, while the remainder fall short of this distance.

The jets preferably issue from the pipe d or from the sprayhead m a few millimetres thick and under a pressure of a few atmospheres, i. e. a greater pressure for longer pools and a lesser pressure for shorter pools. The said jets cover the entire width of the pool at right angles to their path of travel.

When the pool has an oblong, curved or polygonal shape, it has to be decided from case to case whether to provide a central spray-head or one or more spray pipes on portions of the pool wall. The spillway, then, is adapted suitably and correspondingly.

By simply opening the gate valve from the supply pipe, the otsam is removed from the pool entirely and in a few minutes. The consumption of skimming water not only is insignificant, but decreases and cheapens the water consumption for the pool as a whole; since the pool conthe initiallyl pure water surface before using 'the bath becomes desirable or even imperative. This particularly holds true in areas with a heavy growth of trees or in industrial areas. -v

Heretofore the otsam had been skimmed; roV by means of a i'lat sieve moved along the water surface, or by gathering it with a correspond-i4 In contrast to these former methods, the provision of the automatic skimming device according to my invention described renders the removal of the otsam positive, quick and easy. The device is simple of installation and of operation, and is put in operation by a simpleturn of hand. Y

What I claim is:

1. An open-air swimming pool, the top of which is open to the atmosphere, said swimming pool comprising a wall extending completely around and laterally encompassing a body of water, a spray pipe connected to the Water supply and extending over the entire width of the pool and secured .to the said wall thereof approximately flush with the water surface, said pipe having perforations disposed in its upper half so that sprays issued therefrom define a small angle with the water surface, whereby the said sprays move close to the Water, but in slight spacing therefrom, before hitting the water surface and thereby engender anair current immediately above the latter which drives otsam toward the Wall of the pool, supplementing the propagating action of the sprays hitting the water surface, a spillway incorporated in the pool wall` opposite the said spray pipe, and means for discharging the spill and washed up flotsam into a sewer; the whole floatsam skimming device to operate as and for the purpose described.

2. In an open-air swimming pool of circular shape, the top of which is open to the atmosphere, a circular wall laterally encompassing the body of water thereof, a flotsam skimming and discharging device comprising a spray-head in the center of the pool approximately at the level of the water surface thereof and connected to the water supply, said spray-head having perforations, the sprays from which dene a small angle with the water surface, a spillway extending over the entire circumference of the pool and secured to the enclosing Wall thereof, and means for discharging the spill and Washed up flotsam into a sewer; the whole in such combination that the jets issuing from the said perforations under the pressure of the water supply main moves close to the water surfacel before hitting the Water surface and thereby release an air current immediately above the latter, which drives the iiotsam toward the wall of the pool supplementingrthe propagating action of the jets hitting the Water surface.

3. An open-air swimming pool, the top of which is open to the atmosphere, said swimming pool comprising a ,wall extending completely around and laterally'encompassing a body of water, a

spray pipe connected to a Water supply, said spray pipe terminating in anputlet member approximately iiush with the surface of the water in the pool, said outlet member being provided in its upper half with perforations for directing sprays of Water substantially over the entire said surface, said'sprays dening a small angle with such surface, whereby the said sprays move close tothe water, but in slight spacing therefrom, before hitting the Water surface and thereby engender an air current immediately above the latter which drives flotsam toward the wall of the pool, supplementing the propagating `action of the sprays hitting the water surface, a spillway incorporated in the pool wall and extending therearound to aY distance coextensive with the peripheral extent of said sprays, and means for discharging spill and washed up otsam into asewer.

o'r'ro sALADiN.

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