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Publication numberUS2439978 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 20, 1948
Filing dateNov 21, 1945
Priority dateNov 21, 1945
Publication numberUS 2439978 A, US 2439978A, US-A-2439978, US2439978 A, US2439978A
InventorsKonchan Anton W
Original AssigneeKonchan Anton W
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Keyhole cover
US 2439978 A
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April 20, I w KONCHAN 2,439,978

KEYHOLE COVER Filed Nov. 21, 1945 IIIHIHIII 217F527? UP Patented Apr. 20, 1948 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE KEYHOLE COVER Anton W. Konchan, Berwyn, Ill. Application November 21, 1945, Serial No. 630,026 2 Claims. (Cl. 70-455) The present invention relates to a keyhole cover, and more particularly to a cover applicable to a closure cap which is provided with a key operated lock.

The present invention is intended for a keyhole cover'used with a cap for closing the gas tank or radiator of an automotive vehicle which cap is locked in place, although, of course, the invention is susceptible of other uses than that for automotive vehicle caps.

An important object of the present invention is to provide a cap member having a keyhole in it with a cover for the keyhole, the parts being stamped and designed for economical manufacture to sell at low prices.

Another object of the present invention is to provide a cover for the keyhole of a closure cap for the filler neck of the gasoline tank which cap carries a key operated lock and which cover is retained in closed position against accidental displacement due to vehicle vibrations.

A further object of the invention is to provide a cover for a keyhole of a cap which will snap to fully closed position when pushed toward its closed position.

Another object is to provide a keyhole cover with means for positively holding it in either open or closed positions.

A still further object of the present invention is to provide a cover for a keyhole in a closure cap which cover is held by spring action against the keyhole margin, when in closed position, to exclude dirt.

The above, other and further objects of the present invention will be apparent from the following description and accompanying drawing.

An embodiment of the present invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing and the views thereof are as follows:

Figure 1 is a top plan view of the cap and cover showing in full lines the cover in closed position and in dotted lines the cover in open position.

Figure 2 is a top plan view of the cap with the cover removed.

Figure 3 is a bottom plan view of the cover.

Figure 4 is a side elevation with a part broken away to show a vertical section taken in the plane of lines IV-IV of Figure 2.

Figure 5 is a iragmental enlarged vertical sectional view taken through the pivotal connection of the cover to the cap, and showing the cover in open position.

Figure 6 is an enlarged fragmental sectional view showing the engagement of the interengage- 2 able elements on the cap and cover for preventing accidental displacement of the cover when in closed position over the keyhole.

Figure 7 is a side elevational view of the cover.

Figure 8 is an'end view of the cover.

The drawing will now be explained.

The cap A is made as a stamping, circular in plan, and having an axially disposed opening It) as a keyhole for a lock suitably secured in the cap. Formed in the cap in spaced relation to the keyhole Ill is a hole or aperture II for a pivot pin. The cap is formed with a ridge I2 about the keyhole Ill and also about the pivot pin opening ll. As may be observed from Figure 2, the plan view of the ridge is somewhat like a figure 8 with the portion about the pivot pin hole I I of less size than the portion about the keyhole it. The ridge is formed with two grooves l4' and I5 spaced in endwise relation by the pivot pin hole H and in axial alignment, thus providing grooves on each side of the pivot pin hole II, as may be observed in Figure 2.

The cover B is formed as a stamping of relatively thin material. As may be observed from Figure 3, the plan view of the cover is in the form of a figure 8 with one portion of lesser extent than the other, the smaller portion constituting a tab it. Punched in the tab it is a pivot pin hole l1. Formed in the tab and spaced endwise by the pivot pin hole I! are tongues I8 and 19 adapted to enter the grooves 14 and I5 oi the cap when the cover is in closed position over the keyhole II).

In order to rigidify the cover B it is preferably formed in side and end elevation as illustrated in Figures 7 and 8 with a portion of the body thereof crowned as at 20 with the central portion of the crown further ofiset as at 2|. The skirt 22 of the cover B is downwardly and outwardly flared so as to overlie the ridge l2 of the cap when the cover is in closed position.

The cover B is pivotally connected to the cap A by a pivot pin 23 entered through the holes II and I! when the cover is assembled on the cap, which pin has a head 24 for overlying the outer surface of the tab [6 of the cover. A cotter pin 25 or similar instrumentality is entered through the inner or lower end of the pivot pin 23 and above it is a spring 26 so tensioned as to normally urge the tab i6 of the cover B tightly against the cap.

When the cover is in closed position over the keyhole ill the tongues l8 and IQ of the cover are entered in the grooves Ill and if: of the cap in the manner illustrated in Figure 6. The spring l4 and I5 is such that the tongues of the cover 5 will snap into engagement therewith as the cover is swung towards closed position, by reason of the influence of the spring 26 on the pivot pin 23.

Figure 5 illustrates the relationship of the I claim as my invention:

1. A closure cap having a keyhole in it and having a pivot pinhole in it adjacent the keyhole, said cap having a ridge formed in it about said holes simulating a figure 8 in plan, said ridge having two aligned grooves in it separated in endwise relation by the pin hole, a cover for the keyhole pivoted to the cap and formed to simulate a figure 8 ,in plan to confprmtothe ridge contour parts when thercoverfB is swungitoaexpose. the 10 lfif'athetca'p, saidwoverzhavingzaitab portion, the

keyhole'lll. Itwill be observedthat inthis' figure the tongues l8 and IQ of the cover B rest on top of the ridge l3 adjacent the pivot pin hole thus tensioning the spring to firmly hold the cover in opened position. As the cover B is swungto open 1,1,5 position the spring is tensioned to a greater extent than it is when the cover-is insclosed position. It will be understood, of course, that the tension of the spring, when the cover is in closed position is such as to hold the-.coven tightly, in closed position witherespectzto: the: keyhole: til.

Theffact that the marginalrportion ofatheicover B is flanged in ithe mann'ersshowntoazusestthis flange 1to overlie therri-dge "-l 2 act the 'captto gextabportion having a pivot pinhole through it ,with the tab formed with two aligned tongues s'eparated by the pin hole therein, a pivot pin tthrough said holes, and a. spring about said pin to draw the tongues of the cover into the grooves of the'eap when the cover is in closed position woventhevkeyhole.itothereby restrain the cover "from accidental displacement from closed position.

2. A closure cap having a keyhole in it, said cap' beins. formedrwith l anliotuberantrridgesinithe form of ea figurfee 8 with 3.17118 glarger: part of "i'bhe r d 1' d fin n the z lseyhole, :saidnoap having lan aperture through the smaller partbefgtheIridge,

c1ude dirt whenithe. cover 11841116193811fip sitlion. --s :id ridgehavingaz m vemi rbe ween-said holes This is anadvantageespeciallwwhem-thesoap is usedas the closure-cap forsanzautomotive vehicle gasoline tank, .to-.keenzdirt out OflthBikfiYhOlQLfi-Hd from:- entering th'eskey receiving slot-iofpthezlock.

The"COIlSt1llCt'i0n":0f'a theedevicetof atheepresent 1 it and having tong e invention ris simple tile --cap a-Ai being rmadejofsa stamping;- and the 'covenfiibeing zmadeofi-taistamping. The: materials used:- for ;the -'cap;gand -eover may' be =thin, :thesstamping et'hGIGOf supplies ewithits lengthi-atrrighta n le zt ith i xes bf bot holes and ialsorhalvia aanothengreove;in, itdatithe r mqte' d o th pimho eiandr malignment with :th r fi sts m v ta :ioovershavin zaz ho1e-.:thr.0ugh aimetrioallycopposite ejsro vesrinthe daptwhensthao v rismoved t -.elose ir positienswvith gsp eftt rth ak yh laawpivo m md h l sfarsnrinszsurcoundin isaidnimand the necessarwstrength and-= rigidity to ;the;-parts. 4.3 acting to hold said tongues in*salifdjgrtciovestwhen It will bemoted. that fivescomponentssaremtilized, zone is l the :cap A,; another'ii'sx thev covert-B, a third-' is :the rpivotz pint fi aand-sai fourthi isethe spring: 2t heldin placeebyF suitable smeans esuch,

. for-example; as-1a efiithnoomponentuai cotterspin l,

It will be readily observed:thatmheecostaofiiassemblihgv such-a :device is TEdUCGdFtOzxfi? minimum as the. partsuarei'easy toaassemble-n arrelatively -purpose::to:limit.thepatentigrantedihereomother- M50 --w-ise='=than; necessitated 'ibyhthe iscope of zthegappended claims.


Z'The following references .are of re'COldjlnfthe shorttperiodrof time. no "this "patent

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